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I went this week to the latest edition of Designer’s Circle, and found I was able to make a great look for not a lot of money. Is there ever anything better then that?  Everything mentioned today is bought at Designer’s Circle even though I give the store and links to the store.

I started with this sexy lace dress from BeautyCode is called the Dream Girl Lace Mini Dress in Black and is for sale for just 95L. This dress is really well made, the lace texture is excellant, even though the cups are lace too, and my nipples are dark in this skin they barely show, and the thin shoulder straps meet extremely well on the shoulders, almost no seam mark at all. The side seams aren’t noticeable in the least.  It’s great getting a well crafted dress at a good price.

The prim nails I’m wearing are from Moondance Boutique, they are sold for 75L  for 10 different colours of Purple. Now the wording on the sign is a bit misleading, it says that the nails come in 6 sizes  which it does (5,  10, 15, 20, 25 & 30), 5 lengths which they don’t (They only come in medium, which is a very nice length) and 2 styles, which they don’t, these come only in round.  10 colours for 75L is a good price and if she reuses store signs, and it gets a bit confusing, I don’t really care. What is shown on the photo, is exactly what you get.  Personally I don’t mind less options, fewer things to keep in the inventory.  I’ll be tossing all the sizes that aren’t my size as it is.

What does bother me is that her stuff comes no copy/no modify/no transfer.  I like to back up everything in my inventory back up system, and I can’t do that when it’s no copy. If it’s no transfer, why not make it copiable.  It doesn’t make any sense to me to deny people the ability to back up their inventory to keep the Linden Gods of Misfortune from losing it.

But all of that aside, as you can see, they are very pretty nails, at a great price, you can access the colours with a simple spoken command, and a click on the menu will change the colours to something else. You change each hand individually so you can have each hand coloured differently if you want. You can also change the shine level with the same command.

The jewelry I’m wearing is also by BeautyCode, and it’s sold in separate pieces so you only buy what you want. The necklace and earrings you see here are bought for 90L each, you can also buy a 2 ring set to match, for 90L but I hardly ever wear rings so I skipped them. This jewelry has great shine in the stones, a nice hip titanium coloured metal, which matches the shade shown in the photo. I hate buying jewelry and things are different then the colour in the photo. The necklace shape works great with breasts with cleavage, you  don’t need to make yourself flat to wear it, which is always a nice bonus. At 19 prims each the earrings are not bad if you are worried about causing lag where you are going, the necklace is a bit heavier at 66, but still a lot better then most jewelry.

I don’t tend to like makeup with a lot of blush, it doesn’t tend to work with my face shape, although I know that there are a ton of shapes out there that is flatters immensely.  I was pleasantly surprised then when I tried on this skin by BeautyCode and found it looked as good on me as it did on the sales photo. Well at least that is my opinion…egotistical…Moi? I love makeups that stand  up and shout to be noticed and this skin has that. The shimmer in the eyes, the gleam on the lips, the highlighting on the face, it all blends to make a great look.  I’ll leave the natural no make up looks to others who enjoy them, and I do admire how they pull them off, but they never seem to look great on me.  I guess it’s all about how one sees oneself. I’m a pretty peacock I guess. I’m just going to completely gloss over the fact that it’s the males in the peacock family that have the pretty plumage, and the females that look boring and plain. Man, you just have to watch my rl French Canadian husband preen a bit to know that is true in humans too…he takes longer to get ready then I do.

I digress however..back on subject. This beautiful BeautyCode skin is called Eve – Sensual Lips and is available at the Designer’s Circle for only 90L. It comes with a bald base, and cleavage tattoo which I’m wearing. There is also normal and  freckle version. I’m wearing the normal version as you probably guessed. Normally I toss freckled versions out, but this one is pretty cute, I think I will keep it. This skin does come with a demo for free so I suggest you try it…you’ll love it.

The hair I’m wearing is from Calico Ingmann Creations and is called Elenor 1. It’s on sale at the Designer’s Circle where you get the full fatpack of over 200 of Calico’s great colours for 100L.  It’s a steal. You will notice if you compare the look of what I’m wearing with the look of the item in the photo in the store that my hair looks a bit better. That’s because I went to Calico’s shop and got her free pack of hair base tattoos which she didn’t have when the hair came out.  These are a must to wear with any hair style that goes back at the top or side, it really really really really really improves the look, making hair styles look a million times more natural.  They are free so hit the store landmark and grab them.

