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Today I decided to have a little retro fun with the skirt that So Many Styles has at The Dressing Room. To be completely and brutally honest, I haven’t always had the best luck with So Many Styles, I had to toss a lot of the clothing I bought from there because of prim problems. I love her textures though, so I have had to be very careful what I bought, sort of a Linden lottery. This skirt was just too pretty to resist and with mesh after all prim issues just don’t exist, and besides, having a demo makes everything a sure thing! So I grabbed the demo, and saw that all I had to do to make it was was to make my legs a little skinnier, and increase the size of my saddle bags and add some body fat and so I made a new shape for the skirt file, and returned to The Dressing Room and I bought it happily. If only I had to add saddle bags to make real life items fit. Not in this lifetime.

I also loved the top that Irie Campese put with the skirt in the photo, so I went looking for it at her shop and found it. It’s called Plain Cami and the colour is Solar Power. It sells for 100L and I would highly recommend it. As you can see in the photo above and below, both it and the skirt are extremely well textured. They both have the edgings done, the cami has perfectly straight side seams, subtle realistic fabric wrinkles, not the wrinkles that are so over done that they make you look like you are wearing the wrong size, which is so common in SL.

I went looking for a pair of white gogo boots to put with them, to make this a retro look,  and found them on the market place.  These boots are called Versa Boots by The Domineaux Effect. There is no demo available online or at the store, but you can see the boots at the store. I threw the dice and took a chance on the shoes, not something I usually do, but with 8 textures for just 399L I thought what the heck. The boots are unrigged mesh so they can be resized, and there is a resize script in them. You can also tint the lighter colours, although just like with most tinted items, I’m not happy with the results, but if you like things you tint yourself, then you’ll be happy with that. I just don’t like the look of things coloured with the SL colour grid, it just is obvious to me when it is done, and it doesn’t look right somehow.  The textured shades provided are fantastic though, and I’m happy with them. You can change the boots sizing and colours either through the hud or through clicking on the shoe and using the menu. I found using the menu worked better for me, but everyone is different.

One caution, the boots are 399L on the market place and are 499L at the store.

To make it a modern retro feel, I added this great hair do by Clawtooth by Clawtooth, one of my favourite hair stores. This one is called Could I resist? and the colour I’m wearing is called Orange You Glad. That colour comes in the Exquisite Reds Pack. Demos are free and the packs are 275L each for 5 colours, my only complaint about Clawtooth hair is no variety pack having one each of the major hair colour groups, which is what stops me from buying more then I do, I generally tend to buy more from companies that offer those.

I love the necklace and earrings I found in my inventory for this, it’s from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry, and it’s his Chakra Boho Beads necklace and earrings in Pumpkin. To me it looks like vintage macrame jewelry.  It’s perfectly made, with each prim wonderfully placed, the closer you look the better it looks. At just 189L for the set, it’s a steal. You can try  it out with the demo before you buy, to make sure you like it with what you are trying to wear it with. I find demos for jewelry invaluable, I don’t know how often I’ve bought something I thought would work and it didn’t quite make it. I remember one 100L pair of pants I was trying to model that I ended up spending 3K on jewelry before I found something that was just perfect. It wasn’t a good day. Of course I never have that problem at Luc…thank goodness!

PS – this jewelry set comes in 8 colours, just in case orange isn’t your favourite colour….although how could it not be, orange rocks, it has attitude…it’s…it’s..Orange…

The nails I’m wearing are from [Virtual/Insanity] and are their round nails, in the style Lacey Spring Nails which sell for 150L and come in 3 sizes, 10, 20 and 30 hand sizes. The set has 8 colours, and are changed by clicking on one of the nails and following the menu.   The nail glove I’m wearing is one that came with the skin, something I would love if every skin designer started to do. This skin is done by Izzie’s and she is only one of 2 designers I have seen do this so far, but I hope more follow suit. With the popularity of prim nails it would be great if designers started making gloves that we could wear under them in the proper skin tone, it’s an item that wouldn’t take long to make but would add a lot of perceived value to the skin package. There, how is that for marketing speak. Are all you skin makers sold yet?

