Adam n Eve have a new skin line out called Astrelle, and when I put it on I was completely Wowed by the colours. I thought to myself that this is so bright and vibrant, I’m going to have to shoot it in a jungle. I went to some jungle sims. The background looked dull.  I said to myself, I’ll shoot it in a rainforest, rainforest are filled with colour, it was, the background still looked dull. I finally went to an elf kingdom. It took a magicial land to find a background to stand up to do this skin proud.

But just because I say that this skin has intense make up, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not subtly shaded. I’ve been known to bitterly complain about the state of SL shoulder blades in my blog for a long long time. In my oh not so humble opinion, most of them definately would not look out of place on starving crack addicts, not healthy women. I feel half the time, like I have naked little chicken wings trying to burst out of my back, and any minute someone is going to start following me around with a fryer. These shoulder blades are NOT like that. These are the antithesis of those shoulderblades.  I can’t ever remember having liked shoulderblades more.

Astrelle comes in 4 skin tones, I’m showing you Natural here, which is the second from the lightest. There are 12 great make ups, more then you get to see here today, and demos are free, so go to the store and try them on. You get a bunch of extras with each skin. You get a freckles tattoo, a black and a nude lipstick tattoo, a manicure and pedicure in both gloves and socks form and tattoo form so you can use whichever you prefer. A variety of hair base, eyebrow and pubic hair tattoos. There is so regular and cleavage versions of the skin. The skins are 1,000L each or all 12 for 6,000L.

Close up of face with Paradise makeup

Close up of face with Fruits makeup

The cute lingerie is from Blacklace, it’s the called Meow. It’s transferable which means it’s a perfect gift and right now it’s only 99L. A beautiful gift that doesn’t bust the linden piggie bank, who can beat that? The lingerie comes on a huge selection of layers, including some that only have the top of the stocking which makes them perfect for matching with prim toed shoes like N-core which have their own stockings. This was last weeks Low, but Blacklace doesn’t always clear away LOW right on time, so grab it while the grabbing is good!

The hair I’m wearing is Maitreya’s Siri and I wore it with Amacci’s hair base tattoo, since the hair style didn’t come with it’s own hair base. This is really not a hair that you can wear without a hair base, so if you skin doesn’t come with one, I would suggest you buy the Amacci hair base set. It’s a lovely updo as long as you have the hair base it was designed around.

Poses – Just A Pose is the maker of the fine poses I used today. The front pose was from the Simply Hippy collection – Snappy Straps, and the back pose was from the Best Actress collection – Show Off. The close ups was from the Couture Shocked High Fashion Poses – Stance


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