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Today I decided to have a little retro fun with the skirt that So Many Styles has at The Dressing Room. To be completely and brutally honest, I haven’t always had the best luck with So Many Styles, I had to toss a lot of the clothing I bought from there because of prim problems. I love her textures though, so I have had to be very careful what I bought, sort of a Linden lottery. This skirt was just too pretty to resist and with mesh after all prim issues just don’t exist, and besides, having a demo makes everything a sure thing! So I grabbed the demo, and saw that all I had to do to make it was was to make my legs a little skinnier, and increase the size of my saddle bags and add some body fat and so I made a new shape for the skirt file, and returned to The Dressing Room and I bought it happily. If only I had to add saddle bags to make real life items fit. Not in this lifetime.

I also loved the top that Irie Campese put with the skirt in the photo, so I went looking for it at her shop and found it. It’s called Plain Cami and the colour is Solar Power. It sells for 100L and I would highly recommend it. As you can see in the photo above and below, both it and the skirt are extremely well textured. They both have the edgings done, the cami has perfectly straight side seams, subtle realistic fabric wrinkles, not the wrinkles that are so over done that they make you look like you are wearing the wrong size, which is so common in SL.

I went looking for a pair of white gogo boots to put with them, to make this a retro look,  and found them on the market place.  These boots are called Versa Boots by The Domineaux Effect. There is no demo available online or at the store, but you can see the boots at the store. I threw the dice and took a chance on the shoes, not something I usually do, but with 8 textures for just 399L I thought what the heck. The boots are unrigged mesh so they can be resized, and there is a resize script in them. You can also tint the lighter colours, although just like with most tinted items, I’m not happy with the results, but if you like things you tint yourself, then you’ll be happy with that. I just don’t like the look of things coloured with the SL colour grid, it just is obvious to me when it is done, and it doesn’t look right somehow.  The textured shades provided are fantastic though, and I’m happy with them. You can change the boots sizing and colours either through the hud or through clicking on the shoe and using the menu. I found using the menu worked better for me, but everyone is different.

One caution, the boots are 399L on the market place and are 499L at the store.

To make it a modern retro feel, I added this great hair do by Clawtooth by Clawtooth, one of my favourite hair stores. This one is called Could I resist? and the colour I’m wearing is called Orange You Glad. That colour comes in the Exquisite Reds Pack. Demos are free and the packs are 275L each for 5 colours, my only complaint about Clawtooth hair is no variety pack having one each of the major hair colour groups, which is what stops me from buying more then I do, I generally tend to buy more from companies that offer those.

I love the necklace and earrings I found in my inventory for this, it’s from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry, and it’s his Chakra Boho Beads necklace and earrings in Pumpkin. To me it looks like vintage macrame jewelry.  It’s perfectly made, with each prim wonderfully placed, the closer you look the better it looks. At just 189L for the set, it’s a steal. You can try  it out with the demo before you buy, to make sure you like it with what you are trying to wear it with. I find demos for jewelry invaluable, I don’t know how often I’ve bought something I thought would work and it didn’t quite make it. I remember one 100L pair of pants I was trying to model that I ended up spending 3K on jewelry before I found something that was just perfect. It wasn’t a good day. Of course I never have that problem at Luc…thank goodness!

PS – this jewelry set comes in 8 colours, just in case orange isn’t your favourite colour….although how could it not be, orange rocks, it has attitude…it’s…it’s..Orange…

The nails I’m wearing are from [Virtual/Insanity] and are their round nails, in the style Lacey Spring Nails which sell for 150L and come in 3 sizes, 10, 20 and 30 hand sizes. The set has 8 colours, and are changed by clicking on one of the nails and following the menu.   The nail glove I’m wearing is one that came with the skin, something I would love if every skin designer started to do. This skin is done by Izzie’s and she is only one of 2 designers I have seen do this so far, but I hope more follow suit. With the popularity of prim nails it would be great if designers started making gloves that we could wear under them in the proper skin tone, it’s an item that wouldn’t take long to make but would add a lot of perceived value to the skin package. There, how is that for marketing speak. Are all you skin makers sold yet?