Last but definitely not least, probably my favourite item of this blog, is the skin.  This skin is from Izzie’s with is one of my Top 5 shops I couldn’t live without. This is the Gala skin she created for the One Voice event, and 50% of the money spent on this skin is being used to raise money to go to the legal fund for Gala Phoenix to get her Curio Skins back on the market  by fighting a copyright challenge. One Voice is over but you can still buy this great skin and donate to the cause by getting it at Izzie’s shop.

There are 3 tones of this skin, I’m wearing the Gala in Caramel the darkest. Each tone costs 1,000L. Now you only see the basic skin in the photo but you get so much more then that. It’s really a fatpack of looks. You  get a version of the skin in all the major eyebrow colours , one with and one without cleavage.  You get the Gala shape, which is a copy/mod shape, so important these days when you have to change your shape to fit mesh clothing.  I’m  not wearing the shape, as I like to wear skins on my shape to provide a steady reference for all my readers, but it is a pretty shape. You get 5 different colours of lip tattoos and 5 different colours of eyeshadow tattoos.  If you are a freckle fan, you get two options, one just on the face and one on the face and body.  I’m wearing the green eyeshadow tattoo.

As discussed above, you even get a glove that covers your nails in the exact right colour for your skin making prim nails meld seamlessly.  *hugs Izzie for that*

Every persons opinion on this varies but I think that tattooed make up looks the best when it’s made by the person that created the skin, so I like it when skin designers have a lot of tattoo make up. The one exception to this is Mock, her make up rocks on a lot of skins, but not even she can look good on everything with every make up.  Izzie has a huge amount of tattoo make ups, and I am wearing her rust lipstick today from her dark vibrant lipstick collection which has 10 beautiful shades of lipstick for 190L. She provides demos with all of her tattoos so you can check them out to see how they work before you buy, which was something I really appreciated and took advantage of. I just wanted to show you how well her other tattooed make up looks with her skins, and as you can see, it looks great. So your options when you get this skin are     almost unlimited depending on what add ons you purchase.

My eyes are from Amacci..they are her Gaze eyes in Joy…the big version. The Gaze eyes come in a huge variety of colours, all with the life like look you see above. You get big and normal sizes of the eyes for 120L.  Very pretty eyes, and they always seem to have just the colour I’m  looking for to make any look pop.

Photograph information – The photo was done on my PNP Photo Studio with the back ground from their New Orleans Pack photo 8.  Still in love with the studio, almost up to 1,000 backgrounds…woot!

Poses I used are from Manifeste, Photo #1 – full body shot – 187, Photo 2 – Outfit Shot – 186, Photo 3 –  Nails – 200, Photo 4 – Face 189.


The designing force behind Indie Rose, Angelina Eizenberg-Oxhall, seems to have a gift for making knee length dresses that you can dress up any way you want, and use any way you want. They are delightfully feminine, but you can make them a casual go out to the movie dress or a go out for the evening dress, whatever you wish. The dress is the canvas, your accessories paint the mood.

Her full line of dresses are stunning, you can see them at her new shop. Her prices are great. I thought they would be a lot more looking at her dresses, but I’ve seen none over 320L and most dresses are around 225 – 250L. Separates start at 100L. She has some of the nicest colour combos in SL. There are a few orange dresses there I’m dying to get, and will get. Heck, there are even some pink dresses I wouldn’t mind owning. I know…pink..who can fathom it. The dress I’m showing you today however is her contribution to My Second Wardrobe, a discount sample shop with a lot of great designers of her caliber. This beautiful dress called Vintage Rose Cocktail Dress is on sale there for just 50L.

I love the appliqued lace flowers on the front of the dress, I must have spent an hour looking at it trying to decide if it was bobbin lace or needle lace with the foundation threads removed.  It was frustrating in the end because the texture is clear enough to see some of the individual threads, it was not clear enough to see how those threads were woven, and having done both techniques, I’d have to see that to tell you. Of couse, Angelina made the dress to look pretty, not to have any forensic lace studies done on it.

