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U Refined - Class Me Dress - Purple  Edited

I love me some sparkles, some glitter, some shine, I love just about anything bright and shiny as long as it’s not glowing or blinging. While I like the cat’s eye liner that is out there today, I miss the big bold shadows of a few years ago. It makes me sad that in this time of make up tattoos that so many designers are still just changing lipsticks on a lightly coloured neutral shadow skin and calling that a fatpack. I think you have to step up your game with imaginative colour combinations, great eyeshadows and lipsticks that work seamlessly with the skin making great looks .  To me great eyeshadows are crucial because while lipsticks seem to transfer well from skin to skin, eyeshadows are trickier.

When I was at the Skin Fair, I found a new to me company called RazzaNova, and I fell in love with all their make ups. They have in my opinion met all the criteria of “stepping up their game” to meet the new challenges of creating skins in a make up tattoo world. They tend to concentrate on making unique make ups for unique faces as opposed to the same make up in 4 or 8 different skin tones.  That is just fine with me, as I tend to wear all shades so I’m flexiable. I bought the Ashlee fatpack, which is incrediably priced for what you get. You get 10 different skins, all with very different make ups, none of which I dislike, none of which are boring and bland “natural’ looking skins. You get 10 lipstick tattoos in case you want to mix and match your lipsticks. I’m currently wearing the Kyoto’s Flower make up which is a perfect match to this outfit. I have to say that the Barbadoes make up is my favourite, it was the first one in the demo pack and the moment I tried it on I was hooked. Big time hooked. You also get a cleavage tattoo and undershirt layer and in all the individual packages you get a teeth tattoo.  The  teeth tattoo missing from the fatpack but it’s probably an oversight  and I bet the designer will send it to you if you ask. I never see people wearing teeth in the game so most people probably think they are as ugly as I do outside of photographs. In my not so humble opinion they just don’t work for game wear, which is why I don’t use them in photos. If it doesn’t work well in the game, I’m not going to put it in my blog. That’s probably why no one who has bought the fat pack has asked for the teeth tattoo, and why she hasn’t clued in that they are missing. I know I won’t be asking, I don’t need that extra item of inventory that I won’t be using. Myself, I much rather have a pair of gloves with skin coloured tips to wear with prim nails then teeth. I wish more designers would include that with there skins, that is more useful, I do see a lot of people wearing prim nails.

You also get the Ashlee shape which is modify/copy/no transfer. It’s a very nice shape and make this skin look more California Girl then it does on my shape. You get all this for 1,300. Only 130L a skin, not even factoring in the shape and lipstick tattoos it’s a great deal.  You can just buy the single skins for 420L, but the fat pack is so smartly priced if you like more then 3 skins you are silly not to buy it.  I’m a sucker for great fatpack pricing like this. While you are at the shop check out their newest skin Jane, I bought that fatpack for my bestie for her rl birthday last week, and she is loving it!

The pretty dress I’m wearing is from U:Refined Fashion and is their sale item in this weeks Fi*Friday event. The dress is called the Class Me Dress and comes in 5 bright and shiny colours and a sort of matt black. The colours are the purple I’m wearing, yellow, green, peach and pink. They all have the same great look as the purple except for the black which doesn’t have the sequins showing or any of the fine detailing that makes these dresses look so nice, it seems to have been textured just a  like it’s been coloured in with that dead black that you see too often with SL clothing. All the dresses have lola appliers included in the cost of the dress, which is a steal at only 55L, not bought separately like a lot of things you find at Fi*Friday so everyone should thank the designer very much for that! This dress has gotten more notice then anything I have worn in a while, I’ve had to ferry a whole bunch of friends to Fi*Friday to pick it up for themselves. When that happens you know you got something that looks good.

This dress is mesh, but is very easy to fit, all I did was wear my smaller breasted shape and I didn’t have to edit anything else. I love the keyhole openning in the sleeves,  A soft round detail of that sleeve cut contrasts nicely with the sharp angles of the zig zag pattern of the sequins of the soft gleamy satin. This dress even has the nice finishing touches I look for like hem marks on the bottom and sleeves. All in all a really great dress that I would have bought even if it was at full price. Being on sale is a just a big bonus!

The hair I’m wearing is also from the Fi*Friday event, from a designer that I look forward to seeing more and more each week, Atro Patena.  This is a guys hair called Lukas and is being sold in 3 different colour packs, blacks, brown and blonde for 55L each. As you can see though, it looks just a good on women too. I didn’t even had to edit down the size. There is no hair base included with this hair, and I have looked around his shop for free hair bases or hair bases/shaved sides to buy and I can’t find them. He does a lot of hair designs that need them, so it makes sense to me that he has them, but I can’t find them. I wrote to the designer asking, and he was on, but I didn’t get a reply so he might have been busy designing and not seen the message. Sorry for not being able to bring you accurate information, I tried. I’m using a shaved hair base from the Vanity Hair – Minuit.

For a small shop, it’s amazing how many items I have in my inventory from DirtyMind. They have something that just really appeals to me. Probably the percise texturing, great colouring, clean lines, the fact that they know when to stop…a lot of designers don’t and just add one too many details to their clothing and mess it all up. The earrings I am wearing right now are a great case in point. Nice, simple, perfect. These Big Hoop Earrings come in 10 bright fun colours for 100L each or a fatpack for 850L.

Finally the boots I’m wearing are an inventory find, I like to shake the dust off some of the stuff that designers did a long time ago but are still great today. G*Fields is a store whose designer makes shoes of quality that they are still good over time. These boots are her Short Ribbon Anna boots and are no longer for sale, but unlike most footwear in SL that is over 2 years old, it’s not ready for the trash bin, you can still wear them today.  Have a peek in your inventory and see if you have these and get reacquainted with an old friend. If you don’t have them, there are plenty of shoes and boots at G*Fields that would look great with this dress, have a look around the store.

Photography Credits – The photos were taken in my Katink Photo Studio using their new background set Concrete Soft Pack. This background pack gives you 10 backgrounds for 100L, and if you join their free group, and buy it this weekend, you get 50L back. Their new items are always 50% refunded to group members when you purchase them on the release weekend. Katink makes it easy to get a little variety into your photography. You can’t even upload textures for yourself this cheap.

Poses – Starting at the top right and going clockwise

Photo 1 – Corpus Motion – Model Pose 19, Photo 2 – Corpus Motion – Model Pose 9, Photo 3 – BRB Pose 444_01 (Now Mijn Boutique), Photo 4 – Amacci Model Pose 4 B

Center Photo – Amacci Model Pose 2 B