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U Refined - Class Me Dress - Purple  Edited

I love me some sparkles, some glitter, some shine, I love just about anything bright and shiny as long as it’s not glowing or blinging. While I like the cat’s eye liner that is out there today, I miss the big bold shadows of a few years ago. It makes me sad that in this time of make up tattoos that so many designers are still just changing lipsticks on a lightly coloured neutral shadow skin and calling that a fatpack. I think you have to step up your game with imaginative colour combinations, great eyeshadows and lipsticks that work seamlessly with the skin making great looks .  To me great eyeshadows are crucial because while lipsticks seem to transfer well from skin to skin, eyeshadows are trickier.

When I was at the Skin Fair, I found a new to me company called RazzaNova, and I fell in love with all their make ups. They have in my opinion met all the criteria of “stepping up their game” to meet the new challenges of creating skins in a make up tattoo world. They tend to concentrate on making unique make ups for unique faces as opposed to the same make up in 4 or 8 different skin tones.  That is just fine with me, as I tend to wear all shades so I’m flexiable. I bought the Ashlee fatpack, which is incrediably priced for what you get. You get 10 different skins, all with very different make ups, none of which I dislike, none of which are boring and bland “natural’ looking skins. You get 10 lipstick tattoos in case you want to mix and match your lipsticks. I’m currently wearing the Kyoto’s Flower make up which is a perfect match to this outfit. I have to say that the Barbadoes make up is my favourite, it was the first one in the demo pack and the moment I tried it on I was hooked. Big time hooked. You also get a cleavage tattoo and undershirt layer and in all the individual packages you get a teeth tattoo.  The  teeth tattoo missing from the fatpack but it’s probably an oversight  and I bet the designer will send it to you if you ask. I never see people wearing teeth in the game so most people probably think they are as ugly as I do outside of photographs. In my not so humble opinion they just don’t work for game wear, which is why I don’t use them in photos. If it doesn’t work well in the game, I’m not going to put it in my blog. That’s probably why no one who has bought the fat pack has asked for the teeth tattoo, and why she hasn’t clued in that they are missing. I know I won’t be asking, I don’t need that extra item of inventory that I won’t be using. Myself, I much rather have a pair of gloves with skin coloured tips to wear with prim nails then teeth. I wish more designers would include that with there skins, that is more useful, I do see a lot of people wearing prim nails.

You also get the Ashlee shape which is modify/copy/no transfer. It’s a very nice shape and make this skin look more California Girl then it does on my shape. You get all this for 1,300. Only 130L a skin, not even factoring in the shape and lipstick tattoos it’s a great deal.  You can just buy the single skins for 420L, but the fat pack is so smartly priced if you like more then 3 skins you are silly not to buy it.  I’m a sucker for great fatpack pricing like this. While you are at the shop check out their newest skin Jane, I bought that fatpack for my bestie for her rl birthday last week, and she is loving it!

The pretty dress I’m wearing is from U:Refined Fashion and is their sale item in this weeks Fi*Friday event. The dress is called the Class Me Dress and comes in 5 bright and shiny colours and a sort of matt black. The colours are the purple I’m wearing, yellow, green, peach and pink. They all have the same great look as the purple except for the black which doesn’t have the sequins showing or any of the fine detailing that makes these dresses look so nice, it seems to have been textured just a  like it’s been coloured in with that dead black that you see too often with SL clothing. All the dresses have lola appliers included in the cost of the dress, which is a steal at only 55L, not bought separately like a lot of things you find at Fi*Friday so everyone should thank the designer very much for that! This dress has gotten more notice then anything I have worn in a while, I’ve had to ferry a whole bunch of friends to Fi*Friday to pick it up for themselves. When that happens you know you got something that looks good.

This dress is mesh, but is very easy to fit, all I did was wear my smaller breasted shape and I didn’t have to edit anything else. I love the keyhole openning in the sleeves,  A soft round detail of that sleeve cut contrasts nicely with the sharp angles of the zig zag pattern of the sequins of the soft gleamy satin. This dress even has the nice finishing touches I look for like hem marks on the bottom and sleeves. All in all a really great dress that I would have bought even if it was at full price. Being on sale is a just a big bonus!

The hair I’m wearing is also from the Fi*Friday event, from a designer that I look forward to seeing more and more each week, Atro Patena.  This is a guys hair called Lukas and is being sold in 3 different colour packs, blacks, brown and blonde for 55L each. As you can see though, it looks just a good on women too. I didn’t even had to edit down the size. There is no hair base included with this hair, and I have looked around his shop for free hair bases or hair bases/shaved sides to buy and I can’t find them. He does a lot of hair designs that need them, so it makes sense to me that he has them, but I can’t find them. I wrote to the designer asking, and he was on, but I didn’t get a reply so he might have been busy designing and not seen the message. Sorry for not being able to bring you accurate information, I tried. I’m using a shaved hair base from the Vanity Hair – Minuit.

For a small shop, it’s amazing how many items I have in my inventory from DirtyMind. They have something that just really appeals to me. Probably the percise texturing, great colouring, clean lines, the fact that they know when to stop…a lot of designers don’t and just add one too many details to their clothing and mess it all up. The earrings I am wearing right now are a great case in point. Nice, simple, perfect. These Big Hoop Earrings come in 10 bright fun colours for 100L each or a fatpack for 850L.

Finally the boots I’m wearing are an inventory find, I like to shake the dust off some of the stuff that designers did a long time ago but are still great today. G*Fields is a store whose designer makes shoes of quality that they are still good over time. These boots are her Short Ribbon Anna boots and are no longer for sale, but unlike most footwear in SL that is over 2 years old, it’s not ready for the trash bin, you can still wear them today.  Have a peek in your inventory and see if you have these and get reacquainted with an old friend. If you don’t have them, there are plenty of shoes and boots at G*Fields that would look great with this dress, have a look around the store.