Seriously however I am thrilled with how she used the lace on this dress, the cut out on it is very well done, the edges are spotless. She also doesn’t fall into the trap I see a lot of designs fall into when using lace. One, making it way too big, stitches that would be 1/8th of an inch long being 4 inches long on the dress.  I do a lot of needlework, I even have been known to teach needlework on the needlework guild level. It drives me nuts to see designs distorted like that. This pattern is a logical size, it could be smaller depending on the thread size, but it’s highly possible it was made the size it’s shown in.  The second trap is using the same pattern on the skirt and chopping it up, ending up with needlework that goes to the edge of panels and ends unfinished, looking like just that…unfinished.  This rarely looks good and she did well to avoid it.

The skirt is made of mainly non-flexie pieces to make an upside down opening rose bud shape. It is tiered. The middle tier in the front is somewhat raised on the dress you will get. The skirt is modifiable. I made mine smaller so that I could get all the top of the dress inside my waist.  This made the skirt a little small on me and you could see the glitch pants under the top middle panel on me. A second using edit linked parts to pull that panel down a touch and I was good to go.  Never underestimate the value of modifiable parts.

The top is made of a matte satin the skirt is made of a very shiny satin with tons and tons of folds on it. When you move there is flexie parts inside the skirt that slide out and show in in the opposite direction that you are moving in, making the appearance of movement complete. You don’t normally think of shiny and matte working that well together but on this dress, Indie Rose makes it work.

The last part of this outfit from Indie Rose is their leather flats shoes. These shoes are from her Gatcha Machine. I’m sure 95% of you know what a Gatcha Machine is, but for the 5% that don’t know here is the scoop. Gatcha Machines are basically the SL version of the bubble gum machines, the expensive ones with the prizes in them. In SL though none of them have gum in them, or bad prizes.  In this case the Gatcha Machine has 12 pairs of leather flats in all kinds of colours, and they are 90L each. You pay your 90L, and get a pair sent to you. They are no copy/transfer so if you get a pair in a colour you already have you can gift them to friends when it’s a birthday or they are feeling down and you want to cheer them up. What is cheerier then getting an unexpected pair of shoes. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

I don’t like many flats, but I love these. The texture is great with just the right amount of shine to ensure they aren’t boring, and the flower is fun and interesting without being too in your face to make it hard to wear with anything.  They have a great light of colours with will go with a lot of things.

Here are some of the other 11 colours…just picked at random…they are all pretty.

Left is Blue and Right is Lavender/Brown

Left is Light Blue/Beige and Right is Red/Light Blue

When I put on this dress, I knew I had to wear it with this skin. The flower in the dress was just too much of a perfect match to the flower in this eyeshadow. This fantasy make up is from who else but the Queen of Fantasy Makeup, Kira Panderborn, of Style By Kira. This is her Kohia make upline, Skin 01D Fantasy, and this skin sells for 150L which is her normal price, or your can buy a fatpack of 6 skins for 750L.

The jewelry is from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry and is called Maya in Carnelian/Gold. You get the necklace and earrings in a set for 229L. I have said it before and it still holds true, Luc, as the store is known for short, is the best jewelry store I know, that no one has heard of. It’s also the best place I know to get jewelry made of natural materials like stones, shells and even simple things like rope. He also does some killer retro crystal and metal jewelry.

The hair I’m wearing is from Amacci, I love the hairs she has been doing. This is Simone in Brown Sugar. I love the whispy hairs at the side of the head, and if you look up at the side photo, it’s got a great back bun. Amacci has also put all her hair tattoos on for free, 2 different versions. The first is one I’m wearing here, a plain back swept tattoo, great for men or women, and it makes all bangless designs like this have a fantastic smooth front. Wear the colour matching your hair and it is very very very hard to tell where the hair base ends and the hair begins.  She also has a hair base that works well only for women, it has little tiny hairs coming off it into little tiny curls here and there around the face. You know those small hairs that grow in as your long hair breaks…It’s very pretty and also free, so pick them both up.


