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Liv-Glam - McQueen Stud Dress - Me - Model 6 - Front_001

Liv -Glam is known for having some of the greatest sales in SL. She is very good at stripping me of a ton of money every single week! I however score a ton of great clothing so it’s a good deal. Miss Jones, the avatar behind Liv-Glam also does fantastic high fashion photos   of all her outfits, but I just wanted to show you that no matter what your style, you can find something at Liv-Glam.

This new release called McQueen Stud Dress reminded me of the old slip dresses updated with spikes for an edgy modern look. This completely reminds me of the slip Elizabeth Taylor wore in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Just pair this dress with a pale skin with deep red lips and you get a great vintage glam Hollywood look. Just taken to 2013. This style is my happy place, it’s more me then anything else is in SL.

This dress comes with 24 different colour versions, most with silver studs, some with this copper studs. Lots of different colours to play with, something is sure to please, actually more then one version is sure to please. It was hard picking ust one colour to show. This dress being a new release is 375L.

Liv-Glam - Rhawnie - Still LIve - Spaces - Breathing Out And In - Front_001

If you want to get in touch with your wicked half, I would suggest getting one of Liv-Glams Monday sale items called Rhawnie 2. It shows as being Cheetah and Blue Jean material on the sales ad, but it looked Cheetah and Black in my lighting, and it just said Dark Priestess…Gothy to me with the head scarf.

With the right skin and eyes, this outfit goes from fashionable to eerie. I’m sure the more punky gothy types among you are already thinking of the tattoos and piercings you can add to this to make it even more dark looking.  Go for it! Let your imagination wander on this beginners canvas.

You can pick it up all this week for just 99L and see what you can make with it.

Liv-Glam - Candace Dress - LAP - Curves - Baby Got Back - Side_001

Bold, Bright and Colourful. A lot of today’s fashion icons revel in colour, never fading into the background, always making a splash everywhere they go. If you like to dress as bright as your personality, Liv-Glam has a this great dress called Candace, it comes with 6 bright colour versions of this pattern on the hud. This dress also has great curves to it. With Candace, Baby has got back, hips and a great narrow waist.

Candace is in this weeks 55L Thursday sales so it’s only 55L. 55L for 6 dresses, you can’t beat that.

Supporting  Players

Photo 1 – McQueen Stud Dress

Skin – This skin is from Gala Phoenix, it’s from her Jewel Set in the Gold Tones. It’s Black Diamond Make Up Version 2 in Honey (Pale).  It’s nice to see Gala Phoenix back, and her work up again in SL in the Curio sim. This skin 1.500 for one makeup duo pack alone or you can get 6 make up duo packs for 2,000 lindens. Pretty much a no brainer which you should get. All fatpacks should be priced like this. Then watch my inventory really explode.

Hair – This is hair 134 from Love Soul in Jet Black. I found it had a little hole in the back but putting a black hair base under it hid it well enough to make it buyable and enjoyable to wear. It and hair 135 are their new releases right now and are on 50% off as of publishing. This means they are 90L per single hair colour.

Nails – The nails I am wearing are from Izzie’s Metallic Nails. You get a rainbow of 40 metallic shades for just 199L. You also get the best selection of skin matching gloves around. She has 13 in her collections including a white which for some reason is much easier to get a clean match from, then other gloves I’ve edited. I know, it makes no sense, it shouldn’t work that way, but it does for me. I don’t explain SL, I just play it. It’s gotten so that her gloves are the only gloves I use, I have hers in a file called gloves in my prim nail file, and when I make a glove for a skin I label it with the skin name and keep it in that file. I just throw everyone elses gloves away, unless it’s a skin designer who has matched the glove to their skin. I hope everyone who wears prim nails starts bugging designers to do this.

Eyes – From Mayfly, these are the Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Pale Paris Shadow. With Mayfly you get 4 sets of eyes with varying shades of the whites for 99L. You can also get the same package but in the old school SL eyes, for the same price, the choice is up to you.

Photo 2 – Rhawnie 2

Hair – I used the Boon Gathered Mid Hairbase in Black. This hairbase is sold at Boon and is made to be worn with a set variety of hair styles, and it looks like hair pulled back in a pony tail. It works well as a stand alone hair piece under scarves like this. It costs 100L for 15 colours. Check out the hairs that are made for this hair base, you might like them.

Skin – Glam Affair – Gio – Black Snow. I’m not sure where I got this, but it doesn’t seem to be on sale anymore in the store. It was probably an event somewhere. Have a peek in your inventory, you might have it.  The Gio skin line is still alive and well at Glam Affair though so have a peek at the other great make ups.

