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Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Front  - Dare - All Assumptions Aside

I know that in SL it’s always winter til after Christmas, but I’m Canadian and even though we have only had a miraculous 2 days with snow on the ground so far this winter, I’m already tired of it so I’m rushing spring in SL even if I can’t do it in real life. So instead of a winter coat or reindeer sweater or something christmasy , I’m wearing this fantastic VIP group dress from Maitreya called Long Jersey Dress. It’s a limited edition colour of a regular store release, that is only going to be out for VIP group members to buy for a small period of time. It’s selling for 225L which is 1/2 the price of the store release versions.

I find it hard to say just how much I love this dress. I know how much a lot of people were let down by the early mesh designs, but that faint early glimmer of promise those clumsy first attempts at mesh showed, this dress bring to fruition.  Until they somehow make mesh fit us so we don’t have to change our shape to fit it, mesh is not going to get any better then this design. There isn’t one pose in my AO that this dress doesn’t look good in.  Legs apart, legs together, legs crossed, turned sideways, turned back, arms crossed…you name it, this dress just keeps looking great. The shading is spectacular. Onyx LeShelle is brilliant at shading in ways that are organic to the way the dress moves, so it just always looks – well – just right. I can think of no other way to put it. I wish I could take credit for the great looking belt, but that is a part of this dress.

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Side - Anya The Captie_001

I tried this pose just for giggles, but I can’t get this dress to look bad doing anything. Believe me, there are not many things in SL that you can use this pose on and not look like an idiot in or not have to edit 3/4 of the things you are wearing to make them look Ok. I didn’t have to touch a thing!

This also gives you a good look at the shoes I’m wearing, the Maitreya Gold Liaison. This shoe is 875L each or 2000L for a mini fatpack of 4. You can also get a fatpack of all 24 colours for 9,990L . I got the mini fatpack of #6 which includes Cocao (which I’m wearing in the photo), Lemon (A bright lemon yellow), Apple ( A muted Apple Green) and Shiver ( Sort of a mix of pale olive and clay). I got this fatpack because it seem to me to offer the best mix of colour, most of the packs are single colour packs, 4 blues or 4 pinks or even 4 taupy shades

I must admit I am pretty confused by the options on these shoes. You can change the sole colours…4 different options…which is nice, but not something I really care about. You can use or not use the ankle strap, but for someone as fussy as I am about matching skin…that isn’t really an option, even with skin matching as close as I have in the picture above it still left a noticeable line. I guess you could leave it off if you put on the tube ankle warmer option, but they look pretty ugly…and the only good thing about socks..the not having to match is take away by the fact the tube doesn’t go all the way to the end of your feet so you still have to match skin anyway. The on standard shoe option that almost every high priced shoe has is the ability to change silver metal to gold. These shoes have silver heels and you can’t change them to gold. To me this is a big limiting factor in what I can wear them with. I mostly buy gold jewelry, so these shoes will see limited wear. Too bad. I like them.

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Torso - Dare - Where's My Ring Now

The nails I’m wearing here are from Izzie’s and are her Long French Nails Set. With this set you get prim nails set to 3 different sizes, 10, 15 or 20. I’m wearing the size 20. They have 20 different colours, all with the white tips you would expect with french nails and are changable with a hud. Each nail set comes with a hand posed One of the best things about Izzie’s nails is that they come with 13 tinted gloves, and if the colours she has don’t match, she has a white one that for some reason I find a lot easier to colour then all the other gloves I’ve ever coloured.

All that is just 199L which is a great deal when a lot of places charge more then that for 5 colours.

I wanted a nice wooden bead set to go with this outfit and the Kenya Set in Cedar from PurpleMoon worked out perfectly. Nice wooden beads are surprisingly hard to find in SL. The Kenya set comes in a rainbow of colours each for 175L but there is no fatpack option which is rare for PurpleMoon.

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress - Face - Lauria - Oh So Darking 1

The skin I’m using is one of the latest skins from Glam Affair that is for sale at Collabor88. This is the new Amberly Skin in Europa Frostbite 03. Glam Affairs is offering 3 skins this month, each for 188L, a steal for a skin of this quality. If you can appreciate a pale skin this skin is for you.

The eyes I’m wearing are from Amacci. There are very few designers that can do it all, poses, hair, skin, eyes but Carina Larsen can. These eyes are her new Look eyes, in my opinion her most beautiful eyes to date. These pair are her Burnt Sienna set. Every eye comes with a big or normal version and prim sparkles for each eye. These are very nice sparkles, not horrid blingy things from way back when that you  think of when you  think of sparkling  jewelry etc. Back in the bad old days when everything in SL blinged or sparkled.

You can buy these eyes one at a time for 120L each or get what you really are going to want and get the whole fatpack of 33 eyes for 1500 lindens.

Photography Credits – I photographed this on my Katink Photography Studio, my true love, with a background from their Romance Pack 2 – Romance 20.

Poses – Photo 1 – Dare – All Assumptions Aside (Dare is closed but information given in case you have their poses)

Photo 2 – Dare – Anya The Captie

Photo 3 – Dare – Where’s My Ring Now

Photo 4 – Lauria – Oh So Darkling 01



I love red, but I have a long history of disliking the trappings of holidays. Be it red with white fur trim for Christmas, Orange pumpkins, shamrock green, or red with heart decorations, stores can keep it.  So while the early part of Febuary has  a ton of red items pouring into the stores, very few items actually have appeal to me. I like things you can wear after the holiday as well as before.