Photography Credits – The photos were taken in my Katink Photo Studio using their new background set Concrete Soft Pack. This background pack gives you 10 backgrounds for 100L, and if you join their free group, and buy it this weekend, you get 50L back. Their new items are always 50% refunded to group members when you purchase them on the release weekend. Katink makes it easy to get a little variety into your photography. You can’t even upload textures for yourself this cheap.

Poses – Starting at the top right and going clockwise

Photo 1 – Corpus Motion – Model Pose 19, Photo 2 – Corpus Motion – Model Pose 9, Photo 3 – BRB Pose 444_01 (Now Mijn Boutique), Photo 4 – Amacci Model Pose 4 B

Center Photo – Amacci Model Pose 2 B


Liv-Glam - McQueen Stud Dress - Me - Model 6 - Front_001

Liv -Glam is known for having some of the greatest sales in SL. She is very good at stripping me of a ton of money every single week! I however score a ton of great clothing so it’s a good deal. Miss Jones, the avatar behind Liv-Glam also does fantastic high fashion photos   of all her outfits, but I just wanted to show you that no matter what your style, you can find something at Liv-Glam.

This new release called McQueen Stud Dress reminded me of the old slip dresses updated with spikes for an edgy modern look. This completely reminds me of the slip Elizabeth Taylor wore in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Just pair this dress with a pale skin with deep red lips and you get a great vintage glam Hollywood look. Just taken to 2013. This style is my happy place, it’s more me then anything else is in SL.

This dress comes with 24 different colour versions, most with silver studs, some with this copper studs. Lots of different colours to play with, something is sure to please, actually more then one version is sure to please. It was hard picking ust one colour to show. This dress being a new release is 375L.

Liv-Glam - Rhawnie - Still LIve - Spaces - Breathing Out And In - Front_001

If you want to get in touch with your wicked half, I would suggest getting one of Liv-Glams Monday sale items called Rhawnie 2. It shows as being Cheetah and Blue Jean material on the sales ad, but it looked Cheetah and Black in my lighting, and it just said Dark Priestess…Gothy to me with the head scarf.

With the right skin and eyes, this outfit goes from fashionable to eerie. I’m sure the more punky gothy types among you are already thinking of the tattoos and piercings you can add to this to make it even more dark looking.  Go for it! Let your imagination wander on this beginners canvas.

You can pick it up all this week for just 99L and see what you can make with it.

Liv-Glam - Candace Dress - LAP - Curves - Baby Got Back - Side_001

Bold, Bright and Colourful. A lot of today’s fashion icons revel in colour, never fading into the background, always making a splash everywhere they go. If you like to dress as bright as your personality, Liv-Glam has a this great dress called Candace, it comes with 6 bright colour versions of this pattern on the hud. This dress also has great curves to it. With Candace, Baby has got back, hips and a great narrow waist.

Candace is in this weeks 55L Thursday sales so it’s only 55L. 55L for 6 dresses, you can’t beat that.

Supporting  Players

Photo 1 – McQueen Stud Dress

Skin – This skin is from Gala Phoenix, it’s from her Jewel Set in the Gold Tones. It’s Black Diamond Make Up Version 2 in Honey (Pale).  It’s nice to see Gala Phoenix back, and her work up again in SL in the Curio sim. This skin 1.500 for one makeup duo pack alone or you can get 6 make up duo packs for 2,000 lindens. Pretty much a no brainer which you should get. All fatpacks should be priced like this. Then watch my inventory really explode.

Hair – This is hair 134 from Love Soul in Jet Black. I found it had a little hole in the back but putting a black hair base under it hid it well enough to make it buyable and enjoyable to wear. It and hair 135 are their new releases right now and are on 50% off as of publishing. This means they are 90L per single hair colour.

Nails – The nails I am wearing are from Izzie’s Metallic Nails. You get a rainbow of 40 metallic shades for just 199L. You also get the best selection of skin matching gloves around. She has 13 in her collections including a white which for some reason is much easier to get a clean match from, then other gloves I’ve edited. I know, it makes no sense, it shouldn’t work that way, but it does for me. I don’t explain SL, I just play it. It’s gotten so that her gloves are the only gloves I use, I have hers in a file called gloves in my prim nail file, and when I make a glove for a skin I label it with the skin name and keep it in that file. I just throw everyone elses gloves away, unless it’s a skin designer who has matched the glove to their skin. I hope everyone who wears prim nails starts bugging designers to do this.

Eyes – From Mayfly, these are the Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Pale Paris Shadow. With Mayfly you get 4 sets of eyes with varying shades of the whites for 99L. You can also get the same package but in the old school SL eyes, for the same price, the choice is up to you.

Photo 2 – Rhawnie 2

Hair – I used the Boon Gathered Mid Hairbase in Black. This hairbase is sold at Boon and is made to be worn with a set variety of hair styles, and it looks like hair pulled back in a pony tail. It works well as a stand alone hair piece under scarves like this. It costs 100L for 15 colours. Check out the hairs that are made for this hair base, you might like them.

Skin – Glam Affair – Gio – Black Snow. I’m not sure where I got this, but it doesn’t seem to be on sale anymore in the store. It was probably an event somewhere. Have a peek in your inventory, you might have it.  The Gio skin line is still alive and well at Glam Affair though so have a peek at the other great make ups.

