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Today I decided to have a little retro fun with the skirt that So Many Styles has at The Dressing Room. To be completely and brutally honest, I haven’t always had the best luck with So Many Styles, I had to toss a lot of the clothing I bought from there because of prim problems. I love her textures though, so I have had to be very careful what I bought, sort of a Linden lottery. This skirt was just too pretty to resist and with mesh after all prim issues just don’t exist, and besides, having a demo makes everything a sure thing! So I grabbed the demo, and saw that all I had to do to make it was was to make my legs a little skinnier, and increase the size of my saddle bags and add some body fat and so I made a new shape for the skirt file, and returned to The Dressing Room and I bought it happily. If only I had to add saddle bags to make real life items fit. Not in this lifetime.

I also loved the top that Irie Campese put with the skirt in the photo, so I went looking for it at her shop and found it. It’s called Plain Cami and the colour is Solar Power. It sells for 100L and I would highly recommend it. As you can see in the photo above and below, both it and the skirt are extremely well textured. They both have the edgings done, the cami has perfectly straight side seams, subtle realistic fabric wrinkles, not the wrinkles that are so over done that they make you look like you are wearing the wrong size, which is so common in SL.

I went looking for a pair of white gogo boots to put with them, to make this a retro look,  and found them on the market place.  These boots are called Versa Boots by The Domineaux Effect. There is no demo available online or at the store, but you can see the boots at the store. I threw the dice and took a chance on the shoes, not something I usually do, but with 8 textures for just 399L I thought what the heck. The boots are unrigged mesh so they can be resized, and there is a resize script in them. You can also tint the lighter colours, although just like with most tinted items, I’m not happy with the results, but if you like things you tint yourself, then you’ll be happy with that. I just don’t like the look of things coloured with the SL colour grid, it just is obvious to me when it is done, and it doesn’t look right somehow.  The textured shades provided are fantastic though, and I’m happy with them. You can change the boots sizing and colours either through the hud or through clicking on the shoe and using the menu. I found using the menu worked better for me, but everyone is different.

One caution, the boots are 399L on the market place and are 499L at the store.

To make it a modern retro feel, I added this great hair do by Clawtooth by Clawtooth, one of my favourite hair stores. This one is called Could I resist? and the colour I’m wearing is called Orange You Glad. That colour comes in the Exquisite Reds Pack. Demos are free and the packs are 275L each for 5 colours, my only complaint about Clawtooth hair is no variety pack having one each of the major hair colour groups, which is what stops me from buying more then I do, I generally tend to buy more from companies that offer those.

I love the necklace and earrings I found in my inventory for this, it’s from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry, and it’s his Chakra Boho Beads necklace and earrings in Pumpkin. To me it looks like vintage macrame jewelry.  It’s perfectly made, with each prim wonderfully placed, the closer you look the better it looks. At just 189L for the set, it’s a steal. You can try  it out with the demo before you buy, to make sure you like it with what you are trying to wear it with. I find demos for jewelry invaluable, I don’t know how often I’ve bought something I thought would work and it didn’t quite make it. I remember one 100L pair of pants I was trying to model that I ended up spending 3K on jewelry before I found something that was just perfect. It wasn’t a good day. Of course I never have that problem at Luc…thank goodness!

PS – this jewelry set comes in 8 colours, just in case orange isn’t your favourite colour….although how could it not be, orange rocks, it has attitude…it’s…it’s..Orange…

The nails I’m wearing are from [Virtual/Insanity] and are their round nails, in the style Lacey Spring Nails which sell for 150L and come in 3 sizes, 10, 20 and 30 hand sizes. The set has 8 colours, and are changed by clicking on one of the nails and following the menu.   The nail glove I’m wearing is one that came with the skin, something I would love if every skin designer started to do. This skin is done by Izzie’s and she is only one of 2 designers I have seen do this so far, but I hope more follow suit. With the popularity of prim nails it would be great if designers started making gloves that we could wear under them in the proper skin tone, it’s an item that wouldn’t take long to make but would add a lot of perceived value to the skin package. There, how is that for marketing speak. Are all you skin makers sold yet?

Last but definitely not least, probably my favourite item of this blog, is the skin.  This skin is from Izzie’s with is one of my Top 5 shops I couldn’t live without. This is the Gala skin she created for the One Voice event, and 50% of the money spent on this skin is being used to raise money to go to the legal fund for Gala Phoenix to get her Curio Skins back on the market  by fighting a copyright challenge. One Voice is over but you can still buy this great skin and donate to the cause by getting it at Izzie’s shop.

