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Yesterday Skin Addiction had it’s Black Friday sale and a ton of great skin creators participated. One of them, Amacci, had a problem with her demo for her offering, Oleana in nutmeg, well SL lost it from it’s data base so people couldn’t try it on so she has fixed the problem and put the sale on for another day.  So her loss is everyone else’s gain, because you have a chance to get this great bargain for another day! Happy dance everyone now!

This is seriously one of the best if not THE best bargains of the sale. You pay 950L, and you get back 475L if you join Skin Addiction, a free group, which is in my opinion the friendliest group in SL which everyone should be in, and have your that group active when you buy.

I showed you the body of the skin above, well here is a close up of the face, Carina does a marvelous job of shading on her skins, she highlights and shadows with skill and panache, never too much, never too little. I have a very narrow face shape, so blush tends to make me look like a drag queen, but her skilled application makes it look great on me. I love these eyebrows but there are 4 eyebrow shapes included so you can make the skin look great with your shape, and have eyebrows that appeal to you.

You also get a freckle version of the skin, not just a freckle tattoo. I’m not a big freckle person, I tried on a freckle skin yesterday that actually scared me, the designer will remain nameless, but this one I like. It’s heavy enough that the freckles don’t just look like a case of run away moles and not so many that you look like a red head that someone tied out in the sun about 10 days too many after the horrid sunburns have healed but the extra freckle storms have arrived.

You have probably noticed the eyes I’m wearing. These are Amacci’s new Look eyes. I’ve been lusting after the fatpack of these since they have come out, I’ll get the money and buy it someday. I love all my Amacci eyes, they are great. These eyes are included in the skin pack, and would be 120L if you just bought them by themselves.

With this set you also get 10 lipstick tattoos, I have photographed all of them above. I love the shine and subtle colour changes.

So what else could she put in a package of skin that your getting for 475L?

How about hair?

Yeap…you get the hair I’m wearing too..including the hairbase. This hair is called Nena and it’s even prettier in the game then it is in these photos.

You also get the cleavage enhancements, and smaller breast options too in tattoo and underwear layers.

You also get the Oleana shape, which I’m not wearing here, but is a nice one, I just wear my own shape with all skin examples in my blog so my readers can compare skins more easily, knowing what is a skin feature and what is shape.

Here is a sexy photo of the skin, and a better look at the Blacklace Lingerie I’m wearing. This is one of their pieces that is on sale today as part of their Model’s Choice Black Friday sale this weekend, it is called Leave Your Hat On in Burgundy and Black. You will find it is on sale for 199L and has a ton of pieces that I haven’t had a chance to show here.  It get’s it’s name because it has a fedora hat and an open and closed versions of an man’s black shirt. Perfect 50’s jazzy look for any seduction scene you have in mind for that special someone in your life. Like almost anything you buy from Blacklace, it is no copy/transfer for easy gift giving, and the pieces are put together in dozens of ways on dozens of layers so you can combine it with whatever else you want to wear in the way of tattoos or collars and still wear it with ease. Drop in and check it out, I’m sure you will pick it up..You’ll love it.

One last look…the back of the skin and lingerie. A lot of skins leave an ugly smear on your butt when your moving around, this one doesn’t…I love that!

The shoes I’m wearing are from one of my favourite designers in SL. I’m just sad that the photos don’t show them off the way they deserve but I’m sure I will be using them again soon. These are the Platform Pumps by HOC Industries. These shoes come texture change, not colour change, because colour change never looked this good. There are 15 textures that everyone gets, and 6 textures you can have any time you want by joining her free group and attaching the hud. The members only textures are always there, haunting you, saying can have me…you want me…join. It’s evil or darn good marketing. It might be evil and darn good marketing.

The shoes can be coloured on the top, the platform part of the shoe and the heel, so you can make a whole lot more then 15 different looking shoes with these shoe pack. It doesn’t come with a foot in it, so you can wear it with stocking like I am doing right now. Always a good thing.  The cost of this fatpack of shoes in hud? Not 1,000L…not 800L…not 500L…not 400L…not even 300L. It costs 175L. Guu Nishi believes not only in making a high quality product but she believes in giving it to people at a very reasonable cost.

Photography – Photo prop – Oriental Bedroom by Katink – This great pose prop comes without any built in poses, but is a great place to use your own poses on.

Poses – Photo 1 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – 200L for 12 very very useful poses or 50L a pose  – Pose 6 – I like the head angles on these poses, a lot of poses have the head angled too far down or too far up for good face shots, not a  problem with these great poses

Photo 2 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 7

Photo 3 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 8

Photo 4 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 10 – All the small photos are using the same pose

Photo 5 – Vain Inc – Satin Sheets Pose 2 – This shop is no longer available in SL but is available in the Market place…see link on name

Photo 6 – Vain Inc – Boudoir 16

This week got off to a great start when Ibizarre came out with it’s new line of mini skirts, called Kayla, 5 colours in all for 120L each.  The one I’m wearing up top is called wine stripe, and it comes with the eggplant leggings I’m wearing. The leggings even have prim bottoms, but I forego them in favour of boots. Each skirt comes with it’s own matching colour of leggings, they don’t all get eggplant. One of the great things about the skirt is that it comes with an alpha layer that gets rid of your butt, so unlike a lot of sculpty skirts, it’s not always sticking through your skirt when you move. Great idea!

