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Adam N Eve - T3 - Catseye - Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim E


Adam n Eve have been making state of the art skins for the 6 years that I have been in SL. For some people, Adam n Eve skins are the first skins they ever had on, since when Linden’s updated their newbie avatars to have modern features like…Oh…Prim hair…instead of the monsterish hair that we started with when I was “born” they turned to Adam n Eve to produce the skin for those newbies. I remember when I made my first avatar I went through the walk through, and I tried to make my system hair, which basically looked like thick brown lichen growing like a bush out of your head, into the beautiful hair like the people I saw all around me…gave up and quit the game. Eventually I came back and created Tapika, learned about prim hair, became a lot less frustrated, and the rest is history.

One of the things I like about Second Life is its ability to evolve, some designers fail to evolve with it, and still create items the same way they did from the beginning and get farther and farther behind in quality, but other embrace change and keep to the head of the pack. Sachi Vixen is one of those designers, her mesh work she does with Siddean Munro in their One Bad Pixel shop is second to none, and her skins continue to be some of the best SL  has to offer, working from scratch to create her own skins. I love her ethnic skin lines, they are some of her best. More than just darkened versions of pale skins.

Today I’m showing one of her new skins, Shelby, she comes in 4 different skin tones, tone one through to tone 4, with tone one being the palest. The photo above shows Shelby in tone 3. This skin has great lines, contouring and shading, everything that Sachi is known for. There are a lot of extras in these packs, some of which aren’t done by many other designers at all or are increasingly being sold as separate add ons.  She gives you 4 tattooed hair bases, in the 4 main hair colourings, which I have found actually handy for hair stores that don’t have hair bases like Elkatira. You get a tattooed bust enhancer  for those like me who like the extra cleavage look above, and for those who don’t want much less in the way of breasts there is a breast dehancer tattoo. The skins have dark eyebrows by default, and you get tattooed red head and blonde eyebrows. My most favourite add on of all from her is the gloves to hide nails.  Every skin designer should put these in, but I only know one other designer that does.  These are fantastic for those of us who wear prim nails, no fussing matching skin colours and tinting gloves, these gloves are perfectly coloured to match the skin. WONDERFUL! You also get a freckles tattoo and a tattoo for dimples on your cheeks. You can bling yourself to your complete satisfaction. Oh yes…you also get a skin. All this for 949 a skin pack or 2,900L for the fatpack of 6 skins.

You can also buy a set of 6 lipsticks especially made for you skin tone for 300L. These will go great with any of the make ups, especially the bare. Below I’m going to give you a photo of all the make ups other then the bare, since I find bares are mostly bare canvases for people to make up tattoos on anyway. Adam n Eve does make a very pretty bare skin though, it is great for a fresh faced look, if you like that style. I would like to note that I have fairly heavy eyebags on my SL shape because I like the under eye make up to show up more then it does on most make ups. If you want your make up to show more or less under the eyes, play with your eyebags. Eyebags can be pretty, but only in SL . Who knew?

Adam N Eve - T1  - Catseye - July Light 01

This is Tone 1 in the Cat’s Eye Make up

Adam N Eve - T2  - Fawn - July Light 01 E

This is Tone 2 in the Fawn Make up

Adam N Eve - T3  - Pale - July Light 01 E

This is Tone 3 in the Pale Make up

Adam N Eve - T4  - Pinky - July Light 01EThis is Tone 4 in the Pinky Make up

Adam N Eve - T4  - Scarlet - July Light 01_E

This is Tone 4 in the Scarlet Make up.

Adam N Eve - T4 - Scarlet - Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim E

In this shot you can see the great body that Sachi as crafted for this skin, not too much muscle, not too little, sleek feminine curves, beauty marks intriguingly placed, soft shadow of bones to make you look slender not emaciated. If you haven’t given  Adam n Eve skins a try before, I hope you go out and grab a free sample and see what they can do for you. I think you will be thrilled with the results.

The outfit I’m wearing is one of the new lingerie releases from Blacklace, called appropriately enough Rousing. It comes with the bra, panties, stocking and mesh corset that I showed here, but also with a demi bra that I hesitated to show for fear of getting my blog restricted. It’s wonderfully naughty, just a wee bit too short to be proper. Great for those alone times when you don’t want to be proper. The corset/cincher is mesh and comes in the  5 standard sizes, large through extra extra small. I’m usually a small in standard sizes and a small fitted me perfectly with this. There are 2 different alpha layers included to make sure that all shapes have trouble free fittings.

