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Flame Fashion Sequin Mini Dress

While I was just away on holidays I saw orange everywhere when I went shopping for clothing. I love orange so this made me happy. I thought i would celebrate by bringing out one of my favourite orange dress from my SL closest and showing it off in my blog. This isn’t new but it’s better then new, it’s a dress I wear again and again. The dress is from Flame Fashion and is called Sequin Sexy Mini Dress, which pretty much says it all. It costs 299L and comes in 4 great colours. The rust that I’m wearing , gold, aqua and rose. The dress is mesh and comes in 5 sizes, it doesn’t say standard sizing but they are the usual standard sizes.  The store has a lot of nicely textured mesh outfits and there is a demo for everything.  Mesh items are great, but there is still enough flaws in them that I don’t like to spend more then 100L on something unless I try a demo first. Some things are just unwearable no matter how I change my shape.

Flame Sequin Pic 3

The hair I’m wearing is from Truth, and is their mesh style Haven in Espresso. Mesh now has a variety pack. *Does a happy dance* I love Truth hair but rarely bought it because I change my look all the time and no matter what hair colour I bought, it would never been the pack I wanted for the outfit/skin combo I had. I generally only buy hair from shops with variety packs, it is what works for me.  Now that they have a variety pack, even if  it’s on the pricey side, I’ll be buying from them a lot more! The link above goes right to the hair like all my links go right to the item when possible. Truth has redone all their colours, they now have numbers not names, and there are 8 shade colour packs for 250L each, 1 variety pack for 400L and a fatpack for 1250. Pick up the new colour demo packs and hair bases. I swear I have more hair bases in my inventory them most men have total items.

Beautiful, that is the onlyway to describe this new skin from WoW Skins called Chanel. It was for sale last week at SL Fashion Week, but unfortunately between the time I took these photos and the time I wrote this up, I had a 3 day migraine and the skins she was offering switched. I am wearing Chanel in sunkissed in the Cleavage version. If you have missed Chanel, you still have a chance to get it. This skin will be a bonus in the fatpack when Chanel comes out in a few days.  If you want to try another Wow skin in the mean time, there is another skin out at SL Fashion Week which I am showing a picture of next…so stay tuned!

WoW Skins is great for a number of things, and one of the top is that the designer is a very hard working Lady who is always keeping up with trends in SL. She was among the first designers to come out with Tango and Lush appliers for her skins and and now she is at the forefront again in bringing out SLink hand and feet appliers with her skins.  About the only thing that she doesn’t include that I want is gloves with skin texture on the finger tip for prim nails. Those are so handy and prim nails are very popular from what I see walking around SL. If you aren’t in the WoW Skins in world group you need to fix that, she is a very generous shop owner and this is a group that you need to be in. The latest monthly skin gift even contains SLink Appliers. This store is very active, always having sales and new releases and the only way to keep up with all the happenings is to be in the group.

I dressed up Chanel a bit, it has a neutral lip, and I spiced it up with my new favourite set of lip tattoos. It’s The Skinnery’s Voluptous Lip Junkie Set. These are luscious luxurious, rich, shiny lipsticks that make your lips look like voluptous kissable pillows. You get 16 colours for 250L. A definate must buy. I want another pack so I can have more colours…not sure what colours I want because really these are all the colours I use…but I want more…I’m greedy.

The necklace I’m wearing is from Maxi Gossamer  from her Boho Series. It’s the Tarifa necklace which is a mesh necklace that comes in 14 different colours/colour combos on black cording. The necklace set comes with 2 long necklaces and 2 short necklaces and one which is a combo of both. There is also a earring and bracelet set that I didn’t use that matches that is only 199L. I love Maxi Gossamer, and have a ton of her stuff, she always makes such beautiful sets at reasonable prices.  I like that there is almost always necklaces to match her earrings, I hate buying earrings that don’t have necklaces to match.

Wow - Erin_001

This week’s Skin offering at SL Fashion Week from WoW Skins is the Erin Skin and Shape. I’m wearing the Milk tone of the Erin skin with my own shape above.  The Erin shape is lovely though, I’ve never seen a bad shape from Wow, and they have a demo of it and the skins for 1L. The skin comes in milk, tanned and sunkissed tones, each with regular and cleavage versions and the Erin shape. You can get each tone by itself for 150L or all 3 for 400L. Then you can accessorize! You can pick up the tango or the lush breast appliers for 50L each, includes all 3 tones. You can also buy the appliers for the SLink hand or feet appliers for all 3 skin shades for 100L each. You can get the parts you want, without paying for what you don’t want. It works! Whatever tone or appliers you pick you are going to love the soft gloss of the light pink lip, it’s subtle but strong at the same time, and the beautiful shading of the purple shadow. Let’s face it we can never have enough purple make ups!