There are 3 tones of this skin, I’m wearing the Gala in Caramel the darkest. Each tone costs 1,000L. Now you only see the basic skin in the photo but you get so much more then that. It’s really a fatpack of looks. You  get a version of the skin in all the major eyebrow colours , one with and one without cleavage.  You get the Gala shape, which is a copy/mod shape, so important these days when you have to change your shape to fit mesh clothing.  I’m  not wearing the shape, as I like to wear skins on my shape to provide a steady reference for all my readers, but it is a pretty shape. You get 5 different colours of lip tattoos and 5 different colours of eyeshadow tattoos.  If you are a freckle fan, you get two options, one just on the face and one on the face and body.  I’m wearing the green eyeshadow tattoo.

As discussed above, you even get a glove that covers your nails in the exact right colour for your skin making prim nails meld seamlessly.  *hugs Izzie for that*

Every persons opinion on this varies but I think that tattooed make up looks the best when it’s made by the person that created the skin, so I like it when skin designers have a lot of tattoo make up. The one exception to this is Mock, her make up rocks on a lot of skins, but not even she can look good on everything with every make up.  Izzie has a huge amount of tattoo make ups, and I am wearing her rust lipstick today from her dark vibrant lipstick collection which has 10 beautiful shades of lipstick for 190L. She provides demos with all of her tattoos so you can check them out to see how they work before you buy, which was something I really appreciated and took advantage of. I just wanted to show you how well her other tattooed make up looks with her skins, and as you can see, it looks great. So your options when you get this skin are     almost unlimited depending on what add ons you purchase.

My eyes are from Amacci..they are her Gaze eyes in Joy…the big version. The Gaze eyes come in a huge variety of colours, all with the life like look you see above. You get big and normal sizes of the eyes for 120L.  Very pretty eyes, and they always seem to have just the colour I’m  looking for to make any look pop.

Photograph information – The photo was done on my PNP Photo Studio with the back ground from their New Orleans Pack photo 8.  Still in love with the studio, almost up to 1,000 backgrounds…woot!

Poses I used are from Manifeste, Photo #1 – full body shot – 187, Photo 2 – Outfit Shot – 186, Photo 3 –  Nails – 200, Photo 4 – Face 189.


I saw this new outfit Kira by Ydea Style, it was love at first sight and there was a lot to love. Everything I have on in this photo other then the hair and the skin is from the talented hand of designer Emy Burt. Boots, Stockings, Belt, Glasses, the oh so killer sexy outfit, EVERYTHING.  Which is why it all matches so well, and why I can’t take credit for how great I look.

I love everything about this outfit, from the great little touches like resize script in the belt, belts are a pain to edit. To the fact that you can modify the sleeves to get them to fit exactly how you want them. The stand up collar looks great but it’s not so high that it ends up sticking up into your hair, and it’s well done enough that I had no problems moving it so that it was spot on with start of the collar on the top. Sometimes that can be tricky, but this outfit is made well enough that it works.

I like that you have two options for panties, with and without stockings. I find that stockings tend to look funky in SL, they stretch on the leg at the crotch no matter how well made they are, and it’s nice to have the option not to wear them if you are in a fussy mode that day. Sometimes I don’t care if they look funky, sometimes I do.  I’m erratic, sue me. I have to admitt, these stockings do look great on though. And the boots, from the liquidy texture to the shiny silver heel, what is not to love there.

Now I went to the store expecting to be wincing at a price tag of about 800L but no..this whole fanstics outfit is only…WAIT FOR IT…390L…Yes…390L…Yes..that does include boots. Now the really good news is that it comes in black too, so you can get it in 2 colours for less then the price I expected to pay for one. Score!

Have we told you today we love you, Emy?

I had to give you a rear shot of this outfit, so you know you will look as good going as you will coming.  Heck, better.

So get a copy of Kira today, and torture your friends by not telling them where you got it, for at least an hour or two, until they really really beg.  You don’t want a reputation for being too easy.

You should also check out the section of the store to your right when you are there looking at Kira, she has a huge section of stuff for her group members, and group membership is free.