There are a lot of prim bows on this outfit, 3 at the front and 2 in the back, and a lot of shops would have put them all on one or two objects to make less items in the bag, but Blacklace is all about making it easy for the customer, so they keep the back and front bows on separate objects, only putting the two bottom bows in the front together. This allows you to edit the bows into place without having to worry about having the ones in the front look right and the ones in the back look out of tilter or visa versa. This way they all look perfect. The outfit also comes with everything on every possible layer for incredible flexibility.

The Rousing set comes in six beautiful colours, the Pink Satin and Cream I’m wearing here, as well as Red, Chocolate, Purple, Blue and Mint. Each set costs 398L each and are transferable for easy gifting. You can get them all in the sexy pack for 1,599 which is like getting 2 free.

The hair I’m wearing is from Exile and is called Crazy in Love. It’s  a rigged mesh hair, and I think it’s amazing. I love all of Exile’s work.  I love even more that he has a natural’s pack so I don’t have to just get one hair colour, but can get a mix of one each from all the natural hair colours.  This is the red hair from the naturals pack, Sunset. I’m wearing it with his hair base in sunset, his hair bases are free and right in front of you when you walk in the door. His hair packs are 250L each except his two varigated hair packs which are 280L each. His fatpacks if you want it all are 1,000L.

The eyes I wore are from Mayfly, and are called Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deep Shadow. Mayfly makes their eyes with 4 different white shades so you can get them the way you want them, and they are sizable by scripting, or if you don’t like mesh eyes you can get the same great colours in system eyes for the same price. They sell for just 99L a pack.

The prim nails I’m wearing are from Jamman nails and are the most expensive thing I have on. They are their ultra mesh rigged nails and they cost 1,499L for the set. Now anyone who has read this blog knows I’m pretty cheap.      I don’t mind spending money, but I want to get my money’s worth, and if it’s expensive I’ll brood for days before I will fork over the cash. Well this purchase I think I brooded for weeks. Every time I had just decided…no..not worth the risk, they would send another notecard out and I would go look at them and go…well maybe…until one day I just did it. Well it was worth the risk. This are wonderful nails. For your lindens you get 800 different colours of nail polish, for a start, so it’s less then 2L a polish colour. You can colour each nail individually or do them all at once. Now not every polish colour is going to be to your liking,  I admit that to me the silver and gold tabs are way too much  of the same things, the designs are different enough to justify the space used, I would have much rather had half of each combined on one tab and another tab for animal prints which is something this hud is lacking in. The gold and silver tabs were the last 2 tabs, and I can just image the brain burn the poor designer was going through after having created 600 nail textures at that point, it’s no wonder that animal prints didn’t occur to her. If I had to create 600 nail textures they would probably find me walking down main stretch in my underwear with tinfoil on my head talking about how the aliens are listening. It’s a miracle that she pulled out  200 more.

With this nail set you get all the future upgrades. Normally with SL stuff that means if they have to fix it, you get the fix, and that’s it. These nails really have been upgraded since I first bought them. A great deal. They are now on version 4. There are more shapes and lengths of nails now. You have the ability to create your own solid or tipped nail colours. She added shine in 2 intensities.

One thing for those of you with shapes that are not modifable so you were unable to wear prim nails before…these nails size themselves to your hands…anything from 0 to 100. It doesn’t matter, it’s done automatically for you.  No muss no fuss.

Would I buy these again…in a heart beat.


I have been going through my inventory a lot lately, in the little time I’ve been in SL between relative visits, summer travel and my ever returning migraines, trying to weed out the old and ugly to get ready for the new mesh items. Since my blog focuses on inventory treasures, old and new, I thought I would show you something I rediscovered, an old favourite of mine, that you might have in your inventory and not remember, even though it’s no longer for sale.

This fun and sexy pant suit is called Downtown, and was designed by Lestat Reuvan before she changed her shop name to Siss Boom. I went through her shop the other day and I don’t see it there, the shop is a little like a Victorian house so it has a lot of small rooms, that connect in different ways, so in a shop like that it’s easy to get turned around, I know I ended up looking at the same room more then once a lot,  so it’s equally possible I missed one. I’m fairly sure this outfit is no longer for sale, but she has a ton of newer and very arguably better outfits for sale so it’s well worth a trip if you haven’t been.  I can think of probably a dozen or so of her outfits in  my inventory that are probably technically better crafted then this, Lestat has a great gift for learning with each outfit, but what can I say, I’m feeling monochrome, and I love it!

