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Front 1 E

[Liv-Glam] is soon bringing out a new department called Gracia, which is her new skin department. One of the new stars I think will be this new skin by Kira Paderborn called Britain. This fantastic skin is an amazing departure from the skins I’ve seen from Kira before. She has left behind for a moment the “girl next door” skins that I love from her, and has produced her first high fashion skin. It is coming out in 3 shades, from pale to dark, I’m showing you the darkest here today, shade 3.

Front 2EBritain also comes with oodles of shadow and lipstick tattoos to mix and match with for fun and great unique looks that you can call your own.  I’m wearing one of the two Britain shapes here today, which will also go on sale with the skin.  Watch [Liv-Glam] for an announcement soon for when this great skin hits the store! I’ll be back with more looks at the great make ups then.

Other players –

Hair –  ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Jade B in Black – This is great hair, with fun bounce and a great silhouette,  it needs a hair base, but those are pretty easy to come by in your inventory in Black.

Eyes – I used Mayfly Eyes again..I’ve been using hers a lot lately..for a good reason..they are fantastic. Today I used Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Midnight Oil.

Nails – Jamman’s Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V3  – This nail hud gives you 800 different nails textures and 11 different nail shapes. When you buy it they offer you unlimited upgrades and they really mean it. I have never bought a fashion product that has been improved as much as this has. There has been 2 versions out since I bought it, both with significant added features, things other stores may have sold other huds for, for example adding 5 sizes of rounded nails to the square and pointed nails. There are a ton of things to talk about this product and I’ll probably cover them another day when I have more time. About the only thing I can say that bugs me about it is that they have a whole hud page of 100 silver textures and 100 gold textures, and really about 20 for each colour would do. There is only so much you can do with metal textures and most of the textures are so similiar in appearance that you really have to cam to extreme close ups to see that your nails have even changed.  When the difference is that little who cares. It would have been nice to have some animal prints, natural and different colours instead. That is just 200 out of 800 textures though, the other 800 are quite varied.  The hud is 1499L which isn’t cheap, but I think it’s worth it, especially with the improvements that keep coming through.

Earrings – A&A Fashion – These are from the Dangerous Spike Earring and Necklace Set from The Dressing Room – Fusion. You get the whole set for just 60L.

Lingerie – This bra and panty is part of a dress from Angelic Lefevre Couture called Ops Dress White. It sells for 450L.

Shoes – I tried to match this skin with one of my new pairs of Gos Boutique shoes but since this skin is obviously not in their data base yet since it’s not out, I had to use the manual match. It was an utter failure. I could get it to match in the front but it was orange in the back,  pumpkin orange. That was with local lighting off. I shutter to think what would have happened when I turned on the lights and started with the shadows.  Yikes! So I went back to my most beloved Gos Pimp Your Pump V2 – Classic Platforms. I used my monotone add on here I believe because I shaded the shoe satin white and chose to use the dickie bow in front in satin black. I bought all the colour add on for this shoe. It’s one of my most used inventory items. My only complaint about it is he isn’t putting more colours out for it. The new boutique items are great..REALLY REALLY GREAT..I wouldn’t have bought 3 fatpacks if I didn’t think they were great…but sometimes you just need something that doesn’t need to be matched or that you can wear with stockings.

Photography Credit  – The Mannequins – Lost Angel Industries – Lots of prims – 3 poses – 325L


The Flawless Sim is having a 12 Days Of Christmas event and all the stores in the sim are having special Christmas Carts outside the stores where you can find special sale items and even some free or near free gifts.  Style By Kira is changing skins every day and putting one on near free. This is out right now and is called Nessima skin 02D and is 20L.

This shiny beauty of a dress is from 1 Hundred and is called Friday Night Red.  It’s on sale for 100L, and comes on all layers with a prim for the skirt. There is a lot of attention to detail in this dress. The skirt prim works wonderfully, I didn’t have to fiddle forever to find a pose that worked for it, it was hard to find a pose that didn’t work with it. I love the draping that is drawn on, which I imagine must be hard with a sparkly texture like this. Most designers have enough trouble with shadowing in a flat texture, let alone something where the play of light and dark is this complicated.