Just thought I would make that a wee bit noticable. All her hairs currently are 85L a pack, and 295L for a fatpack.  She also has started with her hair fair hairs a new pack called the Fave Pack, which is 7 of Designer/Owner  Carnina Larsen’s favourite colours across the hair spectrum from Vanilla to Onyx. I truely applaud all hair shops that start to embrace this trend for this type of selection. I love it!

The eyes I’m wearing are also from Amacci. With all the trouble with eyes I’ve been having lately, the number I’ve bought only to have them blow up in my face by turning black when I looked to the side, or having red sides or being so pink in the whites of the eye it looked like I am a recovering alcholic, maybe not that recovering.  I was almost afraid to try them. But they are great eyes. They come with big or small eyes. I’m wearing the big version of the Moon eyes. They also come with sparkles for the eyes, but I didn’t wear them because stuff like that never photographs easily. The sparkles are 2 prims you can wear them together, separately or not at all, as the mood hits you. Each eye colour pack is 100L.

The poses I’m using today are from Bang! They are from the pose set !Bang Stands 140 to 149 which normally sells for 250L but is currently on sale on the market place for 100L

Here is a link to the Market Place where the sale is as of publishing time..but it’s limited so hurry

Front Shot – Pose 140

Side Shot – 143

Face Shot – 147

Shoes – 141

I love teal. Other people love black, reds, blues and greens, there are even a few misguided and really bright happy people who love yellow, but I’m weird and complicated and I love the combination of blue and green that is teal. Being weird and complicated I don’t love all teals, some of the teals in SL, only a mother could love. When I saw this dress at Jane it was love at first sight. True there isn’t a teal in it, but it’s such a happy mix of blue and green, it just bring that lovely teal feeling to the table in spades. Sometimes I’m not weird and complicated, sometimes I’m easy to please.

This is the Jane’s Dana dress in Raven and Blues which sells for 150L. It also comes in purples and pinks. I even like the pinks. *checks self for a fever* If you are like me and like them all, you can buy the Pack of Optimal Happiness and get them all for 295l or in other words for less then the price of 2.

Jane’s calls the Pack of Optimal Happiness a Greedy Pack, but really, Greedy is such an unpleasant word with such bad connotations. We aren’t being greedy, we are supporting SL fashion, we are providing our inventory with a reason for being, we are providing work for unused pixels who would be bereft without our support. There are so many better names out there… The Support Your Designer Pack…The Never Be Caught Naked Pack…The Never Wish You Had Bought The Other One Pack…The Toss Them All On The Bed And Roll On Them Pack…*shifty eyes* No..I don’t do that…well you can’t prove I do.

Back on topic. This dress is great. The top is a nice true black, not a dark gray that looks like you washed it a couple of times too many but it still manages to have some great texturing and details like the row of perfect little buttons down the front. The sculpted skirt is big enough around that when you wear a skirt shape with it, even a large butt like mine, and I have friends who have smaller butts then my skirt shape butt in their normal shape, hides under it with ease and can’t be seen when you walk. Once I put my skirt shape on, this skirt behaved perfectly with my AO, not something that all sculptie skirt do by any stretch of the imagination.

This skin was one that was made by Style By Kira for the Another Fundraiser, one of her new Stefani skins I love so much.  I’m a couple of days late posting it, unfortunately for you to get it at the fundraiser. I blame my kid for getting sick enough to be hospitalized. It’s her’s her fault. I didn’t know when it closed when I took these photos, but luckily for you, the skins she had up at the fundraiser are available for sale at the Style by Kira store now. Supporting your SL designer isn’t quite as good a cause as the Japanese Earthquake victims, but it’s a good cause if you want to continue to have quality affordable fashions.

This hair is a really cute uber curly pig tail design by Calico Ingmann Creations called Jill. Right now this design is one of 4 that is set for 50% off. That means you can get her terrific picks pack with it’s 20 colours (ignore the hover tip that says’s wrong) or one of her other tone packs for just 100L.  Her fat packs go down to just 500L. It’s 4 really cute styles, not 4 old has been styles ready for retirement, so head down and have a peek today.