One thing you will notice is that these appliers when you buy them are not labeled as appliers for Erin, that is because they fit all of the skins that have come from the talented hand of Swansen since Rosa. So you can try them with other skins you own from WoW Skins and see how they match. It’s great when items you buy are multipurpose and you don’t have to buy them again! Check out their blog linked on the side to trace back all their skins that have been released back to Rosa, you will see some lovely photos of some great skins.

Flame Sequin Mini Skirt Picture 2

The shoes and hands above are the best invention since sliced bread. I said after I tried tango breasts that someone should find a way to use appliers to add skin textures to shoes. Well it seems like Siddeon Munro was already on her way to making that a reality. They are part of the SLink Avatar Enhansement System that includes 15 different mesh hands and 2 women’s feet and 1 men’s foot.

If you haven’t looked into the Avatar Enhancement system yet and haven’t tried appliers before, what happens is that you buy the mesh feet and hands, you can either colour them like normal mesh feet and hands using the hud, or use the special enhanced versions and buy appliers (usually at little or low cost from your skin designer).  The appliers are just huds that you wear while you are also wearing the feet or hands that you want to texture. When you click on the hud it automatically applies the texture to the mesh so that they now match the skin seamlessly in most lightings. The feet and hands are still mesh and they will take colours slightly differently than your avatar does, so some lighting will muck up, to use a technical term, but most winlight settings that look great for your skin will look good with the applied textures.  At the end of the day in any lighting this will match better and easier then anything you have ever seen before.

With the hands you can also buy glove appliers from some vendors, and there are a TON of vendors selling appliers for both nail and toenail polish. I’m wearing a rust on both my fingernails and toenails from Orc Inc from thier Rich Darks Fatpack which gives you 50 colours for 550 L. I’m wearing my nails in the long size, but there are several sizes and even a clawed shape. Check out the SLink website for a list of vendors that are adding items for SLink, it’s growing all the time.

The SLink mesh feet are really special and have a world of possibilities. For us women there are two types out right now, the flat and the medium. You can wear these feet alone, the flat feet you walk, yes, flat on your feet with, the medium you walk on the balls of your feet. The flat feet have flat shoes, ballet slippers and flip flops, sandals..that kind of shoe as add ons. The medium feet have pumps and all kinds of sexy shoes like the ones worn above.   Once you have coloured your mesh feet, which takes 10 seconds, as it’s just wear the hud and click, you can change shoes with abandon. The shoes are just a single object in your inventory for each colour, which is sweet for those of us who have too much inventory, so it’s just a matter of right clicking on the colour and shoe you want and choosing wear. Boom. It’s on. Change your outfit or don’t like that shoe with that dress, right click and wear something else. Done…no recolouring needed.

The SLink system also lets designers make outfits with stockings and make appliers for the stockings. You can then use a separate hud to activate the stocking layer on your foot. Once you have applied the stocking applier, your stockings look the same colour all the way to your toes. No more seeing people walking around in stockings that cut off at their ankles

I’m wearing the Elegant 1 hand, which is one of 15 hands in the mesh series. You can buy them a number of different ways, at a variety of costs. However you buy them, if you are wearing the SLink group member title you earn 10% of the sale in store credit for use later.  You can buy single hands for 450L, one of 3 packs of 5 hands for 1,250 or the fatpack of all 15 hands for 2,250, which is definitely the most value for the money.

The shoes I’m wearing Lulu Shoes in Chocolate. You can buy Lulu’s for 450L each or a fatpack of 10 for 2,250. That is about the price of most of the shoes in the store. Some of the fatpacks vary in price depending on the number of shoes in them, but that is basically the level, so compared to a lot of the brands out there, they are a real deal for a very high quality shoe that is extremely easy to match and use.   Win, Win, Win, Win, Win!

The only warning I have for the SLink systems is something I have seen a lot of in both the SLink group and other groups. In my opinion the packages you get for the hands and feet are packed backwards. The hands and feet that are pre-unpacked are the hands and feet that you have to use a hud to colour. Just make a folder for them and label it Hud Tintable and put them aside for when you want to wear them with skins you need to hand tint with RBG matches like most items. Then unpack the boxes that are called Avatar Enhancement. These are the hands and feet that are tintable with appliers. It seems a little backwards that since this is your big selling feature you wouldn’t have these as the items people first get their hands on, but I’m not the designer, I’m sure she has her reasons. Also note that the mesh enhanced feet come with the stocking layer on, there is a little hud in the box for stockings, just put that on and turn them off, and you will be set to go. Other then this small problem, it’s a very simple item to us, if the applier version was packed in the open and the hud boxed, I’m sure everyone would have no problems at all.

The eyes I’m wearing are from Mayfly, and are her Deep Sky Olive Hazel Shadow..I did this close up to show you exactly how beautiful these eyes are and what depth of colour they have.  Mayfly has great prices for their eyes, you can buy the mesh eyes or the system eyes for 99L each. Every weekend they put 3 sets of eyes up for 60L each, so that is a great way to build your collection of eyes for every occasion. That is how I have gotten most of mine.  I do love a sale on great quality items.