Of course this outfit would not have been complete without the skin which is by Exodi it is her Isolde skin in the Soliel skin tone, and this is make up number 5 – for a better look at this wonderful skin see my blog  here. The skin is gorgeous and well worth a look. It sells for 1.000 lindens per skin or for a better deal buy a line oof 5 skins  for 3k or a megapack of 15 skins for 7,500L.

My hair is by Loq, the Queens of the Modern Knotted Updos, this one is called Pure Beauty. This one I got from The Dressing Room – Blue, but if you missed that, there are plenty of other designs in their shop that you will love.  Promise.

The poses are from Estetica and are from two pose packs that are currently on sale for 75L each until April 1st. The pose packs are called C’mon get quirky and Pretty and Smart. I used Peeking down the hall for picture one and Turning the other cheek for picture 2.

I saw some items this week in the Lazy Sunday specials from Republic and I wanted to cover them. They have this top, a pair of tailored brown shorts and the boots I’m wearing all on sale today for 50L each.  I love the tied up ivory shirt with it’s prim tie, and great texturing, but I’m not a great shorts person, so I skipped those and went right for the short brown boots. You can’t have too many short brown boots.

Yesterday I bought these wonderful pants at Indie Rose at their taste of SL special for 75L. You can still get that special today if you rush. She also has a yellow blouse that she puts with it for a rather severe school teacher look. I know it scared me! I love high waisted pants though, my waist and hips are too big for them I guess, in a fashion sense, but I’ve never really found men that looked at me and went…eewww..big ass. So it’s all good.  I love the very textural look of these pants, you get the feeling you can reach out and touch the thick soft linen under your fingers, feel the separate threads move as you rub it against your thumb and the surprising lightness of it for it’s heft. I enjoy the textural contast with the lightness in colour and feel of the shirt.  I think they come together to make a surprisingly sporty look.

It’s been a long time since I have been to Indie Rose, these pants are a good reminder of what I have been missing. I’ll have to go back soon.  Very very soon.

The skin I’m wearing is a new skin type from Style By Kira, named Stefani in Tone 1…this is the freckled version with cleavage of skin 01A. You get both freckles and not with cleavage and no cleavage for 50L this week while it’s the Yduck special. This is one of the best skins that Kira has brought out, and the 50L is a steal, the 600L she normally sells it for is a bargain.  I’m wondering if this or Tomoko is going to end up being my favourite. Time will tell. Going to be hard to surplant Tomoko.

The eyes I’m wearing are the Aquamarine Slurl eyes by Amperlope. I wasn’t very happy with the photo for the Violet ones yesterday so you get a better picture today with these. It was too hard to get a good picture of the eyes under the hat, but if you missed the write up of these eyes, please look back at the post here. These eyes sell for 75L a colour and I have just too many good things to say about them to put it all down again.

The hair is Talia in Auburn, from Calico Ingrann Creations. You know how much I love Calico’s hair, it’s got the best curlly hair in the game as far as I’m concerned and this design is a great sample of that skill. A long hair that floats and plays in the air but doesn’t go all medusa on you. While you are there check out her weekly half price hairs.

I just wanted to give you a close  up of the brown Aly boots that you get for 50L today from Republic.  I like the minimalist look of the boot, nothing too fussy or fancy about it, just nice lines, nice details, well done textures. If you don’t get 50L worth of wear out of this, I’ll eat my pair of these boots!

Poses – Helamiyo – Front – I’m too sexy – Face – No, I’m not cute – Shoes – Oh Hai

The way the real life economy is going these days, most of us have to make the most of the SL economy, so it’s great when to wonderful stores have great sales at the same time, and that is what is happening right now. Republic and Absolution are turbocharging your lindens by putting almost  everything in their stores on for 50L.  That means you can get this High Voltage Dress in Woodbine from Absolution for only – yes, you guessed it – 50L.  A+ for math for everyone! I know this is a dress, but I’m looking forward to trying it as a top.  I thiink it would work great with a pair of jeans too.

The skin I’m wearing is from Republic, it’s her Estelle line, in the Cool Bisque tone, and the Seductress make up palette and yes…50L. Woot. Score!