This hair moves fantastically, Calico is a genius with curly hair bounce and sway. There are no non-flexy spikes in this hair that so date other hair-dos and this hair doesn’t have any of that wild whipping around that makes you look like you are in a wind tunnel. There is no transparency errors that bug me so much that make people’s hair look like it’s a boiling froth.  It’s just very much a natural hair look that moves with your ao.  Simple genius.

There are two hair dos for 100L each at the Designer’s circle and an older design as a 1L freebie to try.  There are free demos of the 100L ones so give them a try.

My eyes are my inventory find for this post,  they are from Insufferable Dastard, and are from an old Gatcha event and are called Spring eyes/Sweet Treats – Blackberry Jam if you want to see if you have them.  They match beautifully with the jewelry, but if you don’t have them, don’t worry, Insufferable Dastard has you covered with a ton of more current eyes available in prim/mesh and regular versions for very low prices.  Truth be told I could have gotten a couple of  fatpacks of eyes from there for what I paid getting the gatcha eye colour I wanted, but I had fun gifting the doubles.

She is making some really fantastic eyes now with multiple rings of colour, I’ve been buying them up, just need the right outfit to show them off with. If you haven’t seen them, head to the shop and check them out.

I swear, gatchas see me coming and hide the colours I want.

Photography – The photographs were taken on the Poses N Props Photo Studio…the enduring love of my SL life….and the background was their Moonbeams pack 3 – background 27.

My bad bad husband threw away my paper with my pose notes on it, bad husband bad…such a misguided attempt to keep me neat…I know I used my Manifeste poses and that one was pose 144, the body shot, but I don’t know what the other was…sorry.


Today I made an outfit around this terrific leather jacket that is now on sale at .Shi. This jacket is normally part of two different outfits, you can buy at a much higher price, both great outfits, but right now, you can buy it by itself for just 50L. If all you want is the jacket, it’s a great deal! Of course once you go to .Shi, don’t be surprised if you walk away with much more then just the jacket, because their designs are killer. Her Chinoi is one of my  all time favourite SL outfits.

The mesh black leather pants I bought to go with them are from which is closing today. They have all their clothes on sale for 10L, including these pants in about 16 textures. I bought them all. Some of her snake and leopard spot ones are really well done. Sorry to see someone who can texture mesh items so nicely closing down.

The really nice shoes are python pumps from Leverocci and are at the last Fashionably Late which is closing down today. They have 3 colours of these for sale, black, gold and blue. They are 150L each and there is a demo so you can make sure that they look as great on you and they do on the sign. They will! Don’t forget to go to the Leverocci shop, they have a lot of reasonably priced shoes there, and they have a lot of stunningly beautiful designs. A must for shoe lovers.

The hair I’m wearing is from Pocket Mirrors and is on sale at the sales event called The Fitting Room . The Fitting Room describes itself as a Premium Outlet, and unlike most of these sales rooms, you must be a group member to buy anything at The Fitting Room, but it does cost nothing to join. I expect many people will be joining, buying and leaving. They might be wise to have a hippo group for people to join who aren’t going to stay in the group from month to month.

The Ava 2 hair from Pocket Mirrors came in the Black Pack for 70L which is a great price, and the hair is much nicer then   hairs I’ve tried from Pocket Mirrors in the past. I’m really loving it, it really captures the vintage quality of an Ava Gardner hair do, the textures are great on it, it’s made the perfect length to not spend all it’s time in my shoulders. The only complaint I had was that I felt it could use a hair base when on a shape it wasn’t made exactly to fit. Since black hair bases tend to be pretty interchangable between brands I wore my Amacci base with it, and was very happy with the results.

If you haven’t tried Pocket Mirrors in a while, it is probably time to give this shop another go.

The nails I’m wearing that matches the eyeshadow so perfectly are from [Virtual/Insanity]. This is from their Pastel Square Nails pack 1…colour 8.  Right now pack 1 and pack 2 are both on sale for 75L each for the Taste of SL weekend sales event.  This price is half the price the packs will be on after the sale, so get in before Monday if you can, but if you can’t, you can still grab them for 150L each, which is still a great price for 8 nail colours a pack.