The bracelet I’m wearing is from Earthstones, and is her Mosaic Cuff in Solar Flare. It’s a nice piece that matches well, and sells for 499L. It’s hard to tell the scale of something when you are just looking at a box with no photo of the item on. It matches like I thought it would but it’s a lot smaller and doesn’t have the impacted I hoped it would when I paid almost 500L for a bracelet, which for me is a lot for something like that. It’s an extremely well made piece, but if you look at the full length photo of me, it kinda just fades in because of it’s size.

Photography Credits

All the photos were taken on my Katink Photo Studio, using a texture from their Concrete set…number 7

The poses were from the Art Body Store’s Hand Bag Set, unfortunately the store no longer appears to be in business.


Murderdoll…aka Ivey Deschanel has taken her normally fantastic prices at Sn@tch and made them even better, with a 4 day 50% off sale that ends tonight. Sn@tch offers fantastic clothing with amazing detailed hand drawn textures at prices that would be great if you were getting one piece, but almost everything you buy at Sn@tch is a fatpack.  The dress I’m wearing above is no exception, it’s called Silk Goddess, and it comes in two colour packs, Pales and Goths. This dress is from the Goths pack. Along with this sleek silver number, you also get this dress in red, gold, black and purple.

Now we have all seen SL fashions that are recoloured from the SL colour picker, and look horrid, this is not the case with Sn@tch, each item looks like it is originally drawn in the colour it comes in. So perhaps it is more fair to say it comes in different coloured textures then just in different colours. I’m no designer so I don’t really know how to accurately describe the differences, but I know it when I see it, and this is colouring done right.

Here is a close up to see the wonderful shading done on this piece…from the small tiny wrinkles on the hip…to the ruffles around the neck…to the gem brooch at the bottom of the neckline.

You can get all 5 colours of this gown now for just 137L. Even double that when it’s not on sale is a steal.

This is one of my favourite outfits from Sn@tch, it’s called Murder Most Grave and it comes with 7 velvet shades of corsets and the black chiffon layered skirt. For added fun the posture collar is included.  All this is just 125L today during the 50% off sale.

I find this a fun combination of naughty and nice.

Sn@tch isn’t all about dresses though and here is a cute shorts and legging outfit called Farewell My Concubine. This outfit gives you 6 of these sexily belted jackets, in Army I’m wearing, plus Eggplant, Sand, Mushroom, Rose and Slate, these sexy brocade shorts and the black tights. This complete outfit, and so much more can be yours today for 137L.

Sn@tch has literally thousands of items, for all tastes in clothing, if you like it, it’s probably somewhere in the store. Don’t  forget to check out her mesh items and lingerie and accessories. There is also a special outfit you can fish up for free for everyone who likes 7 seas fishing.  So head on over and get a little (or a lot of Sn@tch today)

Photography Credits

Poses – Unfortunately the poses used were from a shut down shop, but the photos were taken using my Katink Photo Studo and their Autumn Splendor Background #5. Their background sets come 10 to a pack and are 100L. They have literally hundreds to choose from.

Credits for other items used

Silk Goddess 

Skin – Lara Hurley-Mia – smokey eyes/Tan – With Mia Golden Shadow Tattoo

Hair – Truth – Leesa – Sandlewood

Lashes – LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Curl

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom – Clarius Special Edition # 3 – Jordan

Shoes – SLink – Aveela Stiletto –  Black

Murder Most Grave

Skin – Lara Hurley – Mia – Tan – Purple and the Mia dark eyeliner

Hair – Elikatira – Again – Brown 08

Lashes – Leutka – 2011 Lashes – Curl

Eyes – (amper) – platinum slur – No longer for sale

Farewell My Concubine

Skin – Glam Affair – Giselle – Light Kajira D – Special Edition Skin but line still available

Hair – Calico Ingmann Creations – Eleanor 1 – Auburn

Lashes – LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Curl

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom – Clarius Special Edition # 3 – Jordan

Shoes – Nardcotix Mana Breeze Stilettos – Black

This week I got my hand on some great new shorts and pants from Izzie’s. My mind started to go into what I could put with them. Then as luck had it, SLink showed a preview of her new mesh thigh high boots. I just had to wait til they were out and and try to do a great short and boot combo.

As you can see, these new boots, Tall Thigh Boots,  from SLink were well worth the wait, they are sex on two feet. If you haven’t got mesh because you don’t want to deal with the Version2 of SL you can still have mesh. These photos were taken with Cool VL Viewer, a viewer I’ve been  using for over a year. It’s V1 but has mesh, alpha layers and tattoos. If you want it, just click here for the website. You can also use Astra (V1), Kristens (V2), the Official SL Viewer (V3) and as of today, Firestorm, the V2 version of Phoenix to see mesh.

