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Breathing Time - Silent Dress - Black

Breathing Time is the name of a great small shop with a lot of guys items and a few woman’s/unisex items such as this great Silence Dress which is he selling for 150L each. This smart mesh dress comes in a great jersey knit texture and in 4 great season appropriate shades.  Aside from the black I’m wearing there is a red, a really nice brown and a light gray. Even though I have had a firm “no gray” policy for years, because most of them just leave the people around you wondering when your outfit is going to load, this gray is close enough to white and has enough of a pattern in the texture..aka you can see the knit..that that should not be a worry.

The dress has great wrinkle placement, each one working perfectly to give you the look of a wrap around dress. There is even great detailing behind the dress with the seam lines that would be in a fitted dress of this type drawn in, at the shoulders and on either side of the neck to hem center seam. I love seeing little details like that. They make all the difference to me if the the dress is going to be a keeper or a trasher. It also features this years hottest item in dresswear, the asymetrical hemline. The hem of the dress peaks in the center and then dips down towards the sides of your legs. The alpha layer works very well, I didn’t have to do any body reshaping at all, and there are only a few places that you get that invis line at the dress edges at least on my shape. This being mesh, of course your experiance may vary. Unfortunately there is no demo for you to use to reassure yourself that this dress is going to look as great on you, as I think it does on me.

I also picked up the red watch I’m wearing while I was there.  This is his Chrono watch in matte red. This is one of the nicest most appealing watches I’ve seen in SL and to be honest the first one that has tempted me enough to actually buy it. Yeap, 140,000 + pieces of inventory and I have never bought a watch. Go figure. It reminds me of my rl watch, a titanium number from Denmark. I can’t wear regular watches because I’m allergic to nickle, so even with the leather banned watches, the clasp makes my wrist welt and bleed. My titanium watch has been a godsend. Breathing Time’s watches are highly detailed, minimalist in design, come in 5 great colours, and are only 90L a pop. They come sized for guys, but  there is a resize script in them so it took less then a minute to resize it and move it back into place.

The shoes. One can’t forget the shoes can one. These shoes are new out from Liv-Glam and are called XiuLan. These are fun and funky shoes, with a wide ankle cuff and a long leather fringe falling from the cuff over your foot to cascade to the floor. Add to this high heel that go down to a point worthy of a stiletto and a platform toe and it adds up to fun, funky and sexy shoe. Now because it’s from Liv-Glam it has 44 pantones on a hud, so it’s a HUGE fatpack for 375L. I guess that makes it Fun, Funky, Sexy and a Steal!


This shoe is on the Liv-Glam new hud. I included a photo of it above. As you can see the first option is “Touch for your shoes”. Yeap. You got it. The hud delivers your shoes. With Liv-Glams new huds you never have to keep a dress, a piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes in your inventory again. Just delete after each time you finish wearing an item. The next time you want to wear it, just put on the hud and hit the button and your shoes, dress, necklace and earrings, whatever is delivered to you. Yeah for inventory nirvana.

You can also see from the photo of the hud that these shoes come with 20 skin presets, these can be adjusted to darker or lighter by clicking on the bar on the right of the rainbow selector…just before the 5 arrows where you can save your adjusted skins.  Under those arrows there is a little picture of a microphone. If you click on that you can manually enter your skins RGB numbers, which is what I always do if I have the option. I’m lost when it comes to adding more green or taking away some blue…but give me colour cop and a number adder and I’m good to go.

Below the skins is the nail presets..lots of nail colours to pick from, but to be honest the nails aren’t the center of the show with these shoes not with all you have going on at the ankle and with the leather laces. Still nice to have.

Then below the nails is the one you are really going to like. All the colours this shoe can be. You are going to have fun with that. Lots and lots and lots and lots of fun. I think I played with it for 45 minutes.

The nails I’m wearing are from Fab.Pony, and are called Stripe 2/square tip/red and black. They are on sale for 30L just like everything in the store. It’s a closing sale that has been going on for several months. These are very nice nails that are a great deal. If you like prim nails I suggest a trip to the shop.