Last but in no way least, the skin I’m wearing is from the Gatcha event – The Gatcha Party. It’s the Lily skin, from Wow Skins.  They have 2 Gatcha’s out but if you have Gatcha luck like mine…24 items in the container, and I’ll get the same two 12 tries in a row…you’ll be happy to hear that their two Gatchas have exactly one thing in each of them. Perfect luck each time.  Just try each one once and you have it all! The Lily skin is the one I’m wearing, and the Lily Skin 2 is similar but with a pretty blue shadow. Both are a thrifty 55L each. Don’t miss out…go today while you remember!


My photos were taken on my PNP – Photostudio using the Pirate’s Cover Pack 2 which is on sale this weekend for 60L as part of their 60L

One of the things I like about this studio is every weekend since I bought it, they have had 6 packs of textures up for sale at 60L each, but even if you buy them brand spanking new, they are a very reasonable 100L for a pack of 12 textures.

Poses – The poses I used this time are from Dare, which is unfortunately out of business. In case you have their pack and want to know

Photo 1 – Get on my hip pose

Photo 2 – I’m never bored

Photo 3 – I squat because I can

Sharise is a new skin offering from the magic fingers of Sachi Vixen of Adam N Eve fame. It comes in a wide range of skin tones, including the above Caramel, the second darkest, and the Deep Chocolate below.

It takes a lot of skill to perfectly shade very dark skin like this Dark Chocolate, without making a dog’s dinner of it. I’ve seen a lot of designers try and fail. Either the skin has highlights that are too stark and look bad, or the skin really just blends too much together and they look like a featureless blob when seen at any distance at all.

As you can see, this is a gorgeous face, and there are no problems seeing it’s contours and features.  This make up is called Garden. The skin comes with a regular and version of the skin that is called bewbs (and I think we all know what that means…3 cheers for cleavage!),  2 different black hair bases  (regular and wavy, both in black), a second eyebrow version on a tattoo, matching pedicure and manicure on gloves and stockings and on a tattoo. 

This is Caramel again, also in Garden. The packs are 949L each, which sounds like a completely random number. Why not 942L…at least 42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything! There are however 12 make up options, and they are all pretty. One of them is called Bare and it has a very nice light subtle make up that would be easy to wear your favourite make up tattoo’s over. Sachi has thought of everything. You can get a fatpack of all 12 of the skins for 4,999L, a not so random number, and a very good deal. I would so buy that before buying a single, but that’s just me! It’s no secret that I a skin addict.

This is the Olive skin in Garden. I love the Olive skin, I think it’s the most versatile skin in my opinion. I can really see this skin being a great Persian or Lebanese skin with the right shape. No hint of a tan on it, just a beautiful olive skin tone.

This is the last skin tone I have to show you, this is Mocha in the Garden make up, it could be a great Egyptian skin with the right shape, but heck it just looks great on my shape.

To show you some more make up choices, this is Golden Glow in the Mocha skin tone.

This is Hot Pink in the Mocha skin tone.

Supporting Cast

Hair – The hair I used on all the shots is Eleazia by Likeli. I love the way this hair moves and looks, although I like the black better then the red. You get both colours in a pack for 250L, along with 2 different hair bases, one with and one without a part. I wore the part versions.

Lingerie – I’m wearing the XOXO Blue Satin and Black Lace slip  from Blace Lace & Alpha Male. This is 298L each and comes in no copy transfer for easy gifting. It also comes in yellow, white, pink and purple. Like everyting Black Lace does, this outfit comes on every possible layer in every possible combination so you can fit it with anything else you want to wear. It’s great to have choices!

Poses – I used poses from one of my favourite pose shops this week – Magnifique – They just moved to a newer bigger store…because they needed it. This shop has a huge variety of poses, and I can highly recommend being in her VIP group, as Scarlet Chandrayaan is a very generous soul. The only thing I have to work on is remembering to actually put on my group title when I buy her poses, but I actually have a huge amount of credit saved up even with buying at the regular customer bonus rate.

If you haven’t been to the new shop go, she has a hunt on right now to find 10 poses for 1L each, and it will be a good way to check it all out.

