Most SL Blogs are about only what is out this week, but when I look at my inventory, I see it chalk full of items that I love that aren’t new in any way shape or form, and I see a ton of stuff that I bought that I have never looked at since. My goal in this blog is to fix that, to start going through my inventory and looking at what I have in there, stuff you probably have in your inventory too. I want to shine a light on treasures that are in there, after all just because an item wasn’t made new this week, doesn’t stop it from being wonderful. Sometimes the great stuff is at the back of a store.

I hope I can help you rediscover some of the great things you already own and some of the wonderful things you might have missed, by combining the fantastic inventory finds with the irresistible items I pick up today. Unfortunately that means sometimes you won’t be able to get the items you see on this blog any more, if you don’t have them already, but never fear, you probably have items that will look just as great in your own undiscovered treasures. I hope this blog will encourage you to start looking.

All review copies are gratefully accepted, but if I wouldn’t blog it if I bought it, I wouldn’t blog it if it is a review copy, althought if I spend my own money on something, I’ll be more frank about the faults, where as a review copy I would just not show if I can’t be positive about it.


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