Last but definitely not least, probably my favourite item of this blog, is the skin.  This skin is from Izzie’s with is one of my Top 5 shops I couldn’t live without. This is the Gala skin she created for the One Voice event, and 50% of the money spent on this skin is being used to raise money to go to the legal fund for Gala Phoenix to get her Curio Skins back on the market  by fighting a copyright challenge. One Voice is over but you can still buy this great skin and donate to the cause by getting it at Izzie’s shop.

There are 3 tones of this skin, I’m wearing the Gala in Caramel the darkest. Each tone costs 1,000L. Now you only see the basic skin in the photo but you get so much more then that. It’s really a fatpack of looks. You  get a version of the skin in all the major eyebrow colours , one with and one without cleavage.  You get the Gala shape, which is a copy/mod shape, so important these days when you have to change your shape to fit mesh clothing.  I’m  not wearing the shape, as I like to wear skins on my shape to provide a steady reference for all my readers, but it is a pretty shape. You get 5 different colours of lip tattoos and 5 different colours of eyeshadow tattoos.  If you are a freckle fan, you get two options, one just on the face and one on the face and body.  I’m wearing the green eyeshadow tattoo.

As discussed above, you even get a glove that covers your nails in the exact right colour for your skin making prim nails meld seamlessly.  *hugs Izzie for that*

Every persons opinion on this varies but I think that tattooed make up looks the best when it’s made by the person that created the skin, so I like it when skin designers have a lot of tattoo make up. The one exception to this is Mock, her make up rocks on a lot of skins, but not even she can look good on everything with every make up.  Izzie has a huge amount of tattoo make ups, and I am wearing her rust lipstick today from her dark vibrant lipstick collection which has 10 beautiful shades of lipstick for 190L. She provides demos with all of her tattoos so you can check them out to see how they work before you buy, which was something I really appreciated and took advantage of. I just wanted to show you how well her other tattooed make up looks with her skins, and as you can see, it looks great. So your options when you get this skin are     almost unlimited depending on what add ons you purchase.

My eyes are from Amacci..they are her Gaze eyes in Joy…the big version. The Gaze eyes come in a huge variety of colours, all with the life like look you see above. You get big and normal sizes of the eyes for 120L.  Very pretty eyes, and they always seem to have just the colour I’m  looking for to make any look pop.

Photograph information – The photo was done on my PNP Photo Studio with the back ground from their New Orleans Pack photo 8.  Still in love with the studio, almost up to 1,000 backgrounds…woot!

Poses I used are from Manifeste, Photo #1 – full body shot – 187, Photo 2 – Outfit Shot – 186, Photo 3 –  Nails – 200, Photo 4 – Face 189.


I love red, but I have a long history of disliking the trappings of holidays. Be it red with white fur trim for Christmas, Orange pumpkins, shamrock green, or red with heart decorations, stores can keep it.  So while the early part of Febuary has  a ton of red items pouring into the stores, very few items actually have appeal to me. I like things you can wear after the holiday as well as before.

There are however a few treasures out there that you can get, this outfit is a happy mix of pieces that I found at Collabor88, The Fashion Garrett and The Dressing Room with some fantastic boots from Mentine for icing on the sexiness cake.

These boots are called Tycoon from Mentine, and they come with 4 different colours of brown in the package for 795L. I didn’t buy just the one boot though I went for their fatpack of colours for 2500. I can’t remember now but I think there was around 50 different shades of boots in that when I counted them out back when I bought them. That’s a lot of boots for 2,500L. If you can’t match what you are wearing with that colour combo, well, I guess it’s time for more shopping, but you will have to shop long and hard, because it’s probably a very hard colour to find.

These are boots that will be very hard to get bored with too. They have a sleek timeless look to them and a ton of options.  They have the turned down cuff top that I’m wearing now, a straight topped top, and they always have furred tops that are really cute for winter wear or just for fun. You can always have stiletto heels or wedges,  the metal toe part at the front can be removed, or just recoloured.  The sole and other parts can be coloured in a rainbow of shades. All of this is scripts in the boots so you don’t have to fiddle with huds.