“The pose set I’m using is found in the basement. It’s Model Pose Set #1 – I used the following

Photo 1 – Pose 4

Photo 2 – Pose 4

Photo 3 – Pose 5

Photo 4 – Pose 5

All others – Pose 2

The Flawless sim is still celebrating it’s 12 days of Christmas celebration and this skin called Nessima 02E by Style By Kira is out for free. This is only free til noon SL time when it become 200L which is still a sales price. Then another skin comes out for between 0 and 20L.  This is found in the card in front of the Style By Kira store.

Almost every store in the sim has a cart out with freebies  or close to it, and great sale items. I’ll be bringing you a peek at  a selection of them every day til Christmas.

Unique Clothing as a bright and cheerful holiday gift for 0L called Candy Cane that I think will appeal to everyone.  After Christmas even if you aren’t in the mood for a full dress, it would make a great top with jeans and you can wear or not wear the cute prim candy canes. I love seasonal stuff that can be made not seasonal!

The skin I’m wearing in this is from the Style by Kira booth and is on sale there, it’s her Elora Skin, Daphine Edition – 01A. It’s selling for 200L and there are free demos for you to try to see if you like it.

This beautiful dress is from Adam n Eve, and is on sale for 150L. I love the details in this gown, like the lace edging at the bottom of the skirt.  After all the red and green, it’s nice to put on some Christmas Gold. This gown is called Enchanting Gold. It has a lot of different layers and options.

This is the tea length version of the Enchanting Gold gown, which another of the ways to wear the gown above.  Only a British designer would think of a tea time dress, but I love it. It’s not a wonder that Adam n Eve are one of my favourite shops.

Adam n Eve have a lot of things on sale on their cart like all the designers, but they also have this gift item, a sexy panty and corset set for the ladies. There is a boxer set for the men. This is a free gift for 0L.

You know, I normally hate anything with drawn on buckles, because no matter which way your avatar is, the buckles always seem to be different sizes, if not outright twisted and deformed. It is really a sign of how well Sashi knows how the SL bodies move that she was able to place these buckles in a position that when I went through at least 40 poses looking for a pose that looked good for the hair and the corset  (the hair is awesome, I had to use the hair), I did not see one pose that made these buckles look weird in any way. That really impressed me.

The nipple pasties worn here do not come from the gift, they are worn to keep from shocking the children, and are from a set I got at Free Speerit a long time ago. No longer for sale as that store as closed.

Other Items

Hair in photo 2 – Loq – Cheese Cake – 100L a colour pack. 300L for a fatpack. Who doesn’t know and love Loq hair, not much I can say beyond how great it always looks.

Hair in Photo 3 & 4 – Loq – Pudding – 100L a colour pack and 300L a fatpack. I love this bang. It’s perfect!

Hair in Photo 1 & 5 – After finding such a fantastic hair yesterday at Likeli, I had to go back today and see what else looked great. Well this HUGE afro was incredibly easy to fall in love with. It comes with 2 different options for hair bases for women and one for a guy, and then two prim hairs that you wear together to make a huge thick softly waving fro. Amazing! Only 190L.

Eyes – The eyes I’m wearing are from Aphotic Gloom and I’ll probably keep wearing them til I go to his shop and buy a new favourite pair…until then..they are mine and I’m not taking them off! hey are from his Clarus Collection which sells for 199L. I love all the eyes in this pack, they come in large and small, with prim and a special iris free eye, which I’m not sure what that is for..probably something to do with prim eyes which I haven’t switched to yet.

I have been going through my inventory a lot lately, in the little time I’ve been in SL between relative visits, summer travel and my ever returning migraines, trying to weed out the old and ugly to get ready for the new mesh items. Since my blog focuses on inventory treasures, old and new, I thought I would show you something I rediscovered, an old favourite of mine, that you might have in your inventory and not remember, even though it’s no longer for sale.

This fun and sexy pant suit is called Downtown, and was designed by Lestat Reuvan before she changed her shop name to Siss Boom. I went through her shop the other day and I don’t see it there, the shop is a little like a Victorian house so it has a lot of small rooms, that connect in different ways, so in a shop like that it’s easy to get turned around, I know I ended up looking at the same room more then once a lot,  so it’s equally possible I missed one. I’m fairly sure this outfit is no longer for sale, but she has a ton of newer and very arguably better outfits for sale so it’s well worth a trip if you haven’t been.  I can think of probably a dozen or so of her outfits in  my inventory that are probably technically better crafted then this, Lestat has a great gift for learning with each outfit, but what can I say, I’m feeling monochrome, and I love it!