Nails – I am wearing a cheetah print nail to match the print in the top. I’m never one to pass up a sale, and this is a great sale. I got this nails from Fab.Pony. All their prim nails are 30L a set, and include nails for sizes 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 hands. The Gold Cheetah set included 3 different versions of the nails, a straight cheetah  print, a french version with a black tip, and a version with a black half moon at the base of the nails. That’s a lot of prim nail goodness for 30L. These are some fun and pretty nails, if you like prim nails or just have wanted to see what the fuss is about, I would suggest going there and dropping  just a few lindens and trying some of these nails out. This is a bargain that can’t be beat.

Eyes – I used Mayfly eyes again and everything I said above still applies. This time the colour was Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Dusky Cherise.

Photo 3 – Candace

Skin – This is a Heartsick skin from what is now Aeva. It was in the Devotion skin line, Eternity skin tone, and the make up is called Lime Twist. It doesn’t appear to be sold at the shop anymore but you can search your inventory to see if you have it already. The Devotion skin line in natural make up is still sold…500L for all skin tones included. There is a tattoo line called Neon in the shop, which looks a lot like the shadow used here, so you may be able to recreate the look, since the lips are close to the natural Aeva/Heartsick lips, just put a lipgloss tattoo on and you’ll be set.

Hair – I wore Amacci’s Sphinx hair in Ebony. This hair has a streak option that comes on a hud, I just picked the lime streak. It’s a fun play on an updo.  I paired it with a hair base from Amacci’s second set of hair bases. Both sets are free. The first set has a clean brushed back look, the second set has small tendrils of hair falling around your face. It’s nice to have options. I got the black pack for 250L. There are a lot of other single tone packs for the same price or you can get a fatpack of everything for 900L.

Nails – These nails are from Fab.Pony too, like above, and are called Gradients – Square Tip – Lime.  It’s a fun little design and comes in all the sizes mentioned above for the same price. 30 L.

Eyes – These eyes are from Aphotic Gloom, and is the shade Apple from their Claris Collection.  You get both the old SL eyes, both large and small,  and prim eyes for just 99L a colour. Or you can pick up the 4 pack of green shades for 199L. If you are going to get two, you might as well get them all!

Jewelry – The necklace and earring I’m wearing is from Luzuri, who is the new big name in jewelry for gowns. She also has some fun designs you can wear with dresses and this set called Tres Chic is one of them. You can buy this set in set stone versions for 400L for the necklace, earrings, bracelet and 2 rings, these sets are all metal change which is oh so nice.  The real fun however comes when you get the full colour change set which is 1,300 L or you can buy just the pieces you want, if your not a bracelet and ring girl you can be like me and just get the necklace and earrings. The necklace was 650L and the Earrings were 350. Now I have access to 9 gem stones to mix and match in the set or just to wear all one shade along with the 4 metal colours.  In the set above I wore mostly the yellow stone and a bit of the green stone thrown in. There are so many possible and beautiful combinations, you’ll be playing with it for months.

Photo Credits.

I took these photos on my Katink photo studio, using their studio textures. The first and 3rd photo are from their new Los Islas 1 pack, and the 2nd photos is from their Abandoned pack. All their studio textures have 10 full permissions textures in them so you can use them in any photo studio.

Photo 1 – Pose is from /me and is Model Pose 6 – Tried to find information on this pose pack but creator information was blank.

Photo 2 – Pose is from Still Life and set is called Spaces and the pose is Breathing In and Out (can’t make a link to Still Life…it seems to have moved or closed in the last month…will get back with a new address hopefully…sad face)

Photo 3 – Pose is from Long Awkward Pose – Set is called Curves and pose is called Baby Got Back – Store is closed, information given for those who might still have it.

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Front  - Dare - All Assumptions Aside

I know that in SL it’s always winter til after Christmas, but I’m Canadian and even though we have only had a miraculous 2 days with snow on the ground so far this winter, I’m already tired of it so I’m rushing spring in SL even if I can’t do it in real life. So instead of a winter coat or reindeer sweater or something christmasy , I’m wearing this fantastic VIP group dress from Maitreya called Long Jersey Dress. It’s a limited edition colour of a regular store release, that is only going to be out for VIP group members to buy for a small period of time. It’s selling for 225L which is 1/2 the price of the store release versions.

I find it hard to say just how much I love this dress. I know how much a lot of people were let down by the early mesh designs, but that faint early glimmer of promise those clumsy first attempts at mesh showed, this dress bring to fruition.  Until they somehow make mesh fit us so we don’t have to change our shape to fit it, mesh is not going to get any better then this design. There isn’t one pose in my AO that this dress doesn’t look good in.  Legs apart, legs together, legs crossed, turned sideways, turned back, arms crossed…you name it, this dress just keeps looking great. The shading is spectacular. Onyx LeShelle is brilliant at shading in ways that are organic to the way the dress moves, so it just always looks – well – just right. I can think of no other way to put it. I wish I could take credit for the great looking belt, but that is a part of this dress.

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Side - Anya The Captie_001

I tried this pose just for giggles, but I can’t get this dress to look bad doing anything. Believe me, there are not many things in SL that you can use this pose on and not look like an idiot in or not have to edit 3/4 of the things you are wearing to make them look Ok. I didn’t have to touch a thing!