The only thing I don’t like about the boots is they are not copy/no transfer. It would be nice if you could make a copy, make them the way you want them for an outfit and yank out the scripts for less lag. Them being no copy precludes this option entirely.

I still recommend them completely, don’t buy just one though, try the free demo..fall in love…and buy the whole fatpack, no point paying more money then you have to by  buying them one at a time and getting 2 or 3 or 4 pairs, when you can have them all for the  price of little over 3 pairs.

Here is a link to a free demo of the Tycoon boots on the market place, in case you are reading this away from your playing computer and want to order it so you don’t forget about the boots when you  get into the game

The skin which ties it all together is from Glam Affair, and is their entry in the current Dressing Room offerings.  Glam Affair is offering 3 versions of their new Linn skin, in 3 different skin tones and 2 different make ups. All are priced at 70L. Glam Affair skins are great at any price, but when you can get one for 70L it’s truly a win. 3 Skins at once for 70L is like Christmas in February.  The one I’m wearing is skin 02. All 3 skins actually looked good with this bodysuit, but I liked the dramatic look of this one.

The base for this great look is the wonderful body suit and collar from Nemesis call Flight Style. I’ve bought a number of body suits from Nemesis over my time in SL, they seem to have a real way with them. Unfortunately when I went today to check the landmark for The Fashion Garret the collection has changed, so if you didn’t pick this up already, you are out of luck . This Flight Style Bodysuit is still available in her store outlet but only in White, Black and Red at 200L each or 500L for the fatpack. These are so sexy, I would be tempted to get them all.

I’m sure most of you were like me though, and grabbed this great body suit when it came out. She does have a new bodysuit in the new Garrett collection, so grab it before it’s gone too!

The hair I’m wearing is called Duchess Braid by Vive 9, the shade is Ginger and I bought it at Collabor88. That colour comes in the Reds Tones that sell for 188L. If you like a variety of shades they do have a variety pack, but it only sells to group members. Their group pack is lower price though, 88L, so if you were going to buy both hairs they have at the event, it would be well worth it to pay the 150L joining fee to get the group sets at 200L off total for the 2.

Poses – Today’s blog was shot on the new photo studio I bought just this weekend, from PnP ~ 4.0 Mega Store, their Photo  Studio 3.0.  I’ve had an N30 Deluxe Modeling Studio for a  couple of years now, but I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of really usable back grounds for it. It has some great features but some of it’s draw backs are killers. The one I hate the most is having to start fresh every time I move, because the pack command doesn’t seem to work and the studio and pose stand don’t seem to know each other anymore.  The first time I moved I had 1,000 poses in my N30, I think I’m down to 400 now, because I just can’t be bothered to keep moving them in each time. I haven’t moved my PnP studio yet, even I don’t move that often, but I talked to someone who has, and they didn’t have any problems with the pose stand stopping working.

What I really treasure is how easy it is to use. Instead of reading a huge notecard that tells you everything you need to know, you basically can just jump in and start using it. It’s so dead easy it really needs no instructions.  They have made it so idiot proof even I can use it. Hiding and showing your pose stand is as easy as hitting the big red square on the control box, and with the control box you can keep switching poses with the pose stand hidden. It’s a great idea to have the control separate, because it’s frustrating as heck trying to hit buttons on a pose stand when they are covered by a gown. The pose stand comes with 50 great and varied poses to get you started with.

The studio is also priced right, costing only 1,250L. It comes in a no copy/transfer or copy/no transfer version so you can buy it as you want it.

The PnP modelling studio compared to the N30 comparison has a lot less bells and whistles, but those bells and whistles aren’t really anything I’m missing. I love the huge amount of backgrounds they have, and that you seem to be able to easily fit anything you want to upload into SL yourself into the studio (The N30 by comparison needs photos broken into 3 chunks). Their backgrounds are very reasonably priced, they sell a 10 pack for 100L and on the weekend they even have several on sale for 60L for the 60L weekends. A great chance to increase your library at very little cost.