There are however a few treasures out there that you can get, this outfit is a happy mix of pieces that I found at Collabor88, The Fashion Garrett and The Dressing Room with some fantastic boots from Mentine for icing on the sexiness cake.

These boots are called Tycoon from Mentine, and they come with 4 different colours of brown in the package for 795L. I didn’t buy just the one boot though I went for their fatpack of colours for 2500. I can’t remember now but I think there was around 50 different shades of boots in that when I counted them out back when I bought them. That’s a lot of boots for 2,500L. If you can’t match what you are wearing with that colour combo, well, I guess it’s time for more shopping, but you will have to shop long and hard, because it’s probably a very hard colour to find.

These are boots that will be very hard to get bored with too. They have a sleek timeless look to them and a ton of options.  They have the turned down cuff top that I’m wearing now, a straight topped top, and they always have furred tops that are really cute for winter wear or just for fun. You can always have stiletto heels or wedges,  the metal toe part at the front can be removed, or just recoloured.  The sole and other parts can be coloured in a rainbow of shades. All of this is scripts in the boots so you don’t have to fiddle with huds.

The only thing I don’t like about the boots is they are not copy/no transfer. It would be nice if you could make a copy, make them the way you want them for an outfit and yank out the scripts for less lag. Them being no copy precludes this option entirely.

I still recommend them completely, don’t buy just one though, try the free demo..fall in love…and buy the whole fatpack, no point paying more money then you have to by  buying them one at a time and getting 2 or 3 or 4 pairs, when you can have them all for the  price of little over 3 pairs.

Here is a link to a free demo of the Tycoon boots on the market place, in case you are reading this away from your playing computer and want to order it so you don’t forget about the boots when you  get into the game

The skin which ties it all together is from Glam Affair, and is their entry in the current Dressing Room offerings.  Glam Affair is offering 3 versions of their new Linn skin, in 3 different skin tones and 2 different make ups. All are priced at 70L. Glam Affair skins are great at any price, but when you can get one for 70L it’s truly a win. 3 Skins at once for 70L is like Christmas in February.  The one I’m wearing is skin 02. All 3 skins actually looked good with this bodysuit, but I liked the dramatic look of this one.

The base for this great look is the wonderful body suit and collar from Nemesis call Flight Style. I’ve bought a number of body suits from Nemesis over my time in SL, they seem to have a real way with them. Unfortunately when I went today to check the landmark for The Fashion Garret the collection has changed, so if you didn’t pick this up already, you are out of luck . This Flight Style Bodysuit is still available in her store outlet but only in White, Black and Red at 200L each or 500L for the fatpack. These are so sexy, I would be tempted to get them all.

I’m sure most of you were like me though, and grabbed this great body suit when it came out. She does have a new bodysuit in the new Garrett collection, so grab it before it’s gone too!

The hair I’m wearing is called Duchess Braid by Vive 9, the shade is Ginger and I bought it at Collabor88. That colour comes in the Reds Tones that sell for 188L. If you like a variety of shades they do have a variety pack, but it only sells to group members. Their group pack is lower price though, 88L, so if you were going to buy both hairs they have at the event, it would be well worth it to pay the 150L joining fee to get the group sets at 200L off total for the 2.

Poses – Today’s blog was shot on the new photo studio I bought just this weekend, from PnP ~ 4.0 Mega Store, their Photo  Studio 3.0.  I’ve had an N30 Deluxe Modeling Studio for a  couple of years now, but I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of really usable back grounds for it. It has some great features but some of it’s draw backs are killers. The one I hate the most is having to start fresh every time I move, because the pack command doesn’t seem to work and the studio and pose stand don’t seem to know each other anymore.  The first time I moved I had 1,000 poses in my N30, I think I’m down to 400 now, because I just can’t be bothered to keep moving them in each time. I haven’t moved my PnP studio yet, even I don’t move that often, but I talked to someone who has, and they didn’t have any problems with the pose stand stopping working.

What I really treasure is how easy it is to use. Instead of reading a huge notecard that tells you everything you need to know, you basically can just jump in and start using it. It’s so dead easy it really needs no instructions.  They have made it so idiot proof even I can use it. Hiding and showing your pose stand is as easy as hitting the big red square on the control box, and with the control box you can keep switching poses with the pose stand hidden. It’s a great idea to have the control separate, because it’s frustrating as heck trying to hit buttons on a pose stand when they are covered by a gown. The pose stand comes with 50 great and varied poses to get you started with.

The studio is also priced right, costing only 1,250L. It comes in a no copy/transfer or copy/no transfer version so you can buy it as you want it.

The PnP modelling studio compared to the N30 comparison has a lot less bells and whistles, but those bells and whistles aren’t really anything I’m missing. I love the huge amount of backgrounds they have, and that you seem to be able to easily fit anything you want to upload into SL yourself into the studio (The N30 by comparison needs photos broken into 3 chunks). Their backgrounds are very reasonably priced, they sell a 10 pack for 100L and on the weekend they even have several on sale for 60L for the 60L weekends. A great chance to increase your library at very little cost.

The post today was made with the Dead End Pack you can see, all these backgrounds are great. Can you blame me for being seduced into buying a new studio? The textures are full permissions too so you can use them however you wish. It just doesn’t get any better then that!