Siss Boom puts all her outfits out at 100L until a new outfit comes out and then they go up to the regular price, so it pays to keep a close eye on the shop. They can change daily or once a never know.

The pretty flower necklace is Baby Monkey’s Enamel Flower Set – Black. It comes with a necklace (chest and spine versions), earrings and 2 rings. You change the metal on the set to silver, gold or matte black using the hud that comes with it. You get all this for the bargain basement price of 55L.  This was offered for sale a couple of weeks ago as a Taste of SL item in their Color Black promotion.  I love this set because of the simple clean lines, nice texturing and the way it matches so much of what I own.

When I was in the Baby Monkey store today getting the slurl to the black set, I saw the other set this necklace comes in, the Enamel Flower Set. This is a texture change set with necklace (chest and spine versions, earrings and 2 rings, but there is a difference. This hud on it not only lets you choose the metal colours, it lets you choose 14 petal textures and 14 center textures. That adds up to a wild array of possible colour combinations. The price? Just 125L. A steal.  Just to tempt you some more I made the above photos to show you some of the colours I did…I love the colours available. Not to dark, not too light, just right! Black isn’t one of the colours available in this set so I’m glad she made the black version for The Best Of SL sale.

Bonus I accidentally discovered! The hud for the multicoloured set will change the center on the black set. So if you buy both, your black set becomes more flexible.  You can’t knock that! Right now I’m running around with a black flower with a red center.

Prim Eyelashes!!!!!!!!

I have had trouble with lashes forever in SL. My face seemed to tilt from nose to ears in more of an angle then most people. No matter how I rotated lashes, and I bought dozens and dozens of them, the problem was always the same, one side or the other would not fit against the skin, either the side closest to the nose or the side closest to the outer corner. One of the would be sticking out.  I read every article I could find on lash fitting, watched every video, but could never find a fix for that. I basically settled for it looked “Ok” and then edited them to look as perfect as I could get for every shot when taking photos.

That is a thing of the past now because Lashae , my friend of does the fantastic blog called Lashae Karsin, recommended that I go get the LeLukta prim lashes, and I did. Boy is she right, these are great! The lashes are little tiny prim lashes instead of a couple of alpha layers. The lashes are grouped together 3 to 5 in a group, and when you choose to edit them individually, you can move these little groups around your eyes, and make a near perfect fit. The lashes are also scripted to tint to 5 colours other then the default black – White, Purple, Blue, Green and Brown.

They are copiable, so I can make a set for my Asian shape. Unfortunately they aren’t modifiable , probably because of the script, so I can’t rename them to the shape they are made for. Pity. Note to Linden, make a separate permission for rename, just to make our lives easier.  I got the curl lashes and they sell for 180L. There are two other prim choices on the top shelf beside them. Don’t buy from the shelf below like I did. I didn’t notice they were a lower price and thought they were prim too, as there is nothing saying they are alpha, and ended up with eyelashes I will never probably use.

The hair I’m  wearing is Glory by Exile, one of their hairs that has both streak options and root colour options. That is a lot of options for a 250L pack of hair. I especially like the naturals option that gives you 5 shades in different colour families. For those of us that can’t decide if we are going to be brunettes, redheads, blondes or even go white with fright! Sometimes all in one day. I’m wearing the Frost version from the Natural’s pack with Ebony texture added.

This pretty skin is from Ikki Kanto, the designer behind Nekojita Designs and is called Passion Skin. I love her make up style. She has all kinds of bold make ups, with beautiful colours, not too heavy on the cheek shading, but intense lip colour and great shadows. Not all her make up’s have shadow’s she likes to mix it up, just like we do in real life, so some are like this one, a great lipstick and a plain lid, which looks great with an outfit like this, or would look great with a tattoo shadow of your choice.

She has 4 walls full of great skins, Caucasian and Asian, 90% that I’m drooling to own. She also has some great bargains and sales out all the time. Today I picked up a shape, great skin and eye set for just 15L for the whole thing. You’ll be seeing it soon, I’m sure.  The only thing she is missing is demos, but I hope she will get them soon.  I’ve liked every skin I have gotten from her though, so try one of her bargains to be sure before you buy one of the full price skins, but at 250L , even the full price skins are bargains.