Siss Boom puts all her outfits out at 100L until a new outfit comes out and then they go up to the regular price, so it pays to keep a close eye on the shop. They can change daily or once a never know.

The pretty flower necklace is Baby Monkey’s Enamel Flower Set – Black. It comes with a necklace (chest and spine versions), earrings and 2 rings. You change the metal on the set to silver, gold or matte black using the hud that comes with it. You get all this for the bargain basement price of 55L.  This was offered for sale a couple of weeks ago as a Taste of SL item in their Color Black promotion.  I love this set because of the simple clean lines, nice texturing and the way it matches so much of what I own.

When I was in the Baby Monkey store today getting the slurl to the black set, I saw the other set this necklace comes in, the Enamel Flower Set. This is a texture change set with necklace (chest and spine versions, earrings and 2 rings, but there is a difference. This hud on it not only lets you choose the metal colours, it lets you choose 14 petal textures and 14 center textures. That adds up to a wild array of possible colour combinations. The price? Just 125L. A steal.  Just to tempt you some more I made the above photos to show you some of the colours I did…I love the colours available. Not to dark, not too light, just right! Black isn’t one of the colours available in this set so I’m glad she made the black version for The Best Of SL sale.

Bonus I accidentally discovered! The hud for the multicoloured set will change the center on the black set. So if you buy both, your black set becomes more flexible.  You can’t knock that! Right now I’m running around with a black flower with a red center.

Prim Eyelashes!!!!!!!!

I have had trouble with lashes forever in SL. My face seemed to tilt from nose to ears in more of an angle then most people. No matter how I rotated lashes, and I bought dozens and dozens of them, the problem was always the same, one side or the other would not fit against the skin, either the side closest to the nose or the side closest to the outer corner. One of the would be sticking out.  I read every article I could find on lash fitting, watched every video, but could never find a fix for that. I basically settled for it looked “Ok” and then edited them to look as perfect as I could get for every shot when taking photos.

That is a thing of the past now because Lashae , my friend of does the fantastic blog called Lashae Karsin, recommended that I go get the LeLukta prim lashes, and I did. Boy is she right, these are great! The lashes are little tiny prim lashes instead of a couple of alpha layers. The lashes are grouped together 3 to 5 in a group, and when you choose to edit them individually, you can move these little groups around your eyes, and make a near perfect fit. The lashes are also scripted to tint to 5 colours other then the default black – White, Purple, Blue, Green and Brown.

They are copiable, so I can make a set for my Asian shape. Unfortunately they aren’t modifiable , probably because of the script, so I can’t rename them to the shape they are made for. Pity. Note to Linden, make a separate permission for rename, just to make our lives easier.  I got the curl lashes and they sell for 180L. There are two other prim choices on the top shelf beside them. Don’t buy from the shelf below like I did. I didn’t notice they were a lower price and thought they were prim too, as there is nothing saying they are alpha, and ended up with eyelashes I will never probably use.

The hair I’m  wearing is Glory by Exile, one of their hairs that has both streak options and root colour options. That is a lot of options for a 250L pack of hair. I especially like the naturals option that gives you 5 shades in different colour families. For those of us that can’t decide if we are going to be brunettes, redheads, blondes or even go white with fright! Sometimes all in one day. I’m wearing the Frost version from the Natural’s pack with Ebony texture added.

This pretty skin is from Ikki Kanto, the designer behind Nekojita Designs and is called Passion Skin. I love her make up style. She has all kinds of bold make ups, with beautiful colours, not too heavy on the cheek shading, but intense lip colour and great shadows. Not all her make up’s have shadow’s she likes to mix it up, just like we do in real life, so some are like this one, a great lipstick and a plain lid, which looks great with an outfit like this, or would look great with a tattoo shadow of your choice.

She has 4 walls full of great skins, Caucasian and Asian, 90% that I’m drooling to own. She also has some great bargains and sales out all the time. Today I picked up a shape, great skin and eye set for just 15L for the whole thing. You’ll be seeing it soon, I’m sure.  The only thing she is missing is demos, but I hope she will get them soon.  I’ve liked every skin I have gotten from her though, so try one of her bargains to be sure before you buy one of the full price skins, but at 250L , even the full price skins are bargains.