This also gives you a good look at the shoes I’m wearing, the Maitreya Gold Liaison. This shoe is 875L each or 2000L for a mini fatpack of 4. You can also get a fatpack of all 24 colours for 9,990L . I got the mini fatpack of #6 which includes Cocao (which I’m wearing in the photo), Lemon (A bright lemon yellow), Apple ( A muted Apple Green) and Shiver ( Sort of a mix of pale olive and clay). I got this fatpack because it seem to me to offer the best mix of colour, most of the packs are single colour packs, 4 blues or 4 pinks or even 4 taupy shades

I must admit I am pretty confused by the options on these shoes. You can change the sole colours…4 different options…which is nice, but not something I really care about. You can use or not use the ankle strap, but for someone as fussy as I am about matching skin…that isn’t really an option, even with skin matching as close as I have in the picture above it still left a noticeable line. I guess you could leave it off if you put on the tube ankle warmer option, but they look pretty ugly…and the only good thing about socks..the not having to match is take away by the fact the tube doesn’t go all the way to the end of your feet so you still have to match skin anyway. The on standard shoe option that almost every high priced shoe has is the ability to change silver metal to gold. These shoes have silver heels and you can’t change them to gold. To me this is a big limiting factor in what I can wear them with. I mostly buy gold jewelry, so these shoes will see limited wear. Too bad. I like them.

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Torso - Dare - Where's My Ring Now

The nails I’m wearing here are from Izzie’s and are her Long French Nails Set. With this set you get prim nails set to 3 different sizes, 10, 15 or 20. I’m wearing the size 20. They have 20 different colours, all with the white tips you would expect with french nails and are changable with a hud. Each nail set comes with a hand posed One of the best things about Izzie’s nails is that they come with 13 tinted gloves, and if the colours she has don’t match, she has a white one that for some reason I find a lot easier to colour then all the other gloves I’ve ever coloured.

All that is just 199L which is a great deal when a lot of places charge more then that for 5 colours.

I wanted a nice wooden bead set to go with this outfit and the Kenya Set in Cedar from PurpleMoon worked out perfectly. Nice wooden beads are surprisingly hard to find in SL. The Kenya set comes in a rainbow of colours each for 175L but there is no fatpack option which is rare for PurpleMoon.

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Face - Lauria - Oh So Darking 1

The skin I’m using is one of the latest skins from Glam Affair that is for sale at Collabor88. This is the new Amberly Skin in Europa Frostbite 03. Glam Affairs is offering 3 skins this month, each for 188L, a steal for a skin of this quality. If you can appreciate a pale skin this skin is for you.

The eyes I’m wearing are from Amacci. There are very few designers that can do it all, poses, hair, skin, eyes but Carina Larsen can. These eyes are her new Look eyes, in my opinion her most beautiful eyes to date. These pair are her Burnt Sienna set. Every eye comes with a big or normal version and prim sparkles for each eye. These are very nice sparkles, not horrid blingy things from way back when that you  think of when you  think of sparkling  jewelry etc. Back in the bad old days when everything in SL blinged or sparkled.

You can buy these eyes one at a time for 120L each or get what you really are going to want and get the whole fatpack of 33 eyes for 1500 lindens.

Photography Credits – I photographed this on my Katink Photography Studio, my true love, with a background from their Romance Pack 2 – Romance 20.

Poses – Photo 1 – Dare – All Assumptions Aside (Dare is closed but information given in case you have their poses)

Photo 2 – Dare – Anya The Captie

Photo 3 – Dare – Where’s My Ring Now

Photo 4 – Lauria – Oh So Darkling 01


Yesterday Skin Addiction had it’s Black Friday sale and a ton of great skin creators participated. One of them, Amacci, had a problem with her demo for her offering, Oleana in nutmeg, well SL lost it from it’s data base so people couldn’t try it on so she has fixed the problem and put the sale on for another day.  So her loss is everyone else’s gain, because you have a chance to get this great bargain for another day! Happy dance everyone now!

This is seriously one of the best if not THE best bargains of the sale. You pay 950L, and you get back 475L if you join Skin Addiction, a free group, which is in my opinion the friendliest group in SL which everyone should be in, and have your that group active when you buy.

I showed you the body of the skin above, well here is a close up of the face, Carina does a marvelous job of shading on her skins, she highlights and shadows with skill and panache, never too much, never too little. I have a very narrow face shape, so blush tends to make me look like a drag queen, but her skilled application makes it look great on me. I love these eyebrows but there are 4 eyebrow shapes included so you can make the skin look great with your shape, and have eyebrows that appeal to you.

You also get a freckle version of the skin, not just a freckle tattoo. I’m not a big freckle person, I tried on a freckle skin yesterday that actually scared me, the designer will remain nameless, but this one I like. It’s heavy enough that the freckles don’t just look like a case of run away moles and not so many that you look like a red head that someone tied out in the sun about 10 days too many after the horrid sunburns have healed but the extra freckle storms have arrived.

You have probably noticed the eyes I’m wearing. These are Amacci’s new Look eyes. I’ve been lusting after the fatpack of these since they have come out, I’ll get the money and buy it someday. I love all my Amacci eyes, they are great. These eyes are included in the skin pack, and would be 120L if you just bought them by themselves.

With this set you also get 10 lipstick tattoos, I have photographed all of them above. I love the shine and subtle colour changes.

So what else could she put in a package of skin that your getting for 475L?

How about hair?

Yeap…you get the hair I’m wearing too..including the hairbase. This hair is called Nena and it’s even prettier in the game then it is in these photos.

You also get the cleavage enhancements, and smaller breast options too in tattoo and underwear layers.

You also get the Oleana shape, which I’m not wearing here, but is a nice one, I just wear my own shape with all skin examples in my blog so my readers can compare skins more easily, knowing what is a skin feature and what is shape.

Here is a sexy photo of the skin, and a better look at the Blacklace Lingerie I’m wearing. This is one of their pieces that is on sale today as part of their Model’s Choice Black Friday sale this weekend, it is called Leave Your Hat On in Burgundy and Black. You will find it is on sale for 199L and has a ton of pieces that I haven’t had a chance to show here.  It get’s it’s name because it has a fedora hat and an open and closed versions of an man’s black shirt. Perfect 50’s jazzy look for any seduction scene you have in mind for that special someone in your life. Like almost anything you buy from Blacklace, it is no copy/transfer for easy gift giving, and the pieces are put together in dozens of ways on dozens of layers so you can combine it with whatever else you want to wear in the way of tattoos or collars and still wear it with ease. Drop in and check it out, I’m sure you will pick it up..You’ll love it.