The necklace I’m wearing is called Kamoana Triple Layer Neckace in blue and it’s from Luc Lameth Fashion Jewelry or (Luc) for short. This necklace is 169L. You can buy a single strand version with earrings for 199L and matching bracelets for 159L.  My only wish is that you could buy the earring separately from the single strand necklace as I don’t really want it having bought the triple strand. (Luc) has an amazing collection of natural source jewelry like this shell based necklace. His shop is still my favourite shop for looking for non-diamond jewelry.

These two pieces of leather sexiness are the latest design from Purrfect 10.  They are called Gemini and they are only available in alpha version for viewer 2 compatible viewers. At this point I don’t think that is much of a problem, not many viewers aren’t letting you wear alpha layers these days, and if yours isn’t, switch, you don’t know what you are missing.

The shoes are 690L with VIP group members getting 25% off when they wear their group tags while purchasing.  This price is a very good one because Purrfect 10 has one very wonderful feature. Every shoe is really 3 shoes in one.  When you buy a shoe, let’s say a red shoe, you get the ability to turn any part of that shoe black, the shoe being broken up into 8 parts. For the first shoe, you can keep it all red. For the second shoe you can turn it all black to get a black shoe. For the third shoe you can mix and match what parts you want red and black and have a red and black shoe that is all your own. You can also change the metal parts to silver or gold. The nails are customizable to 20 colours. Fatpacks of all 10 colours of this shoe are 5,500L.

I’ve taken the slate, a lovely blue gray leather and mixed it with black and a silver metal option to make my shoes look the way they do. I finished them off with an Aquamarine nail because well…just can’t resist the teal to go with the rest of the outfit and I thought the aqua nail polish brought out the blue of the slate more then the gray. Yes, I enjoy my delusions, I’m comfortable in them.

The poses I used today were all from {Just A Pose}

Simply Hippy Pose Set – Front Picture – Attitude

– Shoe Picture – On The Radio

Couture Shock Pose Set – Face Picture – Stance

My outfit for this weeks colour of the week, Sienna, in Luna Jubilee’s brilliant 52 weeks of colour challenge is Lemania Indigo Designs classic sari silk inspired creation The Spirit Of Ghandi.  This richly coloured multi-layered skirt is peppered with hundreds of individual little silk embroidery medalions on a Sienna silk background. The top is a storm of precious metal embroidery in silver and silk embroidery in a glowing light turquoise.

Lemania Indigo has been kind enough to rerelease this dress and it’s out as her 50L Fashion Addicts item of this week in her new releases foyer.   Just click on the link up above. Grab it at this low price before it goes up to her normal store prices. While you are there, have a look around. No one does gowns like Lemania.

To go with this dress I chose one of my Lara skins, Carla in Tanned with Bronzed Makeup. This is an old Lara Skin, and is no longer sold in her shop, yet it’s still one of my favourites. If her old stuff is this good, imagine how great her new stuff looks. Her skins vary in price, but to give you an example, Aimee her newest sells for 800L a skin or 3k for a fatpack of a skin tone which has 12 skins.  That’s saving 6,600 by buying a fatpack. Now that’s a great deal!

The hair is from Exile’s pre-spring clearance sale, this is Claudia, in Whiskey, which is in the Dark Brown selection. The hairs in the sale are all 50L a colour set or 250L for a fat pack. Get this great deal before it’s gone!

One of my favourite parts of this outfit is the jewelry.  This is from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry and is called the Gloria set in Moonstone. One of the nice things about this store is that I’ve never had an outfit I couldn’t match for jewelry there, and another thing is the price. This necklace and earring set cost me only 229 gold. The 3rd thing is the quality of the prim work and the forth thing is that he makes demos that you can try out.  A lot of times I buy jewelry thinking it will be perfect and I’m wrong, and end up buying 2 or 3 things before I get it just right.  It’s never a huge deal because it always fits with something in the end.  The demo’s however really help make sure you make the right decision every time, that the necklace isn’t a tad longer on the outfit then you imagined or whatever.