These shoes are some of the coolest most fun shoes I have seen in SL. They are called Akita Clogs and they are by PixelFashion. The texture on them is fantastic. The colour palette it comes in it bright and sassy. Those toes are some of the best toes I have ever seen in SL. The shoes are also great because every colour comes colour change in to several shades of that colour. Black goes from Black to White…Both the strap at the top and the bottom plastic bit is texture change to different colours.  In the coloured versions like Red, the plastic bottom part can be Black, White or Red. The shoes come in the Black/White shown here, Pink, Red, Brown, Blue and Green.

I was going to complain about the nails not working unless you had their prim nails, but I guess that was just SL being a bugger that day. Fortunately before I wrote this and made a fool of myself, I tried the hud again and the nail polish option worked just perfectly.  *starts to chant to myself…I love SL..I love SL…I love SL* They have some really pretty colours of nails too. The black would have been awesome to use with this outfit if SL had co-operated! They even give you the option of having 4 different levels of gloss on the nail polish.  Having options is never a bad thing.  They do have a feature where if you have their nails and you change the colour on the nails or the toes, both will change at once.  Nice to not have to fiddle around with two huds.  Great thinking!

Now you might notice that my leg and my shoe don’t match colour much at all. There is two reasons for this.

1 – My leg was completely covered by the pant prim, so the closest bare skin was my hands, and the match was close enough to look good with that amount of distance.

2 – There is no RGB colour input option to match.  You have to pick the set colour that is closest to your skin tone and then they have some big patches of skin tone…your current colour in the middle, on either side +5 and +20,  -5 and -20 of Red, Green, Blue and White.  If you are a good visual person and can look at a colour and go, well, I need a bit less blue and a bit more green and red and then just darken this up a bit, it will be perfect, then this system will work for you. I know a lot of my friends can use a system like this and get a colour in a minute.

I’m not that sort of person. For me this sort of system is like a chinese torture puzzle. I’m Ok if I have the basic colour set and I need to adjust it by one colour box.  That I can do. Drop more then one colour box in to the mix, and I’m clicking away at random hoping something somewhere will somehow work.

My only complaint about this shoe is that there is no way to add the RBG numbers is so that no matter how your mind works, you can match the colours easily and quickly. The good news is that I can match them…eventually…but an hour every time I put them on is a high price to pay. There is the option to save the colour, which would be good if I ever wore the same skin twice.  Yeah, I laughed at that idea too.

Now..what is the price for these sexy, cool, fashionable, well made, well crafted, wonders you may ask…Well, I answer…inexpensive if you buy 1 pair, dirt cheap if you buy them all! They are 380 a pair, or currently the fatpack is on sale for 750L for all 6 pairs. Get the 6 pairs…get that, you won’t regret it!

The poses used were from Exposeur, their new pose pack for Top Model, the All Stars – Intro. That’s not playing up here in Canada yet, I can hardly wait. It’s on sale for 50L, so you can’t beat that price, get it before it goes up!

Front Pose – Bre

Side – Dominique

Necklace Close Ups – Camille

Face – Alexandra

Feet – Angelea

I have always had a weakness for black and white striped gowns, especially those from the Victorian/Edwardian era or early 20’th century. So that being said, it’s not a wonder that this beauty from Angel Dessous, called Sayoko in Silver is so appealing to me. It also appeals to my love of a bargain, because they have the dress at Chic Boutique for only 90L. How can I beat that? A dress style I love, and a price to love too. This beautiful dress sell in several colours in their main store, for the regular price of 590L. Along with the silver they have pink, gold, red and a green, so if black and white isn’t for you, then there is a colour combo you are sure to like waiting for you.

I love the hip hugging system skirt in this, but with the prim skirt bottom to avoid the broken skirt look every time you take a step.  I love the different directions you get with the stripes in the dress as you go from top to bottom, and how the bows seem to accent the dress just right. They are smart and stylish bows instead of cute and precious bows. I am not a big fan of cute bows. I’m actually not a big fan of  cute period. The opera length gloves finish the gown, and to me at least, giving it a timeless quality. I could see this gown in a black and white movie, a glamorous gown from the 40’s or with a big hat and a parasol having it pass for an early time. With a butt my size, who needs a bustle?