One last look…the back of the skin and lingerie. A lot of skins leave an ugly smear on your butt when your moving around, this one doesn’t…I love that!

The shoes I’m wearing are from one of my favourite designers in SL. I’m just sad that the photos don’t show them off the way they deserve but I’m sure I will be using them again soon. These are the Platform Pumps by HOC Industries. These shoes come texture change, not colour change, because colour change never looked this good. There are 15 textures that everyone gets, and 6 textures you can have any time you want by joining her free group and attaching the hud. The members only textures are always there, haunting you, saying can have me…you want me…join. It’s evil or darn good marketing. It might be evil and darn good marketing.

The shoes can be coloured on the top, the platform part of the shoe and the heel, so you can make a whole lot more then 15 different looking shoes with these shoe pack. It doesn’t come with a foot in it, so you can wear it with stocking like I am doing right now. Always a good thing.  The cost of this fatpack of shoes in hud? Not 1,000L…not 800L…not 500L…not 400L…not even 300L. It costs 175L. Guu Nishi believes not only in making a high quality product but she believes in giving it to people at a very reasonable cost.

Photography – Photo prop – Oriental Bedroom by Katink – This great pose prop comes without any built in poses, but is a great place to use your own poses on.

Poses – Photo 1 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – 200L for 12 very very useful poses or 50L a pose  – Pose 6 – I like the head angles on these poses, a lot of poses have the head angled too far down or too far up for good face shots, not a  problem with these great poses

Photo 2 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 7

Photo 3 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 8

Photo 4 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 10 – All the small photos are using the same pose

Photo 5 – Vain Inc – Satin Sheets Pose 2 – This shop is no longer available in SL but is available in the Market place…see link on name

Photo 6 – Vain Inc – Boudoir 16


One of the designers I have been most frustrated by not being able to blog while I’ve been trying to get my computer fixed is [Liv-Glam]. In the length of time that it took a bunch of computer experts to figure out that some network circuits on my motherboard were fried, she has gone from a brand new name in SL to a big booming shop with tons of fans. Either she works very fast or computer experts as a dense as granite. I think it’s both actually.

A lot of bloggers will only blog completely original content, so if you didn’t make it all by yourself, they won’t blog it, but  I’ve always felt that I rather have a wonderfully textured template then an original item with wonky seams and just coloured with the SL colour palette. Texturing is an art in itself or so many people wouldn’t do it so badly, so I like to celebrate those that do it well and in my opinion, Samantha S Jones of [Liv-Glam] is one of those that do it extremely well indeed.

This outfit is Fall 2012 Hanna Trumpet Sleeve Tunic SP3, and it comes with not only  the above beautiful colour but with a hud that lets you change this dress into 12 differently textured dresses. Each one is textured with as much care as the one shown, all the parts done perfectly, not one big blob of colour and letting the gray tint fill in the details. Each of these dresses could easily sell for 200L each, but you get them all on sale today for 49L  for the whole kit and caboodle.  Those are words. Honest. Also, 49L is not a typo..there shouldn’t be a zero on the end of that, it just feels like there should be, logic dictates that there should be, but no, it’s a fantastic deal you should grab…NOW!


Right now there is a little mini sale going on in the [Liv-Glam] main store lobby, I don’t know why it is or when it ends, I missed the notice about it, and the notice tab is grayed out in the group for some reason, but let’s enjoy the sale while it’s there. There is this suit/dress combo called Westwood, which is a modern satiny black dress with tiny white polka dots with a hem that drops down to the back, right on point with this years fashion trends. The dress goes up to a low cut lace jacket layer and a mesh jacket.

This shows you the wonderful detail there is in this outfit. The lovely lace peaking out from under the jacket. The lapel of the jacket done in the texture of the skirt. The buttons have the texture of tarnished silver. This outfit is just 99L right now, you can get a demo of it by touching the display and choosing demo from the menu that comes up.

 These shoes I wore with the outfit are also a part of the sale, they are called Eclipse Open-Toe Pumps, and they change with a texture change hud to 24 different colours. As you can see by the photo, they colour match skin beautifully and they can change size to match your legs seamlessly. The have a lot of different colours of nail polish and they have sound options as well, but they default to off and that’s how I kept it. These are very well made, sexy shoes, that were easy to work with. They are on sale for 99L, that’s 24 different pairs of shoes in one for 99L. You can’t beat that!


For one of their 55L Thursday offering of the last week (they keep them out all week long til the next Thursday), [Liv-Glam] has a full outfit called Fall 2012 – Nayomi Autumn Layers-Plum. When I say it’s a full outfit, I mean just that. You get the boots, the pants, the top/jacket set, the purse and the scarf. All this for 55L. Can anyone get even the boots for that elsewhere? This is a great outfit to wear now that fall has come to SL.

Just one note, the photo on the sales board has a different purse then I’m showing you here, this is the purse that actually came with the outfit, probably a bagging error, but wanted to show you what you got.

I wanted to show you an upclose look at some of the great textures in the coat, and the scarf. I love the bottoms she uses, it really looks like real coat buttons.

I also had one more ulterior motive, as part of the mini-sale, they have a 20 pack of lip glosses on a hud, that are for sale for 99L, and in this photo I’m wearing one of them. You can get a free demo and try one. I love the hud, because it lets you keep just one item in your inventory for all the lipsticks, when you want a lipstick, just click on the colours you want to try, try them on, it delivers tattoos to you, try them on, pick the one you want to wear, and delete the rest.  Easy Peasy and easy on the inventory, and I think I’m not the only one who can use help in that area!