My shoes are from the Goddess of Indian Fashion, Zaara.  They are her shoes Ilaida Mojri in Jeweled turquoise.  You get these shoes with both gold and silver metal versions for 300L. You also have the option of buying the row of 3 that your shoe is on for 600L in a mini – fatpack or getting all 12 pairs for 1,990L.  When I bought these shoes I expected them to be a one outfit shoe, but since this is the second outfit I’m wearing them with, that proves me wrong. One more time!  I got to stop with this being wrong habit, but I like being wrong about things like this, and finding out footwear is more versatile then you first thought is a great surprise.

I was checking out some poses the other day and I walked out of the shop and found an ad for this dress staring me in the face, at a tiny kiosk. Well I just had to have it. Sexy, Short, Brown, Glittery. What was not to love. I took the landmark to the main store and checked it out, and found a lot of outfits to love there.  The shop is called N K Fashion and believe it or not, this dress, The Gold Flower Dress at 200L is one of the most expensive outfits there. The shop is truly a great find for wonderful outfits at great prices. The texture in this dress is wonderful and the prim piece on the short dress is a very unique shape that works really well.

At first I didn’t think I would be able to blog this dress, because when I put it on, I had a problem I get fairly regularly. There was only a shirt layer and with my shape the shirt layer and the pant layer didn’t meet completely. Something about my shape doesn’t work well with that, I’m not sure what. I made my shape myself on the first day I was in SL and by the time I realised there were people that actually knew how to make shapes that looked good, I was too attached to my shape being me to change. So I’m stuck with all my flaws.  But I wrote a nice letter to the designer, Noemi Kranfrel explaining my problem and that a jacket layer would fix it, and including a photo so she could see what my shape did to her lovely dress.  Well within a few hours she was kind enough to send me a jacket version of the top, for which I am very grateful and so I am able to do this blog! I love it when designers go above and beyond in customer service, it shows how much they care about their designs and the people who wear them.

Anyway..I would encourage everyone to drop by this store and get this dress, it will make you feel like a million lindens!

Now for a look at the items that pulled this look all together!

Skin, where would we be without skin! I went back to my favourite Tik Tok skin for this dress, Stella in Lady Make up, in medium skin tone, but I added one of Miah McAuley’s new make up tattoo’s.  I put on her Make up # 8. These are the nicest make up tattoo’s I have tried.  Kudos Miah! As you can see above I have done an extreme close up, but while you can see the flaw in putting on my prim eyelashes…*$##$% eyelashes never look 100% right…there is no flaw in that make up. It looks 100% natural to the skin.  The base skin was 500L and the tattoo is 99L so you can see where it’s a great deal to buy a bunch of tattoos over buying a ton of whole new make ups with the entire skin.  I’m loving it.  If you hate hate hate SL 2 like I do, I can really recommend the Imprudence viewer, it does the SL 2 fun stuff without the horrid interface. It also loads so fast you will think you are playing a different game.

Stay tuned to this blog for more photos of these great make up tattoos!

Hair! Lamb! Need I say more? Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of this shop that has single handedly made non-flexi hair the coolest hair in SL again? This is her Ghost hair in Honeycomb. Her hair sells at 4 shades of a colour for 300L or a full snack pack of 28 colours for 1500L.  Go for Ghost, stay for everything else. Bet you can’t buy just one!

Jewelry – Well, you know, I’m a woman, there for I can’t resist it. I’ve been eyeing this necklace and earring set from Lucas Lameth (Luc) Fashion Jewelry for a long time now. I finally had a good excuse with this dress to buy the gold version, so buy it I did. At 229L for both, I guess I really didn’t need an excuse.  It’s called The Awakening. Great name, makes me think of flowers openning to the sun, as does the piece.