Now as you probably have heard, mesh as it stands today, can not be modified in any way. You have to modify your shape to fit the mesh item, not the other way around. With boots that’s can be as simple as modifying your leg muscles. I had to move mine from 58 to 52 to fit the curvy version of the boot.  With a change that small I didn’t notice any real difference in my shape at all, so it was easy to make a version of my shape called Slink Tall Thigh Boots and leave it in the boot folder. The boot comes in 4 different sizes to minimize the amount of change you will have to do to fit the boot, and it comes with a notecard which give the exact shape needed to fit all 4, so no guessing, you can just plug the numbers in.  SLink also provides a free demo so that you can try it on before you decide to buy, which with mesh is more important then ever.

You wouldn’t think mesh would do much for shoes, but while the difference is subtle, it’s there. Look at the way the leather wrinkles when the knee partially and fully bends in the above pictures. The wrinkles grow organically, looking natural in each photo. Something you would never get with even the best sculptie boot, even if you could get the separate halfs you would have to use, to mesh perfectly. Which never does happen.

This boot comes in 10 colours – Black, Purple, Chocolate, Red, Cream, Silver, Gold, Tan, Pink and of course, White. They are 700L each or you can buy the whole shooting match for 50% off, or 3500L. If your smarter then I was, you can remember to put your SLink group up and get 10% back on purchases.  I bought two pairs and forgot on both. Oh well, I never said my brain actually worked, did I?

The next part of the outfit was decisions, decisions, decisions! Izzie’s has some patterned tights. She has two sets, with 13 in each set. Now everyone knows that 13 isn’t a lucky number. So of COURSE you have to buy both sets so you have 26 pairs to choose from. It’s basic logic. Owning 26 of these beauties is very lucky. Plus at 150L a set, who can say no to either of them. These are great tights. You have the choice of ending at the ankle or full footed. But let me tell you, trying to pick from 26 pairs was no easy task. I ended up getting a male friend from Italy…everyone knows Italians know stockings, right?…to help. Ok, so maybe I did just want a man looking at my legs for an hour. Sue me.

I ended up choosing Desert from the first collection, but Floral from Collection 2 gave it a run for it’s money. I love the big Jacobean floral and leave swirls and against all expectations, it actually looked good with this.

Next came the item of clothing that started all this, the shorts. The latest item out this week from Izzie’s is some jean fabric shorts and pants.  I find jeans almost as tricky to find the perfect pair of in SL as they are in RL. The prim legs look weird on most of them when your honest about it, or the non-prim leg can be too wide and you get sausage tube leg inside. Waist is too high or as happens in SL the waist is too low – very very very too low.  Often in SL as more ass cracks in view then there is at a plumbers convention.  Then there is always the “They look great, but they are ripped”. I’m sorry, I’ve never seen the sense in ripped clothing. With jeans there is also something else that sneaks in.  People do photos of jeans and import them into SL, without doing any hand texturing of them. Somehow when you wear something made like that, it looks while you are wearing a picture of a pair of jeans, not a pair of jeans. I don’t know how to explain it any better then that.

These shorts and the jeans are great. They aren’t overly high as you can see, but there is definitely no butt crack showing, not even a hint, not a whisper. They are wonderfully detailed, look like perfect pairs of jeans, without at all looking like a photo. They have wonderful shading, looking like comfortably worn jeans They come in a 10 different shades for each set, at 120L a pair or 960L for a fatpack of either the jean shorts or the skinny jeans. I’m wearing the shorts in black.

The black lace bra with the small white buttons is from Attitudes. It is from their new bra and panty line called Jussieu. This set comes with a regular bra and a strapless bra both on shirt and undershirt layer, and a thong on underwear and pant layer. It’s only 175L a set.  It is no copy/transfer for easy gift giving. There are also several group gifts there, and the group is free to join. It has such a great group title that you won’t want to leave. Woman with an Attitude. Isn’t that all of us?

It’s easy to get a lot of crappy free lingerie in SL, but it’s not easy to get bra’s and panties that look like bra’s and panties you would buy in a store in real life. In this store everything they make fits that description.

The white blouse I’m wearing is called the Araplain Blouse by LeeZu Baxter. This pretty open front blouse is 280L, comes in all the upper layers, and with a ton of prim pieces that you will need to edit to fit. I even found I had to edit the ribbon around the cuff.  It’s well worth the effort though as you can see.

This skin is one of Damned gorgeousness that she originally put out for Lazy Sunday.  She has put out a lot of the Alice skin for special occasions. If you missed one, you now have a chance to pick them up again. She has rereleased all her special occasion skins in a special collection in her store and in the SL Marketplace. They are a little more expensive then when they first came out, but for skins that look like this, they are still a good deal at 350L. The one I’m wearing here is skin number 4. One of the things I like is that while Damned is gothy and edgy, her skins look great on everyone. I’m not the body type, or the style type the designer probably wants modeling the skin, but I like how it looks on me anyway.  So head over to the store and try out a demo and see how the Alice skin looks on you. I bet you like it.  While your there pick up her pack of Alice lipsticks, to make your favourite skins go further, and her Alpha Combo Mega Pack which is only 65L but oh so handy. If you want to shop on the market place you’ll find them here.