Photography Credits – The photographs were taken in my Katink Photo Studio with their new texture set Abstract Fun Set 1,

Poses – Picture 1 – Still Life – Love – Quick, Bad & Bones

Picture 2 – Synt – Just As Exclusive

Picture 3 – Amacci – Model Poses – 5A

Picture 4 – Still Life – Love – How Much More

Picture 5 – Forgot to write it …sorry

Picture 6 – Art Body Store – Handbag 06

Picture 7 – Art Body Store – Handbag 04

Finishing Touches –

Picture 1 & 2 – Lashes – [LeLutka]-2011 lashes – Long (same for all photos)

Eyes – Amacci Gaze Eyes – Gold brown

Nails – Izzie’s – Classic Nails

Skin – Dutch Touch – Jaliah – Cafe Noir

Eyeshadow – Blacklace Beauty Disco Shadows – Aqua

Lipstick – [mock] Lip Effect Prototype (Gold) Style 2

Jewelry – Lazuri – Tres Chic Necklace & Earrings

Footwear – G*Fields – Strap Shoes – Alex -Metallic Pack – Gold

Hair – Likeli – Eleazia – Black

Photos 3 to 5 – Eyes – Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes – Anya

Nails –  Izzie’s – Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails

Skin – Al Vulo! – Julia  –  Pink – Light Brow – Cocoa

Jewelry – [ glow ] studio – Essence necklace (silver/cold-blue)

Hair – Dura – Boys & Girls # 13 – Chocolate

Photos 6 & 7 – Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Grey Shadow, w3)

Skin – League – Isla –  Dark  – Lavender –  Brunette Brows

Jewelry – NHA! – Adele Earrings

Hair – Dura – Group Gift – Halloween 2012

Today I decided to have a little retro fun with the skirt that So Many Styles has at The Dressing Room. To be completely and brutally honest, I haven’t always had the best luck with So Many Styles, I had to toss a lot of the clothing I bought from there because of prim problems. I love her textures though, so I have had to be very careful what I bought, sort of a Linden lottery. This skirt was just too pretty to resist and with mesh after all prim issues just don’t exist, and besides, having a demo makes everything a sure thing! So I grabbed the demo, and saw that all I had to do to make it was was to make my legs a little skinnier, and increase the size of my saddle bags and add some body fat and so I made a new shape for the skirt file, and returned to The Dressing Room and I bought it happily. If only I had to add saddle bags to make real life items fit. Not in this lifetime.

I also loved the top that Irie Campese put with the skirt in the photo, so I went looking for it at her shop and found it. It’s called Plain Cami and the colour is Solar Power. It sells for 100L and I would highly recommend it. As you can see in the photo above and below, both it and the skirt are extremely well textured. They both have the edgings done, the cami has perfectly straight side seams, subtle realistic fabric wrinkles, not the wrinkles that are so over done that they make you look like you are wearing the wrong size, which is so common in SL.

I went looking for a pair of white gogo boots to put with them, to make this a retro look,  and found them on the market place.  These boots are called Versa Boots by The Domineaux Effect. There is no demo available online or at the store, but you can see the boots at the store. I threw the dice and took a chance on the shoes, not something I usually do, but with 8 textures for just 399L I thought what the heck. The boots are unrigged mesh so they can be resized, and there is a resize script in them. You can also tint the lighter colours, although just like with most tinted items, I’m not happy with the results, but if you like things you tint yourself, then you’ll be happy with that. I just don’t like the look of things coloured with the SL colour grid, it just is obvious to me when it is done, and it doesn’t look right somehow.  The textured shades provided are fantastic though, and I’m happy with them. You can change the boots sizing and colours either through the hud or through clicking on the shoe and using the menu. I found using the menu worked better for me, but everyone is different.

One caution, the boots are 399L on the market place and are 499L at the store.

To make it a modern retro feel, I added this great hair do by Clawtooth by Clawtooth, one of my favourite hair stores. This one is called Could I resist? and the colour I’m wearing is called Orange You Glad. That colour comes in the Exquisite Reds Pack. Demos are free and the packs are 275L each for 5 colours, my only complaint about Clawtooth hair is no variety pack having one each of the major hair colour groups, which is what stops me from buying more then I do, I generally tend to buy more from companies that offer those.

I love the necklace and earrings I found in my inventory for this, it’s from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry, and it’s his Chakra Boho Beads necklace and earrings in Pumpkin. To me it looks like vintage macrame jewelry.  It’s perfectly made, with each prim wonderfully placed, the closer you look the better it looks. At just 189L for the set, it’s a steal. You can try  it out with the demo before you buy, to make sure you like it with what you are trying to wear it with. I find demos for jewelry invaluable, I don’t know how often I’ve bought something I thought would work and it didn’t quite make it. I remember one 100L pair of pants I was trying to model that I ended up spending 3K on jewelry before I found something that was just perfect. It wasn’t a good day. Of course I never have that problem at Luc…thank goodness!

PS – this jewelry set comes in 8 colours, just in case orange isn’t your favourite colour….although how could it not be, orange rocks, it has attitude…it’s…it’s..Orange…

The nails I’m wearing are from [Virtual/Insanity] and are their round nails, in the style Lacey Spring Nails which sell for 150L and come in 3 sizes, 10, 20 and 30 hand sizes. The set has 8 colours, and are changed by clicking on one of the nails and following the menu.   The nail glove I’m wearing is one that came with the skin, something I would love if every skin designer started to do. This skin is done by Izzie’s and she is only one of 2 designers I have seen do this so far, but I hope more follow suit. With the popularity of prim nails it would be great if designers started making gloves that we could wear under them in the proper skin tone, it’s an item that wouldn’t take long to make but would add a lot of perceived value to the skin package. There, how is that for marketing speak. Are all you skin makers sold yet?