Here is a back view of the gown, just to show you that the detailing isn’t limited to the front. The seams at the side are perfectly executed. The back has a lovely dip, and a bow perfectly placed in the small of the back. This picture shows that this dress has great shading in the white, it’s just not stark black and white, not even on the skirt prims.

This beautiful skin is from Al Vulo!. it’s is their latest skin at The Fashion Garret. It’s Pollon in Summer Pink in the peach skin tone.  If you like the Pollon skin line, and who wouldn’t…I mean look at it!. There are more skins in the store. You can get it in tan or fairy skin tones. They are 800L each which includes 8 different versions of the skin. You can also get fatpacks which are 2,700L for all 6 skins shown for each line, a bonus skin and the Pollon shape. Warning the shape does come in 3 sizes, model, small and tall, but there doesn’t appear to be a skirt shape or anything like that.  The shapes are no modify so wearing a skirt like the one I’m wearing above would be impossible unless you want to look like a big assed mutant. The skins alone though are definitely worth the price.

My hair is from Shag and it’s their Project Themeory contribution for this weekend. This hair is called “Thai me up” which wins best pun of the week, and comes in 2 colour packs of 3 colours, one roots shades and one regular for 75L each. There is a demo available for free with one colour of each.  I’m wearing the Velvet from the pack 2…the non-roots pack.  If you look in the second picture, you’ll see the cutest part of this hair, which is the dangling little tiny chinese take out boxes on the end of the chop sticks in the back of the hair. What chop sticks have to do with my outfit? Nothing! But it’s a lovely hair and I wanted to wear it. *Stretches really hard for an excuse.* The dress has an oriental name. There! That’s my line and I’m sticking with it!

Poses – The poses are from a set by Still Life which is a special for Lazy Sunday called Pretty Princess. It’s on sale for 75L. I love all her poses, not the least reason why is because she mirrors them.  That can be wonderful!

Front – Swooning Sweetheart – Mirrored

Side – Demure Damsel

Face – Curtsey Cutie

The designing force behind Indie Rose, Angelina Eizenberg-Oxhall, seems to have a gift for making knee length dresses that you can dress up any way you want, and use any way you want. They are delightfully feminine, but you can make them a casual go out to the movie dress or a go out for the evening dress, whatever you wish. The dress is the canvas, your accessories paint the mood.

Her full line of dresses are stunning, you can see them at her new shop. Her prices are great. I thought they would be a lot more looking at her dresses, but I’ve seen none over 320L and most dresses are around 225 – 250L. Separates start at 100L. She has some of the nicest colour combos in SL. There are a few orange dresses there I’m dying to get, and will get. Heck, there are even some pink dresses I wouldn’t mind owning. I know…pink..who can fathom it. The dress I’m showing you today however is her contribution to My Second Wardrobe, a discount sample shop with a lot of great designers of her caliber. This beautiful dress called Vintage Rose Cocktail Dress is on sale there for just 50L.

I love the appliqued lace flowers on the front of the dress, I must have spent an hour looking at it trying to decide if it was bobbin lace or needle lace with the foundation threads removed.  It was frustrating in the end because the texture is clear enough to see some of the individual threads, it was not clear enough to see how those threads were woven, and having done both techniques, I’d have to see that to tell you. Of couse, Angelina made the dress to look pretty, not to have any forensic lace studies done on it.

Seriously however I am thrilled with how she used the lace on this dress, the cut out on it is very well done, the edges are spotless. She also doesn’t fall into the trap I see a lot of designs fall into when using lace. One, making it way too big, stitches that would be 1/8th of an inch long being 4 inches long on the dress.  I do a lot of needlework, I even have been known to teach needlework on the needlework guild level. It drives me nuts to see designs distorted like that. This pattern is a logical size, it could be smaller depending on the thread size, but it’s highly possible it was made the size it’s shown in.  The second trap is using the same pattern on the skirt and chopping it up, ending up with needlework that goes to the edge of panels and ends unfinished, looking like just that…unfinished.  This rarely looks good and she did well to avoid it.

The skirt is made of mainly non-flexie pieces to make an upside down opening rose bud shape. It is tiered. The middle tier in the front is somewhat raised on the dress you will get. The skirt is modifiable. I made mine smaller so that I could get all the top of the dress inside my waist.  This made the skirt a little small on me and you could see the glitch pants under the top middle panel on me. A second using edit linked parts to pull that panel down a touch and I was good to go.  Never underestimate the value of modifiable parts.