Besides, what matters the most is feeling, when I put this one, I just felt like putting on my Mandala nails and going dancing.  What more can you ask for in a party dress?

1 Hundred also has a Christmas gift all wrapped up in a pretty box for those that come shopping. It’s the pretty slit skirt I’m wearing in the photo above. It pairs perfectly with my Sn@tch Black and White Silky Cami.  Don’t forget to pick this gift up when you go to buy your little red dress.

This sexy lingerie is from Orquidea and is called Red Sheer Lingerie and is on sale for 100L.  I love all the perfect little details on this lingerie. The beautfully done line down the back. The transition line between the gripping lace at the top of the stocking to the regular stocking material. You see this on every real pair of stockings but rarely see it in SL stockings. The shoulders on this bra are perfectly matched…not a wiggle…not a millimeter out…and the strap thins as it goes around, as the lace moves to just elastic.  It might just be me, but the line between the satin and the lace on the bra gives it the illusion that the lace is almost a collar, which it isn’t, but I like the look. You can get cheaper lingerie out there, but they there aren’t many sets in SL that look like this. I almost made a quote about swinging at a cat and not hitting one, but fortunately I stopped..can’t get on the wrong side of Peta.

This is the first skin that Style By Kira put out at a discount, it’s now out for 200L, for those that didn’t get it the first day. Make sure you get there every day from now on so you don’t miss the rest of these great skins!

Non-sale items

Gos Pimp Your Pumps – Classic Platforms – Photo 3 – I love these shoes, you can wear them with stockings or just put them on and go without the worry of matching colour…come with a big assortment of different bows you can set with a wide variety of colours. 495 a shoe set. They have added colour palettes you can buy for just 100L each for 3 colours. Gos group members get 10% off.

Hair – Photo 1,2,3 – Likeli – Black Curly Fro – 195L – Wow…fantastic hair style, has now taken over as my favourite afro. I watched Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair” and saw all those beautiful Black women paying horrid amounts of money to get weaves for straight hair, and here I come to SL to get a fantastic afros. I remember getting a perm when I was 16 to get a great Afro. Killed my hair and it fell out in buckets so I never did that again. Everyone always wants what they weren’t born with. Humans are contrary creatures.

Photo 2, 3 – Mandala Nail Palate 1 – Medium – These nails are fantastic – 70 different colours, they come in  4 hand sizes, 5 shapes, full bright on and off, everything you could ever want in nails for only 597L. Everyone I talked to said these are the best, and I haven’t seen anything to make me doubt that.

Hair – Photo 4,5 – Calico Ingmann Creations – Maggie Midnight Black – This short hair has wonderful movement and poof, for a lack of a better word.  It comes with a texture change hud, mirrored copy and optional streaks. Colour packs are 200L each, including my favourite the Calico Picks pack which has 20 different colours in it. The fatpack is 1,000L and contains all 19 packs most of which have at least 10 colours.

Eyes – The eyes I’m wearing in this photo set are from Aphotic Gloom called Buttercup. They are from his Clarus Collection which sells for 199L. I love all the eyes in this pack, they come in large and small, with prim and a special iris free eye, which I’m not sure what that is for..probably something to do with prim eyes which I haven’t switched to yet.  His eyes are a joy to wear because they aren’t subject to too many red spots or gray sides that seem to plague most eye makers. I get tired of looking like I have red eye half the time.


Indie Rose is unfortunately closing it’s doors on January 01, 1912. This is one of my favourite stores, and it saddens me that it will not be here anymore. Hopefully Angelina will find time in her life once again for it, and it will reopen.

The bright side of this is that if you haven’t tried her amazing skin line you can now do it for less.  Indie Rose has the most fantastic system for skin in SL.  A lot of shops are either turning out skins with tattoos for all the make up options  or the make up on a lot of different skins. These options are great but they do 2 things. 1 – They fill up your inventory with a lot of items, and 2 – having a lot of different tattoos to wear is not great if your like the majority of people and still use one of the varieties of V1 game engines out there and are limited to 1 tattoo at a time.