Last but definitely not least, probably my favourite item of this blog, is the skin.  This skin is from Izzie’s with is one of my Top 5 shops I couldn’t live without. This is the Gala skin she created for the One Voice event, and 50% of the money spent on this skin is being used to raise money to go to the legal fund for Gala Phoenix to get her Curio Skins back on the market  by fighting a copyright challenge. One Voice is over but you can still buy this great skin and donate to the cause by getting it at Izzie’s shop.

There are 3 tones of this skin, I’m wearing the Gala in Caramel the darkest. Each tone costs 1,000L. Now you only see the basic skin in the photo but you get so much more then that. It’s really a fatpack of looks. You  get a version of the skin in all the major eyebrow colours , one with and one without cleavage.  You get the Gala shape, which is a copy/mod shape, so important these days when you have to change your shape to fit mesh clothing.  I’m  not wearing the shape, as I like to wear skins on my shape to provide a steady reference for all my readers, but it is a pretty shape. You get 5 different colours of lip tattoos and 5 different colours of eyeshadow tattoos.  If you are a freckle fan, you get two options, one just on the face and one on the face and body.  I’m wearing the green eyeshadow tattoo.

As discussed above, you even get a glove that covers your nails in the exact right colour for your skin making prim nails meld seamlessly.  *hugs Izzie for that*

Every persons opinion on this varies but I think that tattooed make up looks the best when it’s made by the person that created the skin, so I like it when skin designers have a lot of tattoo make up. The one exception to this is Mock, her make up rocks on a lot of skins, but not even she can look good on everything with every make up.  Izzie has a huge amount of tattoo make ups, and I am wearing her rust lipstick today from her dark vibrant lipstick collection which has 10 beautiful shades of lipstick for 190L. She provides demos with all of her tattoos so you can check them out to see how they work before you buy, which was something I really appreciated and took advantage of. I just wanted to show you how well her other tattooed make up looks with her skins, and as you can see, it looks great. So your options when you get this skin are     almost unlimited depending on what add ons you purchase.

My eyes are from Amacci..they are her Gaze eyes in Joy…the big version. The Gaze eyes come in a huge variety of colours, all with the life like look you see above. You get big and normal sizes of the eyes for 120L.  Very pretty eyes, and they always seem to have just the colour I’m  looking for to make any look pop.

Photograph information – The photo was done on my PNP Photo Studio with the back ground from their New Orleans Pack photo 8.  Still in love with the studio, almost up to 1,000 backgrounds…woot!

Poses I used are from Manifeste, Photo #1 – full body shot – 187, Photo 2 – Outfit Shot – 186, Photo 3 –  Nails – 200, Photo 4 – Face 189.

This week I got my hand on some great new shorts and pants from Izzie’s. My mind started to go into what I could put with them. Then as luck had it, SLink showed a preview of her new mesh thigh high boots. I just had to wait til they were out and and try to do a great short and boot combo.

As you can see, these new boots, Tall Thigh Boots,  from SLink were well worth the wait, they are sex on two feet. If you haven’t got mesh because you don’t want to deal with the Version2 of SL you can still have mesh. These photos were taken with Cool VL Viewer, a viewer I’ve been  using for over a year. It’s V1 but has mesh, alpha layers and tattoos. If you want it, just click here for the website. You can also use Astra (V1), Kristens (V2), the Official SL Viewer (V3) and as of today, Firestorm, the V2 version of Phoenix to see mesh.

Now as you probably have heard, mesh as it stands today, can not be modified in any way. You have to modify your shape to fit the mesh item, not the other way around. With boots that’s can be as simple as modifying your leg muscles. I had to move mine from 58 to 52 to fit the curvy version of the boot.  With a change that small I didn’t notice any real difference in my shape at all, so it was easy to make a version of my shape called Slink Tall Thigh Boots and leave it in the boot folder. The boot comes in 4 different sizes to minimize the amount of change you will have to do to fit the boot, and it comes with a notecard which give the exact shape needed to fit all 4, so no guessing, you can just plug the numbers in.  SLink also provides a free demo so that you can try it on before you decide to buy, which with mesh is more important then ever.

You wouldn’t think mesh would do much for shoes, but while the difference is subtle, it’s there. Look at the way the leather wrinkles when the knee partially and fully bends in the above pictures. The wrinkles grow organically, looking natural in each photo. Something you would never get with even the best sculptie boot, even if you could get the separate halfs you would have to use, to mesh perfectly. Which never does happen.

This boot comes in 10 colours – Black, Purple, Chocolate, Red, Cream, Silver, Gold, Tan, Pink and of course, White. They are 700L each or you can buy the whole shooting match for 50% off, or 3500L. If your smarter then I was, you can remember to put your SLink group up and get 10% back on purchases.  I bought two pairs and forgot on both. Oh well, I never said my brain actually worked, did I?

The next part of the outfit was decisions, decisions, decisions! Izzie’s has some patterned tights. She has two sets, with 13 in each set. Now everyone knows that 13 isn’t a lucky number. So of COURSE you have to buy both sets so you have 26 pairs to choose from. It’s basic logic. Owning 26 of these beauties is very lucky. Plus at 150L a set, who can say no to either of them. These are great tights. You have the choice of ending at the ankle or full footed. But let me tell you, trying to pick from 26 pairs was no easy task. I ended up getting a male friend from Italy…everyone knows Italians know stockings, right?…to help. Ok, so maybe I did just want a man looking at my legs for an hour. Sue me.