The top is made of a matte satin the skirt is made of a very shiny satin with tons and tons of folds on it. When you move there is flexie parts inside the skirt that slide out and show in in the opposite direction that you are moving in, making the appearance of movement complete. You don’t normally think of shiny and matte working that well together but on this dress, Indie Rose makes it work.

The last part of this outfit from Indie Rose is their leather flats shoes. These shoes are from her Gatcha Machine. I’m sure 95% of you know what a Gatcha Machine is, but for the 5% that don’t know here is the scoop. Gatcha Machines are basically the SL version of the bubble gum machines, the expensive ones with the prizes in them. In SL though none of them have gum in them, or bad prizes.  In this case the Gatcha Machine has 12 pairs of leather flats in all kinds of colours, and they are 90L each. You pay your 90L, and get a pair sent to you. They are no copy/transfer so if you get a pair in a colour you already have you can gift them to friends when it’s a birthday or they are feeling down and you want to cheer them up. What is cheerier then getting an unexpected pair of shoes. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

I don’t like many flats, but I love these. The texture is great with just the right amount of shine to ensure they aren’t boring, and the flower is fun and interesting without being too in your face to make it hard to wear with anything.  They have a great light of colours with will go with a lot of things.

Here are some of the other 11 colours…just picked at random…they are all pretty.

Left is Blue and Right is Lavender/Brown

Left is Light Blue/Beige and Right is Red/Light Blue

When I put on this dress, I knew I had to wear it with this skin. The flower in the dress was just too much of a perfect match to the flower in this eyeshadow. This fantasy make up is from who else but the Queen of Fantasy Makeup, Kira Panderborn, of Style By Kira. This is her Kohia make upline, Skin 01D Fantasy, and this skin sells for 150L which is her normal price, or your can buy a fatpack of 6 skins for 750L.

The jewelry is from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry and is called Maya in Carnelian/Gold. You get the necklace and earrings in a set for 229L. I have said it before and it still holds true, Luc, as the store is known for short, is the best jewelry store I know, that no one has heard of. It’s also the best place I know to get jewelry made of natural materials like stones, shells and even simple things like rope. He also does some killer retro crystal and metal jewelry.

The hair I’m wearing is from Amacci, I love the hairs she has been doing. This is Simone in Brown Sugar. I love the whispy hairs at the side of the head, and if you look up at the side photo, it’s got a great back bun. Amacci has also put all her hair tattoos on for free, 2 different versions. The first is one I’m wearing here, a plain back swept tattoo, great for men or women, and it makes all bangless designs like this have a fantastic smooth front. Wear the colour matching your hair and it is very very very hard to tell where the hair base ends and the hair begins.  She also has a hair base that works well only for women, it has little tiny hairs coming off it into little tiny curls here and there around the face. You know those small hairs that grow in as your long hair breaks…It’s very pretty and also free, so pick them both up.


Just thought I would make that a wee bit noticable. All her hairs currently are 85L a pack, and 295L for a fatpack.  She also has started with her hair fair hairs a new pack called the Fave Pack, which is 7 of Designer/Owner  Carnina Larsen’s favourite colours across the hair spectrum from Vanilla to Onyx. I truely applaud all hair shops that start to embrace this trend for this type of selection. I love it!

The eyes I’m wearing are also from Amacci. With all the trouble with eyes I’ve been having lately, the number I’ve bought only to have them blow up in my face by turning black when I looked to the side, or having red sides or being so pink in the whites of the eye it looked like I am a recovering alcholic, maybe not that recovering.  I was almost afraid to try them. But they are great eyes. They come with big or small eyes. I’m wearing the big version of the Moon eyes. They also come with sparkles for the eyes, but I didn’t wear them because stuff like that never photographs easily. The sparkles are 2 prims you can wear them together, separately or not at all, as the mood hits you. Each eye colour pack is 100L.

The poses I’m using today are from Bang! They are from the pose set !Bang Stands 140 to 149 which normally sells for 250L but is currently on sale on the market place for 100L

Here is a link to the Market Place where the sale is as of publishing time..but it’s limited so hurry

Front Shot – Pose 140

Side Shot – 143

Face Shot – 147

Shoes – 141