These shoes are some of the coolest most fun shoes I have seen in SL. They are called Akita Clogs and they are by PixelFashion. The texture on them is fantastic. The colour palette it comes in it bright and sassy. Those toes are some of the best toes I have ever seen in SL. The shoes are also great because every colour comes colour change in to several shades of that colour. Black goes from Black to White…Both the strap at the top and the bottom plastic bit is texture change to different colours.  In the coloured versions like Red, the plastic bottom part can be Black, White or Red. The shoes come in the Black/White shown here, Pink, Red, Brown, Blue and Green.

I was going to complain about the nails not working unless you had their prim nails, but I guess that was just SL being a bugger that day. Fortunately before I wrote this and made a fool of myself, I tried the hud again and the nail polish option worked just perfectly.  *starts to chant to myself…I love SL..I love SL…I love SL* They have some really pretty colours of nails too. The black would have been awesome to use with this outfit if SL had co-operated! They even give you the option of having 4 different levels of gloss on the nail polish.  Having options is never a bad thing.  They do have a feature where if you have their nails and you change the colour on the nails or the toes, both will change at once.  Nice to not have to fiddle around with two huds.  Great thinking!

Now you might notice that my leg and my shoe don’t match colour much at all. There is two reasons for this.

1 – My leg was completely covered by the pant prim, so the closest bare skin was my hands, and the match was close enough to look good with that amount of distance.

2 – There is no RGB colour input option to match.  You have to pick the set colour that is closest to your skin tone and then they have some big patches of skin tone…your current colour in the middle, on either side +5 and +20,  -5 and -20 of Red, Green, Blue and White.  If you are a good visual person and can look at a colour and go, well, I need a bit less blue and a bit more green and red and then just darken this up a bit, it will be perfect, then this system will work for you. I know a lot of my friends can use a system like this and get a colour in a minute.

I’m not that sort of person. For me this sort of system is like a chinese torture puzzle. I’m Ok if I have the basic colour set and I need to adjust it by one colour box.  That I can do. Drop more then one colour box in to the mix, and I’m clicking away at random hoping something somewhere will somehow work.

My only complaint about this shoe is that there is no way to add the RBG numbers is so that no matter how your mind works, you can match the colours easily and quickly. The good news is that I can match them…eventually…but an hour every time I put them on is a high price to pay. There is the option to save the colour, which would be good if I ever wore the same skin twice.  Yeah, I laughed at that idea too.

Now..what is the price for these sexy, cool, fashionable, well made, well crafted, wonders you may ask…Well, I answer…inexpensive if you buy 1 pair, dirt cheap if you buy them all! They are 380 a pair, or currently the fatpack is on sale for 750L for all 6 pairs. Get the 6 pairs…get that, you won’t regret it!

The poses used were from Exposeur, their new pose pack for Top Model, the All Stars – Intro. That’s not playing up here in Canada yet, I can hardly wait. It’s on sale for 50L, so you can’t beat that price, get it before it goes up!

Front Pose – Bre

Side – Dominique

Necklace Close Ups – Camille

Face – Alexandra

Feet – Angelea

This week got off to a great start when Ibizarre came out with it’s new line of mini skirts, called Kayla, 5 colours in all for 120L each.  The one I’m wearing up top is called wine stripe, and it comes with the eggplant leggings I’m wearing. The leggings even have prim bottoms, but I forego them in favour of boots. Each skirt comes with it’s own matching colour of leggings, they don’t all get eggplant. One of the great things about the skirt is that it comes with an alpha layer that gets rid of your butt, so unlike a lot of sculpty skirts, it’s not always sticking through your skirt when you move. Great idea!

Last night when I was trying to pull this together I was on like day 8 of a miserable migraine, and I was past the point of being able to think, I begged my friend Lashae to come and help me and she road in on her white horse and took me to *Boom*.  She pointed me to their Sixteen Mini Dress in Lilac. I don’t know why *Boom* calls this dress Sixteen, because it’s not because there is 16 colours, I count 36 nummy luscious colours. If the Linden Fairy had been kinder to me, I would have bought them all, because this is an investment that would pay off.  You can wear these as a mini-dress like they are intended, or like a top as I have here, they are incredibly versatile, with the number of shade they have you would be able to match anything or use it for anything. Even justifying the purchase of that weird colour of shoe that you really want but don’t have anything to wear it with. Well the colour to wear it with would be in here, if you had the fatpack, no need to feel guilty about buying that shoe. You need it. Honest!

