Last Friday, I found a “new to me” shop, Vershe, but I know she isn’t new to a lot of people, because no one new is this good! I got a message in one of my groups about her group  Freebie Friday, it showed a GORGEOUS pair of shoes she was hiding for her group in the store for free.  So I figured her group would have some horrid joining price. Nope…it was free.    Then I figured the shoes would be stupidly hard to find. Nope, I found them in like 10 minutes, and for me that’s pretty good, I’m not a treasure hunter. So I figured she must have very high prices on her normal stuff to make up for giving away great items. Nope..her prices are great! I’m wearing Vershe from top to shoe for less then 600L, no freebies or sale items involved. You know you have won when you find a shop with great prices and great quality, with an Owner with a generous nature.

The top I’m wearing is Vershe’s Belly Flasher in Cheetah. This top sells for an incredibly reasonable 70L each or a fatpack of 5 for 199L. I don’t normally buy fatpacks of clothing because I always figure that your going to wear your favourite colour and the rest are going to be ignored anyway, but they were all so nice, and the price was so right, I got them all.

I did however thwart the name, not flashing my belly at all by wearing the Vershe’s Jeanies, a nice high waisted jean. These jeans come in 5 pretty colours, for 200L each or a fatpack for 899L. That wasn’t cheap enough to tempt me into getting them all so I just got the shade version, a nice dark gray that will go with everything.  These are nice jeans though and I am a sucker for high waisted pants so I won’t be surprised if I go back for seconds.

What I really love are these heels, Vershe Stacka’s! I love them so much I bought the fat pack. It’s not a huge fatpack, it’s only the four shoes above, but I had to have them all.  Now she needs to design something to go with the zebra shoe. The shoes are prim feet, and sell for a very very very reasonable price of 299L each or 999L for the fatpack. The one big advantage of the fatpack is that it’s one shoe with the texture change options on the hud. I love anything like this that lets me have less things in inventory. One thing that I didn’t show was that the shoes also have 4 different coloured heel options, a black, a white, a lighter brown and this the darkest brown. They all look good, I should have shown more then one, but it was late at night when I photographed all this and I just forgot the heel options were there.

Clothing doesn’t look great without great accessories, so now is time to talk about what I wore with the clothes.

One of the best nail makers in SL is [Virtual/Insanity]. This weekend for the last La Venta Eventa they put all their prim nails on 50% off. This was a great chance to pick up a lot of great nails at a great price and boy did I take advantage of it.  These nails are their Bengal pack, which might make you think they are tiger stripes since Bengal is a species of Tiger, but they are cheetah/leopard spots, with 8 fantastic colours including this natural I’m wearing in the photo. They come with gloves you can colour if they don’t match your skin but the fit is so good, that I find you can go without most of the time.  You can see a little of my skin’s nails in this shot but in every day SL with my hands moving, that would be incredibly difficult to spot. Each pack comes with 3 different hand sizes and the 8 different nail colours offered in each pack are chosen by clicking on the nails which brings up a hud.  So if you only have one shape or if all your shapes have the same hand size you can toss out the unneeded hand sizes and just keep the gloves and two prim pieces in your inventory per set.

The sale is suppose to have been over at the end of the weekend but it’s still on monday morning at the time of writing this blog, so hurry in while the great sale prices last, but even at regular prices of 150L a pack, these nails are well worth purchasing.

The hair I’m wearing is from Love Soul, and I love it. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s flattering…what is not to love. I find Love Soul’s hair a bit pricey, as you only get one hair colour for 170L, which is only 80L less then what I’m paying for 5 or more hair colours of a style in most hair stores.  So I really have to love it to buy it. Fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to look at it, they make hairs that are sometimes worth the price.  In this case I thought it was. This is style number 71 guessed it…Black.

My skin…It’s no secret that I’m a skin fanatic. Yes..I’ll leave the W word alone for now. I found this  skin at the latest edition of Structure Your Skin project. It’s by Mystic Canvas, and I adore it. I love it, I have a girl crush on it. I would have it’s babies if I could. I won’t say I’ll never take it off, because well, my love for skins is fickle and I know I’ll be attracted to the next shiny that comes along, but for now, this one has all my love.  For a mere 85L you can pick up this beautifully crafted skin with 3 different levels of gloss on the lips from matt to super glossy. This is the medium glossy, I bet you  would just love to see the super glossy! You also get all 3 with a cleavage option, which I’m not wearing in these photos. Get your fanny down  to Structure Your Skin and see how good Mystic Canvas can make you look. I know it won’t be the last skin I get from them.

My eyes are the prim version of the Candybox eyes from Aphotic Gloom‘s latest Aquilius Collection, the Coeur collection  which came out for Valentines Day, Coeur meaning Heart in French.  This collection has 4 eye colours in it, each as pretty as the last, each colour comes with regular eyes in large and normal, and a set a prim eyes. The box also contrains a set of white eyes to wear behind the prim eyes. His prim eyes are the easiest ones I’ve found to fit. They are just a slim film that go over the white eyes, and they are sizable so you can make them as large or small as you wish.

Photography Information –

These pictures were taken using the PNP Photo Studio version 3.0..which is probably the best 1500L I ever spent in SL. It’s made taking photos so much easier! It’s out and available for a try at Poses N Props

The photos today are taken on the background from the Missing Mile texture pack, background 15. This pack was on sale this weekend for 60L, along with 5 other packs. One of the great things about this studio is that the designers put out hundreds of backgrounds, 10 in a pack for only 100L. If you don’t need a specific back ground right away and are just looking to increase your collection, they have 6 sets on sale every weekend for 60L each, as well as 6 pose sets, although those are usually 2 person poses which aren’t good for me.

These are suspose to be off sale now but are still on sale as of writing this Sunday morning

Poses –

Photo 1 – Nancy 10 – Comes in Photo Studio

Photo 2 – Valerie 7 – The Valerie Poses were on 60L weekend sale this weekend from PNP…*happy dance*

Photo 3 – Jewelry 3  – This is a new runway pose from PNP …party of their new jewelry collection, it glides gracefully til it’s in this position..lovely pose.

Photo 4 – Jewelry 5 – This is also a runway jewelry pose, which moves elegantly until finishing with fingers by face to show your jewelry. I wish I could show it in motion.

These runway poses are 100L or the 6 pack for 500L, which are reasonable prices for runway poses. PNP have a lot of runway poses if you are looking for them, I know they can  be hard to find, but some can make great editions to AO’s as well as looking amazing on runways.


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