Nails – I am wearing a cheetah print nail to match the print in the top. I’m never one to pass up a sale, and this is a great sale. I got this nails from Fab.Pony. All their prim nails are 30L a set, and include nails for sizes 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 hands. The Gold Cheetah set included 3 different versions of the nails, a straight cheetah  print, a french version with a black tip, and a version with a black half moon at the base of the nails. That’s a lot of prim nail goodness for 30L. These are some fun and pretty nails, if you like prim nails or just have wanted to see what the fuss is about, I would suggest going there and dropping  just a few lindens and trying some of these nails out. This is a bargain that can’t be beat.

Eyes – I used Mayfly eyes again and everything I said above still applies. This time the colour was Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Dusky Cherise.

Photo 3 – Candace

Skin – This is a Heartsick skin from what is now Aeva. It was in the Devotion skin line, Eternity skin tone, and the make up is called Lime Twist. It doesn’t appear to be sold at the shop anymore but you can search your inventory to see if you have it already. The Devotion skin line in natural make up is still sold…500L for all skin tones included. There is a tattoo line called Neon in the shop, which looks a lot like the shadow used here, so you may be able to recreate the look, since the lips are close to the natural Aeva/Heartsick lips, just put a lipgloss tattoo on and you’ll be set.

Hair – I wore Amacci’s Sphinx hair in Ebony. This hair has a streak option that comes on a hud, I just picked the lime streak. It’s a fun play on an updo.  I paired it with a hair base from Amacci’s second set of hair bases. Both sets are free. The first set has a clean brushed back look, the second set has small tendrils of hair falling around your face. It’s nice to have options. I got the black pack for 250L. There are a lot of other single tone packs for the same price or you can get a fatpack of everything for 900L.

Nails – These nails are from Fab.Pony too, like above, and are called Gradients – Square Tip – Lime.  It’s a fun little design and comes in all the sizes mentioned above for the same price. 30 L.

Eyes – These eyes are from Aphotic Gloom, and is the shade Apple from their Claris Collection.  You get both the old SL eyes, both large and small,  and prim eyes for just 99L a colour. Or you can pick up the 4 pack of green shades for 199L. If you are going to get two, you might as well get them all!

Jewelry – The necklace and earring I’m wearing is from Luzuri, who is the new big name in jewelry for gowns. She also has some fun designs you can wear with dresses and this set called Tres Chic is one of them. You can buy this set in set stone versions for 400L for the necklace, earrings, bracelet and 2 rings, these sets are all metal change which is oh so nice.  The real fun however comes when you get the full colour change set which is 1,300 L or you can buy just the pieces you want, if your not a bracelet and ring girl you can be like me and just get the necklace and earrings. The necklace was 650L and the Earrings were 350. Now I have access to 9 gem stones to mix and match in the set or just to wear all one shade along with the 4 metal colours.  In the set above I wore mostly the yellow stone and a bit of the green stone thrown in. There are so many possible and beautiful combinations, you’ll be playing with it for months.

Photo Credits.

I took these photos on my Katink photo studio, using their studio textures. The first and 3rd photo are from their new Los Islas 1 pack, and the 2nd photos is from their Abandoned pack. All their studio textures have 10 full permissions textures in them so you can use them in any photo studio.

Photo 1 – Pose is from /me and is Model Pose 6 – Tried to find information on this pose pack but creator information was blank.

Photo 2 – Pose is from Still Life and set is called Spaces and the pose is Breathing In and Out (can’t make a link to Still Life…it seems to have moved or closed in the last month…will get back with a new address hopefully…sad face)

Photo 3 – Pose is from Long Awkward Pose – Set is called Curves and pose is called Baby Got Back – Store is closed, information given for those who might still have it.


Mashooka brings on summer with a bevy of new releases that bring the light and life of summer to SL. Today I’m showing you 2 colours of a one of her new releases called Chameli. The dress above is the Magenta colour but it also comes in 5 other shades, Bubblegum, Honeydew, Maraschino, Spring and Spindrift which is pictured below. These photo realistic dresses give you all their shiny goodness for the bargain price of 145L each or get them all in the fatpack for 580L, less then 100L a dress.

The dresses come with prim bows for the shoulder straps that show in the front of the dress, and they also come with two skirt options. The flexi prim skirt is shown above.

The spindrift version of the Chameli dress  above is showing off the sculptie skirt. I found that when I wore my skirt shape under it, that I had no problems with it at all. 3 cheers for skirt shapes, it is sometimes a wonder to me that I managed to get through my first year in SL in complete ignorance of the fact that they even existed.  I couldn’t live without them now. If  anyone reading this now needs help creating one, just message me in game, and I’ll be happy to help you out.  Don’t wear a system skirt or a sculptie skirt without one!