The dresses are 225L each or 4,000 for the gluttony pack. That so has to be renamed to “Ready For Anything” pack.  Gluttony sound bad, “Ready for Anything” sound virtuous. I’m am almost a boy scout if I buy that pack. Well aside from the breasts, lack of dangly bits and inability to build a fire from nothing but the contents of my pockets. If you want someone to do the math for you, buying the “Ready for Anything” pack will save you 4,100L. See, you will not only be prepared, but you will be thrifty!

I’m not trying to talk myself into going back and buying that or anything…no..not me. *Shifty guilty look that you don’t need the Lie To Me guy to read*

The shrug is from a Last Call outfit called Ally. Yes, I’ve been in SL for that long. Someone hand me a cane.

This gorgeous skin was actually a prize in Oceane’s Body Boutique‘s last hunt.

I was going to the village to take some photos of my outfit a day or so ago, noticed there was a hunt on, slapped on wire frame mode and picked up a couple of the bottles. I am pretty burned out on hunts, until I know there is something worth looking for aka I’ve seen the hunt prize on a blog then I don’t go hunting, and I only hunt where I know I’m going to see a good prize not every store in the hunt circuit. I have enough crap in my inventory I need to go through and get rid of, I don’t need to spend my time looking for more, it’s time better spent getting rid of what I already  have.  So needless to say, I just grabbed the few bottles I saw as I was walking on my way, and didn’t think anything more about it. Today I noticed I got a skin, curious because I had never really tried an Oceane skin, despite being a self confessed skin slut, as it just didn’t seem to be a skin line marketed to me, more for Goreans and the like.

Well slap me a couple of times and call me a fool. This is gorgeous! Face and body.

I’m definitely going to have to pay more attention to Oceane’s shop in the future, because I don’t like making being a fool a habit.  This skin exactly doesn’t appear to be on sale, but she has a whole skinline out like it called Jade, and this skin tone is called Honey.  So hop on down and try on some demo’s so you can prevent being as foolish as me.

The great necklace you see here is from +plus, a shop I haven’t heard enough about lately. They make shapes, purses and belts but what I really like is the JEWELRY.  A girl can never have too much jewelry . The seem to specialize in bright shiny plastic looking jewelry, which is often just what you want. They banish it to the upstairs though so don’t give up looking for it.  I’ve had this necklace called Amy forever and wear it often. It’s amazing how often it’s just the right touch I need. I was happy to see it still for sale and that they haven’t changed their always great pricing. It’s 120L.

The hair is a The Dressing Room offering from Exile that is gone now called Bronwyn. Gone at least in the colour I’m wearing, but the hair design itself is available in all of Exile’s rainbow of shades at Exile’s shop at their normal prices.  The packs are 250L each or a big fatpack of everything for 1,000L.

Now the boots. I wanted to showcase some of Azoury’s boots, but when I tried some of theirs on that I already owned, the textures were just too shiny to go with the feel of this outfit. Could the lack of non shiny boots be because I’m attracted to shiny like a crow and don’t buy non-shiny things without a reason?  Mayyybeee. So I went to the store and looked around, because with the selection they had, there had to be something! I found just the thing, their Les Bottines Centauree.  Perfect gray stripes and black stripes.  Somehow when I put them on though, they just stood out a bit too much I felt, so no problem, Azoury was kind enough to make them modifiable. I just used a colour picker on my skirt and found out that the RGB on my skirt’s purple was 114, 97, 103, so I went into the boot, added the colour and boom, I had the boots up top which I used in the photo.  But the boots at the bottom are the great boots that you will be getting and if you ever want to shade them for an outfit, you know it’s entirely possible and they will look great!

Oh and the price of these boots? 99l like all Azoury footwear.

My outfit for this weeks colour of the week, Sienna, in Luna Jubilee’s brilliant 52 weeks of colour challenge is Lemania Indigo Designs classic sari silk inspired creation The Spirit Of Ghandi.  This richly coloured multi-layered skirt is peppered with hundreds of individual little silk embroidery medalions on a Sienna silk background. The top is a storm of precious metal embroidery in silver and silk embroidery in a glowing light turquoise.