Alice Skins are on sale now for 50% off, so don’t forget to look at them at the store, or you’ll be kicking yourself later when you have worn you new one for a while and just have to have more.

The eyes I’m wearing are my new love, I’ve been looking forever to find eyes the exact colour of my Grandmother’s eyes. She had the most amazing olive coloured eyes, but, this is so hard to put into words, they weren’t a crystal sharp olive, like blue eyes are like glass, they were a creamy olive green. These are finally those eyes.  They are the Autumn Green Gaze eyes from Amacci.

These eyes are the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever tried on. They don’t have the pink whites of the eye problem that I have with so many other eyes.  The whites are nicely white and when you move your left and right, they stay white, so when my avatar moves her eyes, she doesn’t look like she has pink eye half the time.  I hate that so much in eyes, I don’t know how people wear eyes that do that crap. I’ve thrown away more money on eyes I’ve had to toss for that, I can’t even tell you.  What is the point of wearing eyes that only look good when your looking dead on to something when your avatar rarely does that with most AO’s. You buy AO’s so your body moves around and your looking at things from different angles and then you get eyes that don’t look good when your viewed from different angles. There is a logic disrupt here somewhere.

Anyway, back to Amacci eyes, these Gaze eyes are everything I want. They come in small and large. The range of colours is huge. Each colour pack – Green, Blue, Brown and Dark, and Diverse has 16 colours in it for a total of 64 colours in the range. The cost is 120L per pack, 960L per individual colour pack (A savings of 50%) or you can by all 4 fatpack for 2,990 which is pretty close to getting one of the packs free. The 4th is only costing you 110L. That adds up to a lot of eye goodness.

The hair I’m wearing is from a “new to me” shop called Esk-imo. This cute little hair is called Bobbie, and when you buy a hair pack of it, you get 3 different bang versions in one pack. Talk about value for your money. The hair packs come in Darks, Reds, Blondes and Colours and are only 225L a pack. The customer service is exemplary too. I had a problem with one of the hairs not stretching even though the hair was correctly set by her as modifiable. I wrote her a letter and before I logged in again, she had sent me a replacement hair. You can’t overvalue great customer service.

This post was photographed in a great new pose prop by Juxtapose called Back Alley Booking. It’s on sale right now for 100L for the Grenade Free Wednesday at the Jersey Shore Sim. It hasn’t been priced back to it’s normal sale price of 300L, which is still a great price in my opinion, as of publishing time of this on Thursday, but I would hurry and grab it fast! This is a lot of pose prop for very little money.

There is something completely new happening with Taste Of SL. They have decided along with their theme they are going to feature one of their contributing designers each week.  This week is Acid & Mala Creations.  This design house is a partnering of Acido Ferraris and Mala Oh, which has been around since 2007. They have a huge store with a wide variety of clothing, skins, accessories. If you need it, they probably have it.  If you haven’t looked at their shop in a while you should. As an incentive this weekend, along with their normal Taste of SL discounted item, they have provided this group gift for Taste of SL members. It’s a free group to join, and there is a join box right beside the gift offering which is right inside the main enterance.

The shoes I matched it with are from Baby Monkey, they are called ZsaZsa Pump in Pink Roses. I think they match the small roses in the dress well and worked a whole lot better then any other shoe I tried, and they are pretty and cute. What more do you need. Of course a low price is always good and at 200L a pair or 1,000L for the fatpack of 10 these won’t break your bank.

This is a nice pretty summery patterned dress, with nice subtly hand drawn folds at the side  of it, making it look like real cloth without making it look too tight like a lot of dresses do. It is a bit shorter in the back then I normally like but they have a prim bow on the back which is a nice touch, and the prim piece at the front moves well with the dress.

Acid & Mala are also selling a Double Layered top in Red as their item in this weeks Taste of SL . This is the first layer, or what I’m calling the first layer, it can be worn on top, on the bottom or by itself. It’s called the short top and I think it’s adorable. It comes with the prim bottom that you can see here, not to huge, just the right size, and a bow in the back which you can’t.

This is what I think of as the second layer, the red shirt, I have it on top of the short top, but you can wear it under or just by itself. It’s a very flexiable set of tops, with all the layers you can want. This top comes with 5 prim pieces for a very realistic look of being rolled up and stretched out.

Together these two tops make a whole lot of tops for the 75L you can get it for this weekend!

The fantastic jeans I’m wearing with this are Callie Cline’s Floral 1/2 wash Black and White pants.  A long time favourite in my wardrobe and one that somehow does not age. The best things just don’t.  They are on sale today in her shop for just 50L. Didn’t know that when I picked them out…Score!

Magnifique is offering this great pose set for just 55L this weekend, and those who are observant enough will notice that I have used poses 1 through 4 in order in my first 4 pictures.  What about number 5 you ask. Well look down to see the photos of the close up of my skin and hair and you will see pose 5 in action.  When the poses are so good you can use them bang bang bang like that…you know you have a winner set. Only a fool would pass this up!