Breathing Time - Face

The skin I’m wearing is from Al Vulo and is her latest at The Dressing Room Fusion, Ramona Solstice,  but there are some changes to it. I  just bought it in two skin tones, Sunkiss and Honey, even though there was no demo, because it’s Al Vulo, for cheap. With Al Vulo at just 70L, what can go wrong? Nothing ever had before. She looks great on me.

Well apparently plenty this time. This skin had teeth, but I could have sworn other times when Al Vulo had teeth, she always had non-teeth version in the pack too. Not this time. Now I am the first to admit I have seen a lot of teeth skins used in blogs where they look absolutely cute. I do however think they look horrid in the game, that looking at them from anything but straight on makes them look utterly sad. Judging from the lack of teeth I see on people walking around, I’m not alone in this view.  It’s rare to actually see them on someone just playing the game. The eyeshadow just looked horrible on me too. That’s a first for Al Vulo. The skin itself looked beautiful. If you could just ignore the make up. Of course..that’s kinda hard to do.

Glamorize to the rescue! If you have never been to Glamorize you are in for a treat. This shop is owned by kind of a SL rebel, Yoko Leeeroy. She put out huge numbers of make up tattoos, well done make up tattoos, not horrible ones, at prices you won’t believe. She basically charges 1L a tattoo. If the pack has 7 shadow tattoos in it. It’s 7 lindens. Yes…7 lindens. If the package has 30 lipstick tattoos in it, it costs 30 Lindens. If she doesn’t sell 10 packages of some make up she doesn’t even make up her upload costs. Of course not all the shadows and lipsticks are going to look good with your shape, that would be impossible, but at 1L a tattoo, who care, you just buy them and try them, and toss them if they don’t work for you. It’s not like other stores selling 7 shadows for 350L and you buy them only to find out that style looks like crap on you.

I used the Glamorize Cranberry from her Smartmouth package which contains 40 lovely colours of lipsticks. As you can see this lipstick has just the right amount of shine and a great depth of colour.  For my eyes, I used the mint from her midnight haze eyeshadow collection, which comes in 5 colours. For those of you who are new to SL shapes, if you don’t have as much under eye shadow as I do and want to fix that, you get more shadow under your eye by increasing your eye bags. I have a fairly heavy eyebags on my shape. Only in SL can eyebags be beautiful.

So do I recommend buying this Al Vulo skin…heck YES…just know if you don’t like the lips or the makeup, you can use tattoos to get that out of it. Al Vulo’s skin work is second to none.

The hair I’m wearing is one I have seen in a few ads and I have thought every time I saw it “I want that hair” and I finally found it. I found it at Wasabi Pill and its name is Cookie. A cute name for a cute hair. Wasabi Pill isn’t a place I shop at very often, not because I don’t like her hair, because I most definitely do. I just like to be able to wear whatever colour hair suits me at any particular time, so I mostly shop in stores that have variety natural packs. There is nothing worse than wanting a red hair and only having the hair you want to wear in black, or wanting to be Japanese on a particular day but the hair you want to wear is blonde. I can’t afford to pay for fatpacks on all the hairs I want, I just buy too much hair for that sort of nonsense, so shopping in stores with variety packs is the answer for me.

This hair however I couldn’t resist buying, even if I could only get it in a brown pack. Individual colour packs are 250L each, and the complete pack is  1,500L.

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Magnifique Poses – I used her White Box Pose Prop which is now in the discount section for only 49L. A great deal for a nice pose box with 6 adjustable poses




Je Suis is having a 50% off sale for their first anniversary and tonight is the last night. All the prices will be marked back up sometime tomorrow. So if you want some of the great jewelry they make a half what you would usually pay, then now is your chance to get it.

The necklace and earrings I’m showing about is the Tente Fire Set.  What I didn’t realise about this set until I bought it, was that it is texture change to 11 different red gemstone textures.  There are also a variety of metal textures as well. None of these are mentioned on the Je Suis ads. It’s kinda nice to get more then you think you are getting for a chance, instead of the usual less then it seemed you were getting. I set this to the light coral and used a tattoo lipstick to match.