Lemania Indigo has been kind enough to rerelease this dress and it’s out as her 50L Fashion Addicts item of this week in her new releases foyer.   Just click on the link up above. Grab it at this low price before it goes up to her normal store prices. While you are there, have a look around. No one does gowns like Lemania.

To go with this dress I chose one of my Lara skins, Carla in Tanned with Bronzed Makeup. This is an old Lara Skin, and is no longer sold in her shop, yet it’s still one of my favourites. If her old stuff is this good, imagine how great her new stuff looks. Her skins vary in price, but to give you an example, Aimee her newest sells for 800L a skin or 3k for a fatpack of a skin tone which has 12 skins.  That’s saving 6,600 by buying a fatpack. Now that’s a great deal!

The hair is from Exile’s pre-spring clearance sale, this is Claudia, in Whiskey, which is in the Dark Brown selection. The hairs in the sale are all 50L a colour set or 250L for a fat pack. Get this great deal before it’s gone!

One of my favourite parts of this outfit is the jewelry.  This is from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry and is called the Gloria set in Moonstone. One of the nice things about this store is that I’ve never had an outfit I couldn’t match for jewelry there, and another thing is the price. This necklace and earring set cost me only 229 gold. The 3rd thing is the quality of the prim work and the forth thing is that he makes demos that you can try out.  A lot of times I buy jewelry thinking it will be perfect and I’m wrong, and end up buying 2 or 3 things before I get it just right.  It’s never a huge deal because it always fits with something in the end.  The demo’s however really help make sure you make the right decision every time, that the necklace isn’t a tad longer on the outfit then you imagined or whatever.

My shoes are from the Goddess of Indian Fashion, Zaara.  They are her shoes Ilaida Mojri in Jeweled turquoise.  You get these shoes with both gold and silver metal versions for 300L. You also have the option of buying the row of 3 that your shoe is on for 600L in a mini – fatpack or getting all 12 pairs for 1,990L.  When I bought these shoes I expected them to be a one outfit shoe, but since this is the second outfit I’m wearing them with, that proves me wrong. One more time!  I got to stop with this being wrong habit, but I like being wrong about things like this, and finding out footwear is more versatile then you first thought is a great surprise.

Dressing up is fun to do, especially if you can get a beautiful dress at a great price! This week Fashion By Trendstyle made dressing up fun by putting out this great Elisabeth gown in 5 colours for only 60L each. I really enjoy the smooth straight line of the skirt in this one, contrasting with the curlicued detailed edging on the bottom. The colour choice I made, the pink is bi-coloured on top, and the silver etched edging is really well done here too. It is worked in perfectly, not stretched anywhere, and I can’t even tell where the lines meet as I circle around the dress.

The skirt prim is no modify, but has a script that does the job fairly well, if I could have any wish in the world, I would wish it would have a ‘modify just this prim” option, because this type of skirt is prone to having prims stick out at the sides, it’s just the nature of the beast and you sometimes have to shrink the skirts smaller then you want to avoid that, but if you can just zip in the side ones, then you are laughing. 

The skin I’m wearing is the sister skin to the skin I was wearing in the post “Digging Some Sexy Out Of My Closet” , this is Tomoko Skin 01B Tone A, in the other post I was wearing the fantasy version.  The skin is make by Style By Kira and is selling for 600L.  I’m wearing  the Tomoko shape as well, which gives the skin it’s oriental look, it actually can look fairly european on a european shape.  The shape sells for 250L and is copy/mod.

The hair I’m wearing is one of Exile’s clearance hairs.  I’m wearing Cassie in Whiskey from the Dark Brown collection. The clearance hairs are 50L each colour pack or 250L for the fatpack! When the sale is over, then the hairs will be gone for good. This clearance is called a Pre-spring clearance but there is no date saying when it ends, so don’t put off looking and miss it.

Today is a  bitter sweet day. For a couple of months now I’ve been visiting Baiastice, and looking at their copies of their short boot called Bow Backed Ankle Boots. These gorgeous boots come in tons of different colours, and are 460L each, or 14 colours for 3, 220L.  That’s what did it, the evilly generously priced fat pack offer.  I scoff at fat packs that give one or two pairs free.  If I end up buying what I want, it rarely ends up to be all but one or two, so I save money just doing that.  But this…this was like buying 6 or 7 and getting the rest free.  It’s 7 but if I say 6 or 7 to myself it sounds even better. I’m an expert in self delusion. I looked at them, I could see 6 or 7 I wanted without breaking a sweat.  But I have a ton of shoes. I didn’t need more shoes.