(opps, just noticed that she doesn’t have her poses in order 1 through 5 in the photo…oh well…but I did use them in’ll see when you get them…you are smart enough to get them…right?)

This top and skirt are the offering this weekend from the wonderful Alexohol.  Not only do you get this great crossed strap cami on all 3 layers, which will go with anything, but you also get this cute red Murphy mini skirt.  If that isn’t enough there is the sporting red canvas bag. The cute pose I’m using is built into the bag. Sweet! What do you pay for this…I feel like doing a Mike the TV from the classic cartoon Reboot..but there is no 99’s in this price…it’s only 50L. Mike would be sad, but you can do a happy dance!

This isn’t on sale for Taste Of SL this weekend, but I wanted to say a word about the skin and hair that have been making me look so good throughout the post.   This is the Damned Alice Skin for La Venta Eventa that is 99L til the end of this weekend. It’s amazing. Don’t stop…don’t think..just get it.

This style of hair has been a favourite for a long time…short at the back and going to a long front. Calico Ingmann has been promising me a curly version of it for a while, so when I saw this straight version of it at the hair fair by SLink I jumped on it and I haven’t taken it off since.  I don’t think I’ve had a hair on this long since I was in year one of SL.  My friends are soon going to be taking blood samples to see if I’ve been replaced by a pod.  I love it, it’s sleek, it’s sophisticated, it goes with everything, morning, noon, evening wear…you name it.  PJ’s if I owned any.  The colour I’m wearing is called Burnt. It can be bought two ways. By itself for 150L or as part of a 4 pack of 4 shades of called Allsorts 2 that has a blonde, a red, a brunette and a black for 450L. A kind of mini fatpack.

It is very rare for me to find a shop where  I love everything in it, but Gizza is one of those very rare shops.  I walk in there and look around and basically just throw up my arms and give up. Trying to pick what I want to buy the most is a waste of time. It’s easier just to close my eyes and spin and buy whatever I point at when the spin is done, because I’m sure to like it. I think I have seen maybe 2 outfits in there that I thought were less then “Oh, I need”. They were probably pink. *grin*

This fantastic outfit I have on up top is called Shalwar and you get the whole outfit minus shoes for 450L. It comes with some fantastically tailored pants, with multiple prims to achieve the full look around the thighs which slide down to the tailored tight calves.  A belly baring bra top with a leathery texture, and a very nicely textured black and white woven wool scarf wrapped and tucked around the shoulders. It’s all finished off with edgy tattoo on the back which is included, but I’ll let you go to the store to see that.

This outfit has the added bonus of also coming in the man’s version, so if you have a male partner that is fashion forward enough to wear the unusual,  you can wear matching outfits and really rock whatever event you are going to.

The skin I put with this outfit is the Kletva Peitra Diamond Starlight Skin that was made for The Dressing Room Blue. Unfortunately computer problems kept me from posting this while that skin was still out, but I’m sure most of you picked it up already because who could resist those fantastic spikes? For those that didn’t and for those of you who did and love the skin and want more, Kletva has 36 different versions of the Petra skin at their store. The skins are 1,000L each, which is more then you would have paid at The Dressing Room- Blue, but what each of them includes is astonishing!

With each skin you get 6 different skins – 3 with bald heads with 3 different eyebrow colours, and 3 with the major hair colour hair bases with matching eyebrows.  You get an eye, and 2 different eyelashes. You get 14 lip tattoos made to match the skin perfectly, one of the colours is black, which means any skin you pick would be perfect to wear with this outfit. You get 2 freckle options, hard and soft and you get a chest freckle as well. Speaking of chest, you get a cleavage option too. You also get 6 hair attachments, 2 options in 3 colours.  This is one skin that has you covered literally from head to toe.  The only thing missing is a mani and pedi spa treatment.

The hair is an inventory find from Loq called Pure Beauty, it was also an exclusive item made for The Dressing Room.  If you like it, you’ll love a lot of the hairs that Loq has to offer at their main branch. I’ve blogged this hair company a lot, and you pretty much have to have been hiding under a rock for the last 2 years in SL not to know what great hair they do.

These sexy shoes are from SLink. They are the Cassandra shoe in… guessed it…black. The Cassandra shoe comes in a rainbow of great colours, at 700L each. If you are a SLink group member (membership is free) and have your group membership active when buying you get 10% off. This discount also applies to the fatpack of all 11 colours for 3850L.

SLink has one of the best Huds in SL for their shoes. They come with both Version 2 and invis prim version of the shoe controlled by the hud, lots of metal options, toe nail colours, easy to work sizing and in my opinion the easiest colour matching skin in SL. All of this makes Cassandra a shoe you should try the demo on. If you think the black is pretty, wait til you get a look at the other colours.

