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Yesterday Skin Addiction had it’s Black Friday sale and a ton of great skin creators participated. One of them, Amacci, had a problem with her demo for her offering, Oleana in nutmeg, well SL lost it from it’s data base so people couldn’t try it on so she has fixed the problem and put the sale on for another day.  So her loss is everyone else’s gain, because you have a chance to get this great bargain for another day! Happy dance everyone now!

This is seriously one of the best if not THE best bargains of the sale. You pay 950L, and you get back 475L if you join Skin Addiction, a free group, which is in my opinion the friendliest group in SL which everyone should be in, and have your that group active when you buy.

I showed you the body of the skin above, well here is a close up of the face, Carina does a marvelous job of shading on her skins, she highlights and shadows with skill and panache, never too much, never too little. I have a very narrow face shape, so blush tends to make me look like a drag queen, but her skilled application makes it look great on me. I love these eyebrows but there are 4 eyebrow shapes included so you can make the skin look great with your shape, and have eyebrows that appeal to you.

You also get a freckle version of the skin, not just a freckle tattoo. I’m not a big freckle person, I tried on a freckle skin yesterday that actually scared me, the designer will remain nameless, but this one I like. It’s heavy enough that the freckles don’t just look like a case of run away moles and not so many that you look like a red head that someone tied out in the sun about 10 days too many after the horrid sunburns have healed but the extra freckle storms have arrived.

You have probably noticed the eyes I’m wearing. These are Amacci’s new Look eyes. I’ve been lusting after the fatpack of these since they have come out, I’ll get the money and buy it someday. I love all my Amacci eyes, they are great. These eyes are included in the skin pack, and would be 120L if you just bought them by themselves.

With this set you also get 10 lipstick tattoos, I have photographed all of them above. I love the shine and subtle colour changes.

So what else could she put in a package of skin that your getting for 475L?

How about hair?

Yeap…you get the hair I’m wearing too..including the hairbase. This hair is called Nena and it’s even prettier in the game then it is in these photos.

You also get the cleavage enhancements, and smaller breast options too in tattoo and underwear layers.

You also get the Oleana shape, which I’m not wearing here, but is a nice one, I just wear my own shape with all skin examples in my blog so my readers can compare skins more easily, knowing what is a skin feature and what is shape.

Here is a sexy photo of the skin, and a better look at the Blacklace Lingerie I’m wearing. This is one of their pieces that is on sale today as part of their Model’s Choice Black Friday sale this weekend, it is called Leave Your Hat On in Burgundy and Black. You will find it is on sale for 199L and has a ton of pieces that I haven’t had a chance to show here.  It get’s it’s name because it has a fedora hat and an open and closed versions of an man’s black shirt. Perfect 50’s jazzy look for any seduction scene you have in mind for that special someone in your life. Like almost anything you buy from Blacklace, it is no copy/transfer for easy gift giving, and the pieces are put together in dozens of ways on dozens of layers so you can combine it with whatever else you want to wear in the way of tattoos or collars and still wear it with ease. Drop in and check it out, I’m sure you will pick it up..You’ll love it.

One last look…the back of the skin and lingerie. A lot of skins leave an ugly smear on your butt when your moving around, this one doesn’t…I love that!

The shoes I’m wearing are from one of my favourite designers in SL. I’m just sad that the photos don’t show them off the way they deserve but I’m sure I will be using them again soon. These are the Platform Pumps by HOC Industries. These shoes come texture change, not colour change, because colour change never looked this good. There are 15 textures that everyone gets, and 6 textures you can have any time you want by joining her free group and attaching the hud. The members only textures are always there, haunting you, saying can have me…you want me…join. It’s evil or darn good marketing. It might be evil and darn good marketing.

The shoes can be coloured on the top, the platform part of the shoe and the heel, so you can make a whole lot more then 15 different looking shoes with these shoe pack. It doesn’t come with a foot in it, so you can wear it with stocking like I am doing right now. Always a good thing.  The cost of this fatpack of shoes in hud? Not 1,000L…not 800L…not 500L…not 400L…not even 300L. It costs 175L. Guu Nishi believes not only in making a high quality product but she believes in giving it to people at a very reasonable cost.