I love purple and green together, hey, it works for flowers, so I tossed on a lovely necklace I spotted a while back at DKD Jewelry and Accessories, a shop I think we will be hearing a lot more of in the future. I’ve looked at her and her partner’s stuff and they are showing real and rapid grown in their design skill, which is always wonderful  to see.  Too many designers don’t challenge themselves, but you can see these guys love what they do and throw their heart and soul into their business just by talking to them for a few minutes.  I love this necklace and earring set called Wicked.  It comes in 5 colours, is simple enough to go with anything, but fancy enough to look great with anything, If that makes sense to any mind by my own little warped one. The price is extremely right for jewelry at 165l for a necklace and earring set, the earrings are great I just have on big hair and you can’t see them or save 225L and buy the fatpack of all 5 sets for 600L.  That’s what I did.

One good thing, if they keep making good stuff, I’ll learn how to spell accessories from writing out their name. It’s one word that has continued to confound me. I must have looked at it 5 times in their shop today to make sure I got it right, and probably still got it wrong. *makes a wrinkly nose face and changes their name to something spellable, because the universe does revolve around me*

The hair I’m wearing is one of the new Amacci hair do’s called Coralee.  I like it which is surprising, I’m not normally a “big hair” kinda girl, but this manages to be fluffy volume without going into the outrageous, and I don’t have a ton of hair sticking out of my shoulders and chest which is normally the big issue I have with this kind of hair do. I don’t know how the designer did that, but kudos for it. As always Amacci hair packs are 250L for a shade pack of at least 6 shades, and 900L for the fatpack for those of us who must have it all.

These boots are from Republic and are called Aly Boots and the colour is Blush. One woman’s blush is another woman’s purple. Looked purple enough on my screen to go with the necklace anyway.  Colours are so subjective in the world of differing video cards.

But whatever you want to call these boots, the price is right, the fact that you don’t have to colour match skin to wear them is a really nice change from my norm these days and they even are scripted for size change in case your ankles stick out a bit which mine did. I’m not getting fat, it’s water weight. Honest. *pout*

This outfit features Absolution’s clothing again starting with the orange Short Sleeve Henley Top from the autumn pack. Yes, pack. You get 3 tops for 50L. *grin*.  I really really love these pants, they are the Jeggings in Dark, which I guess is a combination of legging and jean, not sure if you can actually make that in rl and I don’t care, I like it here.

This skin by Republic is also Estelle in Cool Bisque but it is the makeup Autumn and I really love it. It just pops with the red hair.  This skin comes with 2 eyebrow options by the way, because the designer realizes that different shapes need different eyebrows, and I’m glad she did. Eyebrow one looks horrid on me, but eyebrow 2 I think looks pretty good.

The hair that is making this skin pop so nicely is by Calico Ingman Creations and is called Maggie. I’m wearing the Auburn colour which is found in the Calico’s Picks pack. I really really really can not say enough about the Calico’s picks pack. When you mouse over it, it says it has 10 colours in it, I don’t know how they did that counting, because I count 20. And then you get double that by the fact that if the design is highlightable, you get every one of those copies in a highlight version, so you can choose to wear it with or without the highlight script. These are all great colours including colours that are my favourites, they really are the ones that I would pick if I was picking the best.  Other packs like it at other designers have one blonde, one red, one brown, one black. This has several of each. The first few times I saw it on the board I didn’t even look at it because I thought it would be so expensive there was so much stuff in it, but it’s only TWO HUNDRED LINDENS!!!!!! So if you are a person that likes to wear a lot of shades, this is the best deal in SL.  Her other packs offer similar numbers of colours, I have to say her colour lines are probably the most extensive I have seen. She has 3 different colour packs for each basic hair colour except black which each  have 10 colours in it and then a tipped pack. These go for 200L each or you can get all 4 of those packs in a “all of one colour pack” for 600L.  Or you can get an all colour pack for 1,000 linden and watch your inventory number fly up!

Last but definately not least are these sexy shoes from Republic. They are called the Jaxon Wedge and this one is the light olive. The come in a number of colour lines all with light, medium and dark. It’s soooo hard to pick which ones to take. At 50L a pop, and with a shoe this fun and funky, just take them all and save yourself the headache of skin matching shoes for a while. You have my permission. Be lazy.

Poses are a real grab bage this week

Picture 1 – AnnaH – I feel Sexy  – Picture 2 & 3 – Tuff Mainstore – Meu 1 – both shops no longer exist

Picture 4 –  Still Life – Sublime Cunning  – Picture 5 & 6 – Still Life  Fickle Fuddle Fudging



It’s the last day of the first week of It’s On Sale, and I wanted to show you some stuff that you might not have picked up yet, but that you might not want to miss.  This sale isn’t a one week event, but a weekly thing, so look out next week for more stuff, I’m eager to look to see what the week will bring myself, but don’t let this weeks sales leave you in the dust without seeing them all.