The post today was made with the Dead End Pack you can see, all these backgrounds are great. Can you blame me for being seduced into buying a new studio? The textures are full permissions too so you can use them however you wish. It just doesn’t get any better then that!

Badoura Designs has a new dress out called Lynna which comes in 5 sexy colours, all beautiful and sparkly. They are 150L each or a fatpack for 590L. I needed something like this, because if I had blogged one more winter outfit or big puffy dress, all my friends would have checked to see if I was a pod a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Once again I am really impressed with designer Badoura Loon’s attention to detail. The prim bottom really was a perfect match to the fabric in the light I use (redgrave light settings) and it was no problem to make it disappear into the dress.  I really love what she calls the waterfall prim in the front. The front dips down into what I call “the danger zone” That part of the sl torso around the ribs that seems to twist and turn, stretching out even skin and making some really ugly looks in just about any pose.  The water fall prim covers that up neatly so you get the nice dip, but you don’t see the ugly skin stretchies.  Great planning.  I really like the texturing and where the seams are at the shoulders is perfectly matched.

All in all a lot more detail then I would expect to see for 150L.

This delicately coloured skin, so perfect with the white, so perfect for soooooo many things is FIFTY LINDENS …yes…50L right now. It’s on sale until January 14th then it will go up to it’s normal price of 600L so get it while the getting is good. Details? You want details? Like where you can get it? Oh all right, I guess if I tell you to get it I have to say where. Style By Kira is the wonderful creator and this beautiful skin is Elora Skin 01D. It also comes in a fantasy version which is very similar but just has more bite to it, also for 50L right now.  I’d grab that too if I were you, heaven knows it’s in my inventory!

The hair I’m wearing is the new Brownie  hair made exclusively for The Dressing Room – Blue by LoQ Hairs. It’s a great design with a tattoo sides and matching hair top and pony in the back. I love hair that looks this chic. If anyone had told me that I would be loving flat tattooed hair 3 months ago, I would have called them all nuts. Good thing I can accept being wrong, since it happens so much. Snatch up all 4 beautiful colours before they are gone for 70L.

Last but never least, the footwear. These are from one of my favourite shops, Kalnins, I love their shoes, these shoes are called Dante. They come with both alpha and invis prim options in the box. The skin hud is dead easy to use, and they have a ton of options on them. Every shoe that Kalnins sells is texture change, it’s like having a super huge fatpack of shoes, because you can change not only the whole colour of the shoe from black to red, but you can make some straps red and some black. The only limit is your imagination. You are given some presets to get you started with ideas, and these can be saved over with colour combos you use the most. All this for 700L. Try getting every colour of any similar quality shoe for that much. Good luck with that.

This is one of the easiest shoes I have ever come across for matching foot colours with. I don’t think I have ever had to try more then a couple of colours on them to get an exact match with RBG. They also have one of the best visual matching tables I’ve seen. I am horrid with visual matching and their system makes me feel like I just might be able to do it.

While you are there, check out the 50% off sale on the women’s cowboy style boots called appropriately enough Promenade.

Today is a  bitter sweet day. For a couple of months now I’ve been visiting Baiastice, and looking at their copies of their short boot called Bow Backed Ankle Boots. These gorgeous boots come in tons of different colours, and are 460L each, or 14 colours for 3, 220L.  That’s what did it, the evilly generously priced fat pack offer.  I scoff at fat packs that give one or two pairs free.  If I end up buying what I want, it rarely ends up to be all but one or two, so I save money just doing that.  But this…this was like buying 6 or 7 and getting the rest free.  It’s 7 but if I say 6 or 7 to myself it sounds even better. I’m an expert in self delusion. I looked at them, I could see 6 or 7 I wanted without breaking a sweat.  But I have a ton of shoes. I didn’t need more shoes.

So I tried to put them out of my mind…I have a memory like a sieve. I’d forget them.

But they were too sexy to forget.