The first time I walked through Gizza this dress called Summer Dotty whispered to me. It more like yelled at me. Come here…buy me…put me on…never take me off. I listened. I love orange. My world would be filled with rusts and siennas if I had my way. I even have room in my heart for halloween orange in small quantities, so it’s not all that surprising that this dress managed to sweep aside my ingrained dislike of babydoll type dresses and embrace the orange dotty goodness. This fabric has just the right balance of richness and shiny to keep you watching the fabric swirl in happy contentment for hours, the sign of a great piece of pixel fashion.

The dress is 250L and comes with a beaded choker style necklace and bracelet. They are nice, but I was looking for something a bit different so I am not wearing it with the dress in this photo, but they are definitely usable.

When I saw this dress, I knew I had to pair it with the Glam Affair Monica skin – Summer Euphoria I got from the Euphoria Fashion week. When I bought the skin I had no idea what I would ever wear it with, but it had orange lipstick so I was all over it anyway. Can’t have too much orange put away for a rainy day and you can’t have too many Glam Affair skins.

The hair I’m wearing is from Amacci and is called Melody.  This hair do is rapidly becoming my favourite updo, replacing hairs I have loved for a couple of years.  I love it from the side, the front and the back.  I normally don’t like hairs without bangs much, but I have paired this with the tattoo base that Amacci makes and it makes a great smooth front line to the non-banged hair. These tattoo bases are sold with a bun to match each hair base, and they make a great low prim hair do or great hat hair. There is now a whole line of hairs made to go with these tattoos.  They are 200L a set or for those who like a deal the 8 set fat pack is 600L.  I love fatpacks that are well below half price!

Because Amacci has so many shades, and I have the fatpack (600L) I have even managed to match their tattoo base with other hairs that are older to give them a much better look as well. Hairs from companies that went under before the idea of a hair base ever came out.

With or without the hair base, Melody is a great hair, and it sells for 250L a pack or 900L a fatpack of all 8 shades.  Again less then half price! All the more colours to set your tiara on.

The necklace and earrings are called Phoenix Rising by Earthstones.  I hadn’t been to Earthstones in a couple of years, and I was given a gift card at Christmas by my friend Lashae Karsin, so I thought I would go and see what they had to match this outfit. When I walked in I was shocked at how much improvement the jewelry had undergone in that time. It’s a whole new store from when I was last in it. Now I’m faced with the daunting task of buying a couple of years of great jewelry I have missed. Thanks for not telling me sooner guys…really…My bank account totally appreciates it!  All along the walls all I saw was must have pieces. I love jewelry made with semi precious stones – Jaspers..Agates..Labradorite  as much as I love diamonds and such, these stones have a character that can’t be matched. The jewelry I saw was just as unmatchable.

Phoenix Rising ironically was one of the few gemmed pieces, but the orange colour and fire was perfect for the dress. I bought the set for girls for 599L which included the necklace and earring worn here.

Last but in no way least is an outfit I consider a masterpiece of form and texture Bright Fame. Up above is the long bell bottom pant version of the outfit, the belt and bracelet are included. The pants are fantastic, until you move, they look like a wonderful long skirt, but when you do, the pants dance in the many prim pieces that they are made in.  The outfit also is a miniskirt, which you wear right over the pants in the full outfit.  It’s made in such a way that the skirt just looks like a long tunic when you are wearing both, a technique you don’t see too often in SL. After almost 5 years in this game, there isn’t much I haven’t seen a lot of, so when I see something not done must, it’s a real treat.

The outfit also comes with a fur boa which is all the jewellery the outfit really needs, but I wanted to show it a bit differently so I left it off and tossed on some jewellery instead. You get all this for 400L which I think is quite a bargain.

The perfect skin for this dress is the skin Story from Ploom in Tea skin tone. I’ve had a love affair with Helyanwe Vindaloo’s skins since the first time I bought one when she was still just designing for Deviant Kitties and Ploom was in the distant future. I remember wearing a skin from her called Ice in a skin shade called snow…so white it was almost neon white with lips and eyes the electric blue you only get in teen nail polish, completed with a runny eyeshadow look of course. I wore it with a sea blue sea goddess dress and the whole effect was what one friend called “scary sexy” probably in one of her charitable moments.  I probably wouldn’t be caught dead in either the skin or the dress today, but I was the height of noob cool back then and I adored them both. Fortunately Helyanwe’s designs have grown with me, and this story is a great example. Who knows though, in 3 years I might be looking back on this and wondering how I could wear it, when I should be wearing stuff like the new pale skins with bright blue eyeshadows and lipsticks.  But for now, you can have what is new today, for 950L for 4 versions of the skin with various coloured brows and freckles/no freckles.

The hair is an old inventory find, well it was never lost and it’s probably something I’ll never toss out. It’s Tapika from House Of Heart in Coffee Bean. Who can toss a hair do that has their name on it? Especially one that actually doesn’t suck. I used to use one of the House of Heart add on bangs with this, but now that I have the Amacci tattoo bases, I used the obsidian coloured base with the Coffee Bean hair and it was a great match, and I could wear the style bangless without it looking horrid. Woot Amacci!