Join the group here!

This dress by [Wap] Designs is called Black Roses, and is totally in keeping with some people’s spirit of Valentine’s Day. I know right about now if I see another heart, I’ll puke. Everyone raise their hand if they have had SL Heart overload. It’s like seeing clothing in pumpkin orange at halloween. I love orange, but by November first, I never want to see it again. This dress comes with a lovely lace collar, gives is quite a gothic feel, but in the spirit of the holiday, and to add my own spin to it, I change that to a red necklace, but don’t think I didn’t like the collar, because I did.

The bodice of this dress is covered in drawn roses, which are hard to capture in photograph but easier to see in the game. The skirt is a lovely tiered skirt, tons of prim pieces moving in a flow when you walk, swirling around you when you swivel or dance, but always seeming to provide full coverage with barely a peek of leg. The skirt comes with a resize script which is helpful with tiered skirts like this.

This dress is extremely versitile. It makes the perfect base for soft innocent dress if accessorized like this, or  you could go all chains and spikes and skulls and have a great dress for a Goth look, it’s all in how you dress it up. Dresses like this are magic in any inventory because they are always appropriate and they will always fit any occasion, match anything you want to put them with.

The dress is regularly 350L but is on sale for 175L for those that are fast!

This beautiful shape and skin combination is from Style By Kira. The copy/modifiable skin is in the “It’s On Sale” promotion by itself normally 800L on sale for 400L, or you can get the fat pack which includes the shape, 5 skins, which are normally 600L each, including the one I’m wearing above, for 1,000L down from the normal 2,000L price. So, 400L for shape, or 1,000L for shape plus 5 skins. That’s a no brainer. Demos available for both skin and shape.

The shape and skin are called Sera and the specific skin number is 01E

The hair is from Ploom, they are not in the “It’s on sale promotion but they are having a sale where the red and pink hair, of some styles are currently on sale for 100L per pack. There is a ton to choose from. I picked the Liva style in ketchup. Fantastic colour isn’t it? Out shines the poppies.  Unfortunately the greatest hair style every made, Dusty Beehive is not one of the ones on sale. A Minute Of Mourning. *sobbies*

The necklace is by Paper Couture, one of the most unique jewelry designers in SL, Cora Lu. Unfortunately the store seems to be shut down. Luckily for us, we can still buy it on Second Life Market Place. This necklace is called Garnet Nest Necklace and is 280L. The link will lead you right to all the goodness. Be sure to check out all Cora Lu’s fun and fabulous designs. I’ve sent them out often as gifts, and they have always been hits. On the few occasions that they have been duplicates of what people had, she has always exchanged them. It’s nice when you can depend on great customer service.

Last but never least, the shoes. These are Jannifer boots in Red Stingray. They are one of the SIX colours of Stingray leather boots that are on sale right now for 50L each until 6 pm SL time today at Republic. These boots are normally 349L so this is a fantastic savings, and the dark red colour goes perfect with burgundy and things like this garnet necklace. One can not live on street walker red alone, sometimes subtle is the word of the day.

The poses used today are from Olive Juice and are from the Real Women Have Curves pack and the Crazy On You pack. These packs came out for 50L each for 50L Friday. It’s past noon on Saturday and they are still 50L so if you haven’t picked them up yet, do so!

Picture One – Jump For Your Love, Picture 2 – Interpretive Dance, Picture 3 – Crystal

A few weeks ago, before I got the flu that my husband and kid now have, I did a post on a group gift that Has Been put out called Iva. Well while I’ve been lazing around being sick, Terri has been hard at work, doing alternative versions of this uberly  sexy outfit. If uberly is not really a word, I hereby declare it is, stating precedent that shows that language is a fluid and evolving beastie. Besides I am the ruler of Tapikaville, even if that’s because it has a residency of one.

Above is the purple version of Iva number 1, it also have black versions of everything I’m wearing in purple and purple versions of everything I’m wearing in black, as well as panty and garterbelts that can be worn on their own with the corset. 

I  love this Iva pack 2, this has all the pieces in black and the colour you pick, berry which is a pink, purple, red or  like I’m wearing, blue. You can mix and match pieces like the outfit above but I went for a full blue colour this time for something different. I love the short corset, and the cute skirt. This is definitely something you could wear out of the house.