There are 7 different gem colours in the Tente set, aside from the fire above there is forest, sunset, sky, pinks, aqua and deep water.  There is also a bracelet that I’m not showing. What can I say,  I don’t like bracelets, so if the bracelet doesn’t come in a set that is cheaper then the necklace and earring alone, I’m not getting it, and I probably wouldn’t wear it for myself if I did get it.

The sale price of necklaces and bracelets are 75L and the earrings are 50L.

The skin I’m wearing here is from Filthy, it’s her June Group Gift skin in Tan. I took the liberty of putting a coral lipstick tattoo from Glamorize on it, but it’s beautiful without it. I love the great eyeliner. She does have a great pack of dollarbie lip glosses right at the group gift area.

This gorgeous set is called Boheme, and comes in just the necklace and earrings, although the word just should not be used with this set. Looking at it, at first glance you don’t realize that there is 168 prims in each earring and 222 prims in the necklace. This is some serious detailed tiny primwork.

It is also texture change. There are so many different types of beads and different textures in this that it’s really hard to describe them and not sound like a blithering idiot. Here goes my second try, here is hoping that it’s better then the first. The big circular donut shaped stones are texture change to 10 different textures, everything from Paua Shells you see above to different coloured Marbles.  You can change the metal beads and the metal detailing on some of the beads into one of 7 different metal colours. There are some gemstones in the necklace that you can change to 9 different gemstone textures like cinnabar, jasper and amber.  The little “pearls” under the big stones, they can be changed into 9 different wood textures. There are some nice glass beads in the necklace, and they can be changed into 11 different “ethnic” textures. Give yourself 5 minutes of playing with this, and you’ll will have a necklace you’ll never see on anyone else.  There is just too many possible combination to ever run into another one like it!

All this customizable goodness is yours at the low sale price of 175L for the necklace and 125L for the earrings. Any jewelry that is less then a linden a prim, is a great deal in my book!

The skin I’m wearing with this is Style by Kira’s Lulu Fantasy Skin 01I which sells for the low price of 150L. Another steal!

The final piece of jewelry I am showing you today is the Mysterious set. I’m wearing the necklace and earrings but it also comes in a bracelet and ring.  This set is also texture change. The gems texture change into 11 possible gem textures, choices like Lapis, Green Opal and Tiger Eye. There is also 5 metal change options, all quite lovely, I have to say that Je Suis has some of the nicest metal colours I’ve seen.

The necklace is 125L, the earrings are 75L, the bracelet 75L and the ring is 50L.

I must say that Je Suis has made a new fan tonight. I really am shocked that all these things are in this jewelry…and they never told us.

The skin I’m wearing is called Spring Skin from Nikojita Designs, it’s a 1L special so you can see how great their skins are.  The whole front wall of their store is covered will call kinds of really nice skins, I’m dying to get my hands on some of their Japanese skins.

I wanted a cute and sexy short hair for tonight, but I had trouble finding one anywhere. I finally found one at Uncleweb Studio, where I always take men to find hair.  They have a good selection of woman’s hair too, but I actually ended up with one of their guy’s hairs, Hibiki. They are smart enough to include women’s sizes in all their men’s hair too. The way this shop works is you buy one hair colour. I got the Angel Shine, and you get 2 different verrsions of the same hair do for 190L. Since most of the time, your more likely to wear a different hair then a different colour from the same tone batch, getting 2 hair styles for 190L works for me.

The outfit is an inventory find that is no longer available for sale, but most of you probably have it in your inventory. It’s from Kletva and it’s called the YPT body suit and it was sold at The Dressing Room. Most people have The Dressing Room stuff in their inventory somewhere.

Poses – This blog was photographed using Diesel Works great Polywall, a really wonderful pose prop, which like all their pose props and poses is on sale right now for 50% off! That makes the price currently 499L. Grab it while it’s hot!