The jewellery is from a great shop called Gems and Kisses. It’s something they have moved to their new <99 shop. Who can complain about getting great jewellery and getting it for less then 99L. This is the ego set, I have it in Platinum and black but it comes in 6 colour combinations. At 29L for the necklace and 19L for the earrings, you are going to want them all! Heck, save yourself some time, and just buy everything on the floor, if not the building. You will eventually anyway.  I know it, you know it. Anything else is just denial.

Don’t get so caught up in the bargain hunting in the <99 shop that you forget to check out the regular store. They have some great jewellery there that you won’t want to miss. Even if you are an avowed bargain shopper and won’t get anything unless it’s a “deal” there are still things in the regular shop for you. Just looking around for 2 minutes I found these limited time offerings –  a necklace and earring set for members for 49L (membership is free), a whip necklace for men or women for 50L and some very avant garde necklaces at very low prices, limited numbers, buy and take. Everytime I have come to Gems and Kisses I have found something like this happening. Drop in and see for yourself what excitement is going on.

The poses – Most of the poses are from {socialANGtz} this week, I love her stuff, she is a blogger, so she knows how important is it to keep the poses interesting, but she also tries to make poses with the eyes facing in directions that look good when you are the person being photographed and you can’t use a box and target to change them. That trick only works with 2 people or one person with 2 sets of arms.

Poses Photo 1 – {soci}alANGtz} – Conflicted Set – Pose 1

Photo 2  – {socialANGtz} – Photogenic Set – Pose 3

Photo 3 – {socialANGtz} – Photogenic Set – Pose 5

Photo 4 – {socialANGtz} – At Odds Set – Pose 1

Photo 5 – {socialANGtz} – At Odds Set – Pose 2

Photo 6 – {Terho} – The Variant Set – Pose 6A

Photo 7 – {Terho} – The Variant Set – Pose 1A

I found !Right this weekend, and I am thrilled if a lot of the outfits I found there. This gorgeous minidress with prim ruffled skirt and bodice is their Letter Of The Week offering as as such is only 79L until next Friday! I love the glittery texture and the bouciness of the ruffles. They are nice and thick and manage to avoid the mistakes that most designers make the leave them thin in the center and too thick at the sides.

It comes in 3 colours, purple, red and black.  I bet you can guess my favourite.

I joined the subscribo when I went in the store, but I didn’t see any place that mentioned a traditional group, so when I saw this group gift dress on the “service desk” I tried it just for giggles. Low and behold it worked. So just slap the subscribo and head to the  service desk and pick up this oh so cute January Group Gift. I don’t even like pink and I like this one!

They have a 60L weekend outfit called Marie in the shop, it’s not to my taste, but the belt and prim flower decoration on it is cute enough that you may feel that it’s worth the 60L for just those alone even if you don’t like the dress.

This is called Tiny Flower Dress and is !Right’s contribution to this month’s German Designers United. It runs  til the end of the month, and has all kinds of offering from more German designers then you knew ever knew there were. Germany certainly is a country bursting with talent!  This dress comes with a sweater, the “boa” I’m wearing is actually the sweater trim, but I’m stealing it to make a sexy slinky outfit instead. My bad. The necklace comes with the dress, and so do the nylons and it all costs just 99L.

When we got our 42 group spaces one of the first things I did was go pay my 250L and join the Heartsick VIP group. Turned out to be a very wise move because the next day she gave out this beautiful beta version of this skin I’m wearing here.  She includes so many options in this skin she literally had to include a notecard to explain what all the short forms meant. Roughly 60 skins per skin tones.  As a person who is using a viewer that only lets her use one facial tattoo, I’m grateful that she did not go the way of one skin and the rest of the options in tattoos like so many other designers are doing.  I can’t imagine the work, not to mention the organization to put all those skins out though, and to give it away for free.  This is one generous and dedicated designer.  Thank you, Amesha Jewell

The pearl set I have on is from Alienbear Design. I bought this set called  The Yuriko Pearl Set about 2 years ago, and it is still to this date the most beautifully textured pearl set I have ever seen.  The colours on the pearls seem to move as you watch them, like real pearls do as they spin on the knotted silk. The reflections in the glossy black finish are perfection.  The set comes in black and white, and right now is 100L during Alienbears 50% off sale! Get them while the price is hot!

This hair is from Lamb and was yesterday’s 50L Fridays item but as this is being posted, it’s still up and available…it’s Soma in Honeycomb. This hair is available in her normal colour palettes and prices, do if you miss the 50L special, you don’t have to miss the hair.

For the crowning touch to any outfit, the shoes. These beauties are from SLink and are called Aveela Stiletto and the colour I’m wearing is Herringbone. They are 700L each for 4,500 for the fat pack. They are hot, they are sexy, they seem to go with just about everything, what more does a woman want?