This is Iva dress version 3, and it’s my favourite, if somenone stuck a gun to my head and made me pick. It’s longer skirt makes it great for shopping, I love the long sleeves with the ruffled prim cuffs, and the fact that it still manages to stay sexy.

This is the corset pack, which is regularly 50L. You get one corset that is completely black, one that is black with your colour choice for lacing and one that is your colour packs colour with black lacing. There is both uncovered breast and taped breast options in a variety of layers.

Now all the dress sets…1, 2 and 3 are 200L each for each pack. They are on sale at the moment for 100L each, and the corset set is on sale for 25L each. That sale was officially over yesterday so it will be changing when Terri gets around to it.  There is go news though, if you are a member, you can buy the whole 3 packs of dresses with corset pack in your colour choice for 250L if you are a member.  Membership is just 100L and you get 2 free gifts still. That sale lasts til Thursday

The necklace that I am wearing is called Laced and Feathered by Malsa Fine Jewelry Design. This is a brand new jewelry store, and this is one of her first releases. This is the colour the flower comes in. Now as you can see above I took advantage of the fact that the jewelry is copy/mod to make copies and change the flower to match the colour of the outfit that I was wearing. Because I had to remove her hand drawn texturing on the flower, I compensated for that by making the petals low level shiny.  I had her permission to do that in the blog, she said she wouldn’t have left it mod if she didn’t mind people adjusting it to match.  Her original hand textured version of course looks the best, so I wanted to leave you with the picture of it.

The necklace is 149L and is copy/modify/no transfer.

The skin is a new skin line from Style By Kira called Kate, her first two skins are out now for 75L each, this one called Kate 01A and the fantasy version called Kate 01A Fantasy. I love the skin tone of this skin and the strong facial features. I would really suggest trying it today.

The hair is a hair I have blogged before from Calico Ingnam Creations called Nova in Mocha.

The shoes that I have been wearing in all these shots, and which should really not be showing up as well as they do above is Republic’s entry in the new game wide event called “It’s On Sale”. Merchants who want to participate put at least one item on sale for a week for at least 50% off. Republic took that concept and RAN with it.

They took their gorgeous Jannifer boot, in their stingray leather, and trust me my photos can not do this boot justice, you have to run the camera right up against it to appreciate just how beautiful this texture is. It can take as close an examination as you want to give it, not like some textures which are so better off seen at a distance. Any light source moves along the leather as you move your camera. I spent 10 minutes just zooming in and out watching that. I blame Teresa Republic for how long it took me to do this post.  I spent at least 30 minutes drooling at all the colours of those shoes in her store. At 349 a pair I’m so going to be broke, because I’m coveting them all.

But right now we have gotten a real big break. Republic didn’t put 1 pair on sale for 50L…they didn’t out 2 pairs or even 3…they put all 6 of the stingray leather colours on sale for 50L a pair.  Warning though, be prepared to be tempted by all the other colours. Oh shiny is a phrase meant to describe the colours some of these boots come in!

There is a whole row of colours she called patents that are dark and rich with a soft glitter that seem to have learned my name somehow and keep calling me….Tapika…Tapika…*whimpers and chants her “I must reduce my inventory” mantra*. Maybe some of you that don’t have 110K inventories can give them good homes.

My poses today are from Exposeur Poses & Animations and are all taken from the Top Model Spring ’11 Intro pack

Iva Dress 1 – Angelia, Iva Dress 2 – Kasia , Iva Dress 3 – Sara, Corsets – Brittani, Face and Footwear – Dominique

This week got off to a great start when Ibizarre came out with it’s new line of mini skirts, called Kayla, 5 colours in all for 120L each.  The one I’m wearing up top is called wine stripe, and it comes with the eggplant leggings I’m wearing. The leggings even have prim bottoms, but I forego them in favour of boots. Each skirt comes with it’s own matching colour of leggings, they don’t all get eggplant. One of the great things about the skirt is that it comes with an alpha layer that gets rid of your butt, so unlike a lot of sculpty skirts, it’s not always sticking through your skirt when you move. Great idea!