I ended up choosing Desert from the first collection, but Floral from Collection 2 gave it a run for it’s money. I love the big Jacobean floral and leave swirls and against all expectations, it actually looked good with this.

Next came the item of clothing that started all this, the shorts. The latest item out this week from Izzie’s is some jean fabric shorts and pants.  I find jeans almost as tricky to find the perfect pair of in SL as they are in RL. The prim legs look weird on most of them when your honest about it, or the non-prim leg can be too wide and you get sausage tube leg inside. Waist is too high or as happens in SL the waist is too low – very very very too low.  Often in SL as more ass cracks in view then there is at a plumbers convention.  Then there is always the “They look great, but they are ripped”. I’m sorry, I’ve never seen the sense in ripped clothing. With jeans there is also something else that sneaks in.  People do photos of jeans and import them into SL, without doing any hand texturing of them. Somehow when you wear something made like that, it looks while you are wearing a picture of a pair of jeans, not a pair of jeans. I don’t know how to explain it any better then that.

These shorts and the jeans are great. They aren’t overly high as you can see, but there is definitely no butt crack showing, not even a hint, not a whisper. They are wonderfully detailed, look like perfect pairs of jeans, without at all looking like a photo. They have wonderful shading, looking like comfortably worn jeans They come in a 10 different shades for each set, at 120L a pair or 960L for a fatpack of either the jean shorts or the skinny jeans. I’m wearing the shorts in black.

The black lace bra with the small white buttons is from Attitudes. It is from their new bra and panty line called Jussieu. This set comes with a regular bra and a strapless bra both on shirt and undershirt layer, and a thong on underwear and pant layer. It’s only 175L a set.  It is no copy/transfer for easy gift giving. There are also several group gifts there, and the group is free to join. It has such a great group title that you won’t want to leave. Woman with an Attitude. Isn’t that all of us?

It’s easy to get a lot of crappy free lingerie in SL, but it’s not easy to get bra’s and panties that look like bra’s and panties you would buy in a store in real life. In this store everything they make fits that description.

The white blouse I’m wearing is called the Araplain Blouse by LeeZu Baxter. This pretty open front blouse is 280L, comes in all the upper layers, and with a ton of prim pieces that you will need to edit to fit. I even found I had to edit the ribbon around the cuff.  It’s well worth the effort though as you can see.

This skin is one of Damned gorgeousness that she originally put out for Lazy Sunday.  She has put out a lot of the Alice skin for special occasions. If you missed one, you now have a chance to pick them up again. She has rereleased all her special occasion skins in a special collection in her store and in the SL Marketplace. They are a little more expensive then when they first came out, but for skins that look like this, they are still a good deal at 350L. The one I’m wearing here is skin number 4. One of the things I like is that while Damned is gothy and edgy, her skins look great on everyone. I’m not the body type, or the style type the designer probably wants modeling the skin, but I like how it looks on me anyway.  So head over to the store and try out a demo and see how the Alice skin looks on you. I bet you like it.  While your there pick up her pack of Alice lipsticks, to make your favourite skins go further, and her Alpha Combo Mega Pack which is only 65L but oh so handy. If you want to shop on the market place you’ll find them here.

Alice Skins are on sale now for 50% off, so don’t forget to look at them at the store, or you’ll be kicking yourself later when you have worn you new one for a while and just have to have more.

The eyes I’m wearing are my new love, I’ve been looking forever to find eyes the exact colour of my Grandmother’s eyes. She had the most amazing olive coloured eyes, but, this is so hard to put into words, they weren’t a crystal sharp olive, like blue eyes are like glass, they were a creamy olive green. These are finally those eyes.  They are the Autumn Green Gaze eyes from Amacci.

These eyes are the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever tried on. They don’t have the pink whites of the eye problem that I have with so many other eyes.  The whites are nicely white and when you move your left and right, they stay white, so when my avatar moves her eyes, she doesn’t look like she has pink eye half the time.  I hate that so much in eyes, I don’t know how people wear eyes that do that crap. I’ve thrown away more money on eyes I’ve had to toss for that, I can’t even tell you.  What is the point of wearing eyes that only look good when your looking dead on to something when your avatar rarely does that with most AO’s. You buy AO’s so your body moves around and your looking at things from different angles and then you get eyes that don’t look good when your viewed from different angles. There is a logic disrupt here somewhere.

Anyway, back to Amacci eyes, these Gaze eyes are everything I want. They come in small and large. The range of colours is huge. Each colour pack – Green, Blue, Brown and Dark, and Diverse has 16 colours in it for a total of 64 colours in the range. The cost is 120L per pack, 960L per individual colour pack (A savings of 50%) or you can by all 4 fatpack for 2,990 which is pretty close to getting one of the packs free. The 4th is only costing you 110L. That adds up to a lot of eye goodness.

The hair I’m wearing is from a “new to me” shop called Esk-imo. This cute little hair is called Bobbie, and when you buy a hair pack of it, you get 3 different bang versions in one pack. Talk about value for your money. The hair packs come in Darks, Reds, Blondes and Colours and are only 225L a pack. The customer service is exemplary too. I had a problem with one of the hairs not stretching even though the hair was correctly set by her as modifiable. I wrote her a letter and before I logged in again, she had sent me a replacement hair. You can’t overvalue great customer service.

This post was photographed in a great new pose prop by Juxtapose called Back Alley Booking. It’s on sale right now for 100L for the Grenade Free Wednesday at the Jersey Shore Sim. It hasn’t been priced back to it’s normal sale price of 300L, which is still a great price in my opinion, as of publishing time of this on Thursday, but I would hurry and grab it fast! This is a lot of pose prop for very little money.