When I first got these dresses, I couldn’t find a single shoe in my collection of hundreds that could stand up to them. They made all my shoes look drab and dull. It was almost depressing. But fortunately it is Shoe Fair time, and I found the solution there in the form of shoes from Yummi Designs a shop I had never heard of before. I swear, sometimes the depth of my ignorance of great shops astonishes even me.  Yummi has a lot of different shoes that are all colour change. When you first start looking at them, all the different colours can actually be confusing and mindboggling. If you can just look at the shoe photos one at a time though, you can start to see the variations in colour palette and see that she has different shoes for anything you want to match.

To match these bubbly bright dresses I picked the appropriately named Tropique! The shoes are 600L each, but basically they are a fatpack in a shoe. They have 30 basic shoe colours, 25 foot pad colours, and 30 colours each for different accent parts like straps, panels, toe rings. The possibilities  are only limited by your imagination and sense of style. The toe rings are hidable. I had trouble hiding mine, the buttons didn’t work, I contacted the Owner and she was very nice and got a new repaired pair to me quickly. We all know SL is very hard on those who make scripted work, so it’s great when they are willing to fix it with a smile, because it has to get tiresome after a while, fixing things just to have SL break it again before it can even get out of the box. You can’t  put a price on customer service you can count on.

One other note. This is the first shoe I have ever had that didn’t let me input my colour option that I had no problem matching my skin colour. I was literally done in less then a minute. Every shoe should have this system, it’s a world of genius.

This gorgeous skin is the May group gift from Aleida a version of her latest skin release Sumiko.  The whole line is beautiful with 14 make ups for every occasion. My little skin addicted soul is lusting after the whole set, and lucky for me that while the individual skins are 800L each, she has given us skin addicts a break and put the fatpack at a fantastic price of 2800L.

The group is free to join, and the gift is in the group notices. There is a joiner in the lobby, but go see the skins while you are there, it’s nice just to look at them. I can’t decide if Bronze (skin with chinese red lipstick and eyeliner that goes past the eyes to point sexily towards the nose) or Carnivale (skin with bright pink lipstick and pink, yellow and blue eyeshadow that should look terrible from the sound of it, but in the hands of an artist manages to look great) is my favourite.

There is an added bonus for those of you who aren’t skin addicts but are hair addicts. There is another gift out this month, a free hair do, in the four major hair colours.  Race ya!

The hair is from Boon, a hair I have used before, it’s the group gift LLR 726. What can I say, I like it! I like a lot of things from Boon, if you haven’t check them out, do yourself a favour and do so.

League Knit Mini Skirt Set

Judging from all the people I see when I try to teleport in, or even worse, wait for the game to load the sale items once I’m in the shops, just about everyone in SL shops the 50L Friday Deals. Of course, why wouldn’t they, there is rarely a Friday that I try it that I don’t buy something. Some of it is just to funky for me, some of it too boring, (aren’t I  Miss Fussy) but a lot of it is just right. There is always some new edition to the shops, or some great item that we just can’t live without that keeps us coming back for more.

The first time I saw League in the sale, when stopping in to SL for a visit, before coming back from my daughters illness for good, I saw their great Retro School Scarf Wrap sale for 50L…who could refuse. Of course there was the matching Alice Stockings on at a low price for Project Themeory. Stockings, who can resist stockings.  Not me, so of course once I bought both of them, I was on a roll. I had to buy the League Thermal Skirt in Black, cheap at 95L and the Grandad Vests Long in Ecru. This is a bit pricer at 215L but there is a lot of different…closed..half open…and different lengths to wear with or without the League suspenders, which I haven’t bought but am lusting after.

If you have done a search in your inventory and you don’t have the stockings or the scarf wraps, don’t fear, League has you covered.  They don’t have the same ones available any more but they have different stockings in a lot of colours to match the different tops for 115L a set.  They also have a rainbow of colours in scarf wraps, a lot of beautiful shades in prices ranging from 195L to 255L each.

I think there are two things I like best about this outfit.

The first is that they got knitted textures right. That is so rare in SL, usually when you see something knitted, you just want to cry because the knitting is so huge or so stretched it looks horrid. Not with this outfit. There is a small bit of stretch just at the bottom of the ribcage but even skin stretches there, it’s just the way SL bodies move.

The second is they got the mini skirt prim working looks great from the back, and from the front, it isn’t showing up through the top of my butt, like a lot of them do, and I have a big tush…see the photos in the lingerie blogged below for proof.  And in almost all situations, the prim looks almost natural, I’m not itching to edit it into place every time my avatar moves like I am with most flat mini skirt prims.