Last night when I was trying to pull this together I was on like day 8 of a miserable migraine, and I was past the point of being able to think, I begged my friend Lashae to come and help me and she road in on her white horse and took me to *Boom*.  She pointed me to their Sixteen Mini Dress in Lilac. I don’t know why *Boom* calls this dress Sixteen, because it’s not because there is 16 colours, I count 36 nummy luscious colours. If the Linden Fairy had been kinder to me, I would have bought them all, because this is an investment that would pay off.  You can wear these as a mini-dress like they are intended, or like a top as I have here, they are incredibly versatile, with the number of shade they have you would be able to match anything or use it for anything. Even justifying the purchase of that weird colour of shoe that you really want but don’t have anything to wear it with. Well the colour to wear it with would be in here, if you had the fatpack, no need to feel guilty about buying that shoe. You need it. Honest!

The dresses are 225L each or 4,000 for the gluttony pack. That so has to be renamed to “Ready For Anything” pack.  Gluttony sound bad, “Ready for Anything” sound virtuous. I’m am almost a boy scout if I buy that pack. Well aside from the breasts, lack of dangly bits and inability to build a fire from nothing but the contents of my pockets. If you want someone to do the math for you, buying the “Ready for Anything” pack will save you 4,100L. See, you will not only be prepared, but you will be thrifty!

I’m not trying to talk myself into going back and buying that or anything…no..not me. *Shifty guilty look that you don’t need the Lie To Me guy to read*

The shrug is from a Last Call outfit called Ally. Yes, I’ve been in SL for that long. Someone hand me a cane.

This gorgeous skin was actually a prize in Oceane’s Body Boutique‘s last hunt.

I was going to the village to take some photos of my outfit a day or so ago, noticed there was a hunt on, slapped on wire frame mode and picked up a couple of the bottles. I am pretty burned out on hunts, until I know there is something worth looking for aka I’ve seen the hunt prize on a blog then I don’t go hunting, and I only hunt where I know I’m going to see a good prize not every store in the hunt circuit. I have enough crap in my inventory I need to go through and get rid of, I don’t need to spend my time looking for more, it’s time better spent getting rid of what I already  have.  So needless to say, I just grabbed the few bottles I saw as I was walking on my way, and didn’t think anything more about it. Today I noticed I got a skin, curious because I had never really tried an Oceane skin, despite being a self confessed skin slut, as it just didn’t seem to be a skin line marketed to me, more for Goreans and the like.

Well slap me a couple of times and call me a fool. This is gorgeous! Face and body.

I’m definitely going to have to pay more attention to Oceane’s shop in the future, because I don’t like making being a fool a habit.  This skin exactly doesn’t appear to be on sale, but she has a whole skinline out like it called Jade, and this skin tone is called Honey.  So hop on down and try on some demo’s so you can prevent being as foolish as me.

The great necklace you see here is from +plus, a shop I haven’t heard enough about lately. They make shapes, purses and belts but what I really like is the JEWELRY.  A girl can never have too much jewelry . The seem to specialize in bright shiny plastic looking jewelry, which is often just what you want. They banish it to the upstairs though so don’t give up looking for it.  I’ve had this necklace called Amy forever and wear it often. It’s amazing how often it’s just the right touch I need. I was happy to see it still for sale and that they haven’t changed their always great pricing. It’s 120L.

The hair is a The Dressing Room offering from Exile that is gone now called Bronwyn. Gone at least in the colour I’m wearing, but the hair design itself is available in all of Exile’s rainbow of shades at Exile’s shop at their normal prices.  The packs are 250L each or a big fatpack of everything for 1,000L.

Now the boots. I wanted to showcase some of Azoury’s boots, but when I tried some of theirs on that I already owned, the textures were just too shiny to go with the feel of this outfit. Could the lack of non shiny boots be because I’m attracted to shiny like a crow and don’t buy non-shiny things without a reason?  Mayyybeee. So I went to the store and looked around, because with the selection they had, there had to be something! I found just the thing, their Les Bottines Centauree.  Perfect gray stripes and black stripes.  Somehow when I put them on though, they just stood out a bit too much I felt, so no problem, Azoury was kind enough to make them modifiable. I just used a colour picker on my skirt and found out that the RGB on my skirt’s purple was 114, 97, 103, so I went into the boot, added the colour and boom, I had the boots up top which I used in the photo.  But the boots at the bottom are the great boots that you will be getting and if you ever want to shade them for an outfit, you know it’s entirely possible and they will look great!

Oh and the price of these boots? 99l like all Azoury footwear.