Last night when I was trying to pull this together I was on like day 8 of a miserable migraine, and I was past the point of being able to think, I begged my friend Lashae to come and help me and she road in on her white horse and took me to *Boom*.  She pointed me to their Sixteen Mini Dress in Lilac. I don’t know why *Boom* calls this dress Sixteen, because it’s not because there is 16 colours, I count 36 nummy luscious colours. If the Linden Fairy had been kinder to me, I would have bought them all, because this is an investment that would pay off.  You can wear these as a mini-dress like they are intended, or like a top as I have here, they are incredibly versatile, with the number of shade they have you would be able to match anything or use it for anything. Even justifying the purchase of that weird colour of shoe that you really want but don’t have anything to wear it with. Well the colour to wear it with would be in here, if you had the fatpack, no need to feel guilty about buying that shoe. You need it. Honest!

The dresses are 225L each or 4,000 for the gluttony pack. That so has to be renamed to “Ready For Anything” pack.  Gluttony sound bad, “Ready for Anything” sound virtuous. I’m am almost a boy scout if I buy that pack. Well aside from the breasts, lack of dangly bits and inability to build a fire from nothing but the contents of my pockets. If you want someone to do the math for you, buying the “Ready for Anything” pack will save you 4,100L. See, you will not only be prepared, but you will be thrifty!

I’m not trying to talk myself into going back and buying that or anything…no..not me. *Shifty guilty look that you don’t need the Lie To Me guy to read*

The shrug is from a Last Call outfit called Ally. Yes, I’ve been in SL for that long. Someone hand me a cane.

This gorgeous skin was actually a prize in Oceane’s Body Boutique‘s last hunt.

I was going to the village to take some photos of my outfit a day or so ago, noticed there was a hunt on, slapped on wire frame mode and picked up a couple of the bottles. I am pretty burned out on hunts, until I know there is something worth looking for aka I’ve seen the hunt prize on a blog then I don’t go hunting, and I only hunt where I know I’m going to see a good prize not every store in the hunt circuit. I have enough crap in my inventory I need to go through and get rid of, I don’t need to spend my time looking for more, it’s time better spent getting rid of what I already  have.  So needless to say, I just grabbed the few bottles I saw as I was walking on my way, and didn’t think anything more about it. Today I noticed I got a skin, curious because I had never really tried an Oceane skin, despite being a self confessed skin slut, as it just didn’t seem to be a skin line marketed to me, more for Goreans and the like.

Well slap me a couple of times and call me a fool. This is gorgeous! Face and body.

I’m definitely going to have to pay more attention to Oceane’s shop in the future, because I don’t like making being a fool a habit.  This skin exactly doesn’t appear to be on sale, but she has a whole skinline out like it called Jade, and this skin tone is called Honey.  So hop on down and try on some demo’s so you can prevent being as foolish as me.

The great necklace you see here is from +plus, a shop I haven’t heard enough about lately. They make shapes, purses and belts but what I really like is the JEWELRY.  A girl can never have too much jewelry . The seem to specialize in bright shiny plastic looking jewelry, which is often just what you want. They banish it to the upstairs though so don’t give up looking for it.  I’ve had this necklace called Amy forever and wear it often. It’s amazing how often it’s just the right touch I need. I was happy to see it still for sale and that they haven’t changed their always great pricing. It’s 120L.

The hair is a The Dressing Room offering from Exile that is gone now called Bronwyn. Gone at least in the colour I’m wearing, but the hair design itself is available in all of Exile’s rainbow of shades at Exile’s shop at their normal prices.  The packs are 250L each or a big fatpack of everything for 1,000L.

Now the boots. I wanted to showcase some of Azoury’s boots, but when I tried some of theirs on that I already owned, the textures were just too shiny to go with the feel of this outfit. Could the lack of non shiny boots be because I’m attracted to shiny like a crow and don’t buy non-shiny things without a reason?  Mayyybeee. So I went to the store and looked around, because with the selection they had, there had to be something! I found just the thing, their Les Bottines Centauree.  Perfect gray stripes and black stripes.  Somehow when I put them on though, they just stood out a bit too much I felt, so no problem, Azoury was kind enough to make them modifiable. I just used a colour picker on my skirt and found out that the RGB on my skirt’s purple was 114, 97, 103, so I went into the boot, added the colour and boom, I had the boots up top which I used in the photo.  But the boots at the bottom are the great boots that you will be getting and if you ever want to shade them for an outfit, you know it’s entirely possible and they will look great!

Oh and the price of these boots? 99l like all Azoury footwear.