When I bought this dress, there was really no question what pair of shoes I was going to put with it. I bought these shoes a long time ago at Kahnins and they are still favourites.  They are strong and bold and go with just about everything.  Like all Kahnins shoes they are colour change, which makes their 500L price tag so unbelieveable. It’s like buying a fat pack of prim toed shoes in one shoe.  You can change all the different parts to different colours making thousands of colour combinations.  And I know, when you say colour change everyone thinks of the ugly colour change stuff you get that have all the same texture and are coloured using RGB colours on top. This isn’t like that, it’s great colours and textures…vibrant, rich. You would never know by looking at them that they were colour change shoes.

Because these shoes are so old, they don’t have the SL2 alpha option, but all their new releases do if that is important to you. I wouldn’t let it stop me from buying these shoes though. I didn’t have them on 10 minutes this time, before someone told me that I have all the best shoes. It’s great when people look at shoes that are a couple of years old and still think they are the best! The shoes all come with demo copies, so I would suggest going to the store and giving them a try today.

Enjoy your SL world today….Tapika Tomsen

Lemania Indigo Designs has recently re-released one of my favourite dresses of all times by her, Showstopper! The outfit packs a heck of a wallop for a low 395 including matching shoes. It’s a good thing this comes with shoes, because you would have a hard time matching a fantastic texture like this.

Aside from the luscious sequin texture in a great moss green, this dress is all about the prims, it has a wonderful flowing train and a great found fan…as seen above…

As you can see from this photo, the round fan is centred right on your rear assets, so not only does it draw the eye and frame it all nicely, every time your AO has something that moves your hips from one position to another…the fan rotates…slowly…like swaying feathers…catching the eye of everyone around you and making them watch for every little movement you make. This outfit is the epitome of an eye catcher.

Of course a dress is just a dress, until you add on the finishing touches, and today I have some perfect finishing touches.

The hair is from JE*Republic, their fantastic Tarae IIII, actually all the Tarae hairs our amazing updos, you’ll have to try them all on to find out if you can choose of if you have to buy them all.  They are 200L for a 2 tone colour pack, or 1,000L for the fat pack.

The jewelry is from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry or Luc for short.  If, God forbid, *shuddering at the idea*, every jewellery store in SL had to shut but one, his would be the one I would have to choose to stay open.  The quality of the pieces are amazing, the textures of his real stones and gems are superb, and the variety of settings and styles is enough to match any outfit.  About the only thing he hasn’t come out with is huge and chunky, so that’s probably next week.  The piece I’m wearing that green that matches so well is the Posedien Pearls in black. You get the necklace and the earrings for 299L.

The skin, well it’s something you can’t get any more, it’s Lara skin, Carla -Tan in Green, you should be happy that you can’t get it any more though, because it only came with 5 skins for a fat pack and now she brings everyone 11 skins for the same 3k. Check out her shop, all the skins are just as beautiful, I’m just used to wearing this skin with this dress and I’m too old a dog to learn new tricks.

Have a great day in SL.                                                                    Tapika Tomsen


After all these great gowns it was time to give equal time to something casual, so my mind turned to Zaara , a long time favourite store of mine. Zaara presents modern fashion with a touch of India. She also has traditional Indian fashions that tempt one to go Bollywood with so many colours and textures that could make you drool. Can you tell that Indian clothing is a big weakness of mine? Ok, I confess, I’m guilty! This outfit is called Moksh, in the pink set. It costs only 190L for the whole outfit, including pants and the belt is on a jacket layer so it can be worn without and looks great that way as well.

For the jewelry I again went to Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry This necklace set is trimetal, and can also turn gold or silver with a script. It’s called Kahto Choker and Earring in Moonstone and it is just 229L. The hair I’m wearing is called Bille from Bewitched Hair . Warning, the hair itself comes with extremely blingy barettes, which I cleaned up permanently in less then 2 minutes using an antibling script, but you can’t beat the price on this clearance hair which is 100L for a fatpack. The antibling script is free and I’ll be happy to send it to anyone with a notecard on how to use it. The skin I’m wearing is a Ton Visage skin from Sin Skins..a line which is most unfortunately discontinued.