The boots! I stole them. They were in a cute little outfit that the brilliant Ivy Deschanel created called Mannequin 3,  a whole ensemble at a insanely low price.  I, of course being cheap bought it when it was half off on one of her sales, if you can call dropping 2k in clothing in 30 minutes being cheap.  I know a good deal when I see it!  Then I stole those boots and used them with this outfit. But she will forgive me, or I’ll get hate mail. If you do a search for Mannequin 3 and don’t find it in your inventory, have no fear, although I couldn’t find that cute outfit in her store Sn@tch when I went and looked yesterday, you can buy the boots alone.  The link in the Sn@tch name above drops you right in front of the boots.  They are called Gooshers Combat Boots in Black Steel Toes and cost 275L. You can buy a whole colour galaxy of them for the price of one Stiletto Moody.

That just leaves 2 things in the outfit…skin and hair. Unfortunately you can’t see much of this amazing skin in these photos, I’ll be featuring it again sometime, never fear. This is Lara Skin‘s – Laura in Dark -Smokey 3 w Red Lips. It sells for 800L each, but you would be insane not to go for the fatpack which is 3,000L for 11 make ups, and these aren’t all the same eyeshadow with different lipsticks like some stores give you, it’s great eyeshadows, great lipsticks. a great variety pack.  And unlike most fatpacks, if you love one, you’ll love them all. Grab a demo today…grab 10, you won’t regret it.

Last but not least, the hair. When I decided to pick up the reins of the blog again, I decided to do a celebration of what is in my inventory, of not what is new and hot, but what I find and love, regardless of age. I am sure that what I have, tens of thousands of other people have, especially the sales and freebies, so I decided that I wouldn’t let the fact it was unavailable stop me from showing it. I decided to do the same hair as the first hair I did in this blog when I started it, Boon’s MNR32 but when I went to the store, and looked for the hair name, it wasn’t there.  It made me sad that my look back, was going to be something of a stop sign, but then I looked at the 4 group gift hairs that Boon was offering, and didn’t MNR122 look very familiar. I grabbed all 4 group gift hairs and went home and tried it on.  Look at the hair comparison below…

They look like exactly the same hair do to me, especially in black, it wasn’t until I started trying on colours like the chestnut above that the difference showed up. The textures now are more subtle, less shiny in winlight, and all together more pleasing to the eye. I would suggest to anyone that has the old freebie and loves it, that they go back and replace it with the new version.

Now…I did say 4 group gift hairs, and I bet you, my savvy readers picked up  on that, and want to see them. I’m afraid that 2 of them didn’t look good on me at all, so I won’t prejudice you against them by showing you the photos of me in them, after all, on your shape they could look great, hair is very individual.  I did however like this one…LLR726

By the way, for those of you that haven’t look at Boon’s hairs in quite a while, do yourself a favour and look around at what is for sale, not just what is for free. When I first picked up their freebie, it was honestly the only thing in the store I liked, but this time when I looked around, that was so not the case. There were dozens of fun and funky hairs of all styles that would be great to wear. Some of the most unique hair I have seen in SL. I just wish my account had received some linden love from me lately so I could have shown you some.  Ah well, sometime soon. Until then, don’t wait for me, get your tail down and check them out for yourself so you can be the one that everyone is looking at going, where did she get that hair!                                        See you in SL, Tapika Tomsen

Valerie Blouse and Mia Corset

For my first post I decided to go a little sexy…a little Leezu Baxter …For this photo I combined her Valerie Blouse in Lila with her Mia Corset in Black…a little caveat here…the only bad thing about the Valerie blouse is that it’s not modifable at all so you can’t shorten it…and it does stick down a bit below the side slit of the Mia corset….why oh why does EVERYTHING have to be no mod these days….The good news is that the Valarie blouse is so beautiful..the colours are so rich and luscious you are going to want them all. I did. I bought the fat pack, and I’m notoriously cheap. I can think of a million skirts and blouses in my inventory to use it with, without even blinking, with or without bras to make it “PG”. Ok, maybe not a million even with my inventory, but I bet I can make 1,000. I won’t say anything about the corset…really, the picture says it all. Bravo, Leezu!

The hair is a freebie from Boon with the charming name of NMR32, a bad name for one of the best short hairs in the game. Don’t forget to look around the store for other great hairs. The skin is of course Redgrave – Vivian – Pale. When you say Redgrave, what more needs or can be said?

Zhao Trinity Boot

To go with this sexy outfit, I picked a pair of sexy boots, not in your face with a billion buckles and spikes but understated with strapping wrapped around your legs and thighs, and subtle little details like a couple of inches of lacing at the top back and fantastic white stitching on the edging of the wrapping. These boots are from Zhao and are called Trinity and come in mid thigh and knee length varieties..and are probably my favourite boots.