Indie Rose has combined these two systems, skins and tattoos, but has put the tattoos on a hud system, which provides you all the make up options you will ever need. I’ll show you the hud a little later but first let’s have a peek at the skin behind it all. The Emma skin.

This beautiful skin, with the lovely lines in the body is called Emma. This is the tan,version but it also comes in Pale, Fair and Dark. These are your clear skin options. There are 16 skins in each shade pack and they are normally 1,100L a pack but are now on sale for 550L. There are lips closed and open showing teeth versions of each skin, 4 brow colours, and each skin is also available in a cleavage version. This lets you get your skin exactly the way you want it without using any extra tattoos for those important basics like eyebrows.  If your like me and never wear teeth, you can toss out those right away and have half the space in your inventory. I would of course recommend making a back up inventory box of everything first before tossing anything. One never knows when one’s mind will change.  It happens.

This is the hud the comes with the seasons packs. This is the spring pack, but they basic look is the same for each season only the make up changes. With this hud you can pick out whatever make up you want, click it with your mouse, it will be delivered to you in a file, and you can put it on wherever you are. When you are done with it, delete it. No need to keep the file in your inventory as it can be reacquired again with another click of the mouse. You can choose to take the entire face make up in either the full or basic make up. The full make up is more of an evening wear with a more intense shadow. These are perfect for those using V1 versions of SL who can only wear 1 tattoo at a time. If you are using V2 and want to mix and match. You can choose to take the shadow off of one make up and the lipstick from another, and the seasons blush, and mascara and liner and mix and match your own make up.

The make up packs can be bought individually for 120L each normally but are on sale for 50L  or by a season with 6 make up packs in each season for 520L but are on sale for an UNBELIEVABLE 150L.

Below are all the fall make ups –

Fall Full and Basic Make Up #1

Fall Full and Basic Make Up #2

Fall Full and Basic Make Up #3

Fall Full and Basic Make Up #4

Fall Full and Basic Make Up #5

Fall Full and Basic Make Up #6

As you can see the Basic Make Up is a ligher shadowed version of the Full. For the rest of the seasons I have just made photos of the Full version to keep the blog from being too long.

Winter Full Make Up 1 & 2

Winter Full Make Up 3 & 4

Winter Full Make Up 5 & 6

Spring Full Make Up 1 & 2

Spring Full Make Up 3 & 4

Spring Full Make Up 5 & 6

Summer Full Make Up 1 & 2

Summer Full Make Up 3 & 4

Summer Full Make Up 5 & 6

So don’t put this sale off and forget about it. Go in and grab these skins today!

Supporting Players   –

Lingerie – Attitudes Lingerie – Assas White – This lingerie comes in a variety of layers, and two different bottom options – fuller panty or Tanga (thong) option.  There are 5 colours in the Assas line. White, Plum, Red, Black and Taupe. Even the stockings come in a wide variety of shades. With Attitudes you really get a lot more then you pay for.  Only 195L a pack.

Pose Prop – This was photographed in BehaviorBody’s pose prop “Glam Corner” which sells for 199L. I love their pose props, great prices, great looks.

Shoes – [Gos] Pimp Your Pumps – Classic Platforms – I love these shoes, they are colour change with bows and ties that you can add on or leave off, and they are colour change too. The basic shoe pack is 495L and there are 5 colour update packs for 100L each. This colour is from one of the update packs called Fruits.  It’s worth noting that members get 10% off all sales.

Eyes – These gorgeous eyes are by Aphotic Gloom, which is a funny name for a store which makes eyes the make you shine, but hey, to each their own. These eyes are called Jordan and are part of the Claris Special Edition Eye Collection 3, which has 4 wonderful eyes in it, for only 199L.  Heck Jordan isn’t even my favourite colour in it, Buttercup, a gorgeous mix of gray, blue and green is. I find it hard to find eyes that aren’t ruined by gray shadows, red veins or corners of the eyes that have horrid colouration when  you look to the side, which with my AO happens a lot. I swear I toss out half the eyes I buy, so it’s wonderful to find a shop that makes beautiful eyes, without any of these flaws. I would hardily recommend this shop to anyone.