I’d go visit them, like puppies at a pet store…tell myself maybe I’d just buy one, but then say..but then what if you buy just one 7 might as well have bought the fat pack…you know you want it….always the angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other. It’s an evil evil fatpack.

Well a couple of days ago I decide to blog some stuff from The Dressing Room.  I went naturally to my inventory and tried on all the stuff from R.icielli and their great silver set, New Year’s Special Set. I decided on this fantastic silver sparkly pants called Leggings Jeans in white and the sequined bra she called Sparkling Bra in Pink.  Both together with a whole lot more stuff are found at The Dressing Room right now for 70L.

This is an extremely generous offer from a designer known for her wonderful deals at TDR.  As you can see these pants and this top are PERFECT.  Not a flaw to be seen anywhere on them.  Texturing is lovely as always from this Lady.

I then paired that with the fantastic skin that Glam Affair is offering from The Dressing Room this month, called Jadis Dark. This skin is a lot darker then I’m used to wearing, but you can’t argue that it doesn’t look fantastic with the sparkling R.icielli clothing or that it doesn’t really set off my customary gray eyes.

Aida Ewing just keeps getting better and better. I still have some skins of her’s from her Beauty Avatar day’s. She was great then, she is even more spectacular now. This skin shows just how much she has conquered the “less is more” and that’s the hardest trick for any designer to pull off. When you can do that. You know you are there. Bravo.

My hair is a new design by Exile called Rayna which I bought in the Dark Brown shades. This hair has great flow, and drapes just right, for a shaggy style that doesn’t end up looking shaggy. If that makes sense to anyone in the world but me. It’s 250L for a colour pack or 1,000L for the full fatpack.

What did I do for footwear?

Well I went to Baiastice and  looked lovingly at the bowback short boots, thinking that the Crotalus  colour would be great with this outfit. I told myself I would just buy one.  Somehow all on it’s own my hand slipped over and hit the fatpack option. I don’t know how it happened. Honest.

Somehow I lost the battle, won a whole lot a boots, and don’t care that I “lost” at all…

*runs away happily clutching all the prettiness to her chest*

You break a rule once, and you open the flood gates. I let one sweater into my inventory and now here comes another one too pretty to resist. Lestat Reuven has changed her shop name again, this time to Siss Boom, but her sense of style and her design ability hasn’t changed with the name change. This outfit, Moody Knit, is a great example. There are tons of small details I love in this, from the small button at the bottom of each jean cuff, to the satin crochet work at the top of the sweater.  It’s nice to have jeans that look new and crisp, almost all the jeans out there are all ripped and torn these days. That’s all fine but occasionally you want to look like you bought something new not like you’re someone’s poor cousin getting jeans 3 people have worn and tossed as being too old or that you picked the jeans up off the floor where you have been walking on them for a week

The Sweater can be worn with or without the torso prim, either way looks great! The cost is just 100L if you go before she comes out with a newer design, once she does that it goes up to the normal price.  This is one shop where it pays to check every day to see what is new.

The boots are byTruth,  their Foxley Boots. I just wore the bottom half of this tall boot, so it wouldn’t interfere with the bell bottom prim. They come in 4 colours and go for 250L each. The fat pack is 800L.  Now that winter is coming in SL, these boots need another look, they make great winter boot wear.  And of course they look completely different worn under prim pants as just clunky shoes.  They really do make a versatile pair of footwear.

The skin is a stupendous offering by Glam Affair, it’s their Eva skin in Winter that is being featured at The Dressing Room right now. It’s only 70L and as you can see it’s gorgeous! If you don’t get this skin, well you have no right to say your Momma didn’t raise no fools! Ok..well maybe it’s not that vital, but it is too good a deal to pass up.

The hair unfortunately appears to be no longer for sale. For those of you who might still have it in your inventory it’s from Exile, and it’s called Shay.  I love the spikey look of it and as you can tell by past entries, I love this type of hair style.  If you don’t have it, have no fear, Exile has plenty of other hairs which you can use to quell your sorrow.