So I tried to put them out of my mind…I have a memory like a sieve. I’d forget them.

But they were too sexy to forget.

I’d go visit them, like puppies at a pet store…tell myself maybe I’d just buy one, but then say..but then what if you buy just one 7 might as well have bought the fat pack…you know you want it….always the angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other. It’s an evil evil fatpack.

Well a couple of days ago I decide to blog some stuff from The Dressing Room.  I went naturally to my inventory and tried on all the stuff from R.icielli and their great silver set, New Year’s Special Set. I decided on this fantastic silver sparkly pants called Leggings Jeans in white and the sequined bra she called Sparkling Bra in Pink.  Both together with a whole lot more stuff are found at The Dressing Room right now for 70L.

This is an extremely generous offer from a designer known for her wonderful deals at TDR.  As you can see these pants and this top are PERFECT.  Not a flaw to be seen anywhere on them.  Texturing is lovely as always from this Lady.

I then paired that with the fantastic skin that Glam Affair is offering from The Dressing Room this month, called Jadis Dark. This skin is a lot darker then I’m used to wearing, but you can’t argue that it doesn’t look fantastic with the sparkling R.icielli clothing or that it doesn’t really set off my customary gray eyes.

Aida Ewing just keeps getting better and better. I still have some skins of her’s from her Beauty Avatar day’s. She was great then, she is even more spectacular now. This skin shows just how much she has conquered the “less is more” and that’s the hardest trick for any designer to pull off. When you can do that. You know you are there. Bravo.

My hair is a new design by Exile called Rayna which I bought in the Dark Brown shades. This hair has great flow, and drapes just right, for a shaggy style that doesn’t end up looking shaggy. If that makes sense to anyone in the world but me. It’s 250L for a colour pack or 1,000L for the full fatpack.

What did I do for footwear?

Well I went to Baiastice and  looked lovingly at the bowback short boots, thinking that the Crotalus  colour would be great with this outfit. I told myself I would just buy one.  Somehow all on it’s own my hand slipped over and hit the fatpack option. I don’t know how it happened. Honest.

Somehow I lost the battle, won a whole lot a boots, and don’t care that I “lost” at all…

*runs away happily clutching all the prettiness to her chest*

It’s a brand New Year and it’s time for me to repent of all my bad habits and evil ways and earn my way into the good graces again.

So clothing myself in head to toe in white, not forgetting these killer gloves from Kyoot, I lift my head up and pray to the higher powers to be a better shopper this year.

Knowing that if I want to feel the part, I have to look the part, I put on this angellic skin from Heartsick and this heavenly hair with glitterly stars and halo from Exile.

I promise to be more grateful when designers like Heartsick give out great skins like this on sales like she has this week, having one skin marked to 50L  and one to 10L each day until Saturday and for gifts like this beautiful hair found under Exile’s tree.

I promise to lay around more often to save wear and tear on my shoes, and because it just makes these shoes from Baiastice look so good, and I’m trying to be good.

I also promise to stop wearing revealing dresses and the cleavage options of skin…

Oh drat…Busted!

I wore the highest of the two options for this dress, do you think I can still keep the halo?

Items – Dress and Gloves – Kyoot – Vodka Mini Dress White, this is a Stumblebum outfit that I’m sure a lot of you got, it’s gone now, but Kyoot often brings out her Stumblebum stuff in other colours. Keep your fingers crossed!

Skin – This stunning skin is from Heartsick – it’s her Enchant line, Rapture tone in Romance make up and it’s normally 700L.  Heartsick is having treasure hunts every day this week, with new skins marked down each day, 1 to 50L and 1 to 10L. The last day is Saturday, don’t miss this! Hit her subscribo for details or join her group for 250L and get the current free skin and the new one to come out soon.

Hair – This beautiful hair, Artemis/angel dust with glitter and halo is a christmas gift from Exile, you can find it under the christmas tree, right beside the New Year’s gift.

Shoes – Baiastice’s Danasamba shoe, not her newest shoes, but I thought the design really went with the dress, this shoe sells for 430L and has both V2 and invisiprim options. It is a prim foot shoe even though it doens’t show toes.  Things don’t have to be new to still be beautiful and worth buying! After some of the “latest in shoes” I got this week, these are a breath of fresh air. They worked without fiddling.