Photography – Photo prop – Oriental Bedroom by Katink – This great pose prop comes without any built in poses, but is a great place to use your own poses on.

Poses – Photo 1 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – 200L for 12 very very useful poses or 50L a pose  – Pose 6 – I like the head angles on these poses, a lot of poses have the head angled too far down or too far up for good face shots, not a  problem with these great poses

Photo 2 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 7

Photo 3 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 8

Photo 4 – *Boom* – Modeling Set – Pose 10 – All the small photos are using the same pose

Photo 5 – Vain Inc – Satin Sheets Pose 2 – This shop is no longer available in SL but is available in the Market place…see link on name

Photo 6 – Vain Inc – Boudoir 16

I’m the slowest blogger on the face of the planet. It takes me hours to find somewhere to take photos, then usually something doesn’t work and I have to go back and redo them. Then I fiddle with the text for about 3 hours more.  All and all if I get done with one post in under 6 hours, it’s a lucky lucky day. I’m trying to do this one fast and dirty, which for me means about 3 hours, because every week, Ivey Deschanel, the brilliant and twisted mind behind Sn@tch, makes us wonderful and inexpensive blue light specials and I’m tired of being too slow to blog them.

As all the members of her VIP and Subscribo groups can tell you, these specials come out on Wednesday and are gone after Thursday.  That is gone, disappeared, not on the wall anywhere in a lot of cases.  So to honour the effort she goes through for us for 2 days of sales, I wanted to blog this weeks offering, Winter Plum. This is as pictured above and also in another colour combination, silver blouse, purple skirt, purple nylons, all in the same box for one low price, 75L. You might be too late to pick up this beauty, but there is always another Wednesday night around the corner, so don’t let another Blue Light special pass you by, and don’t miss her weekly specials either, they are chalk full of great outfits and deals.

Sn@tch has made it’s name creating gothy and bad girl clothing and Ivey does clothing with an attitude very very well, but don’t ever mistake her as a designer who only produces in her niche. This is not a one dimensional lady by any stretch of the imagination. As the photo shows above, many of her designs are just as at home in the office.  Her ethnic clothing salutes to India are wonderful, her evening dresses glitter and shimmer.  The only thing she doesn’t do is boring. I’ve even seen her breath new life into the most overdone snore-fests in SL…Skull covered clothing and plaid skirts and white shirt grown up school girl outfits. After having seen those 2 things done 10,000 each in the last 4 years in SL, if she can make it look new, she can do anything. Sometimes I think that 1 out if every 10 pieces of clothing in SL has a skull on it, wearing a skull is about as rebellious as wearing a tattoo.  It all marks you as part of a type of herd. Baaaa.

The shoes I picked to make this “office look” were Chunky Stilletos 2 from HOC Industries. This is a great texture change, not colour change, shoe that comes with everything you need to wear it in pre-V2 viewers or to use Version 2 alphas, for a better look if your browser can handle it. These slick sculpty shoes come with 17 textures, no prim toes so you can wear them with nylons, which is nice for outfits like this. I love prim toes, but they aren’t great for everything.  And the wonderful thing, Guu, a really classy gal who I had the pleasure of meeting, *waves Hi* believes in charging as little as she can for her creations. These aren’t business in a box shoes, this is her own stuff.  The price for basically 17 pairs of shoes? 30L.  I’ll just shut up now, and you can go to the landmark.

The pretty skin I’m wearing in all this is another skin by Kira Penderborn the owner of Style by Kira. This one is called Kylie Skin 01C.  I love the smokey eyes and believe it or not I like the freckles. That is amazing for me. I hate freckles.  The first thing I have ever done with any skin is go and throw out the freckles version. Hey with an inventory over 100k  you save where you can.  Words fail me to express how shocking it is to me that I like this, but I do. Kudos Kira.

Kira is also another great person with sales. This skin was orginally 50L when it and the fantasy version of it came out on 50L Monday before going to the regular price of 600L. If you prowl her shop you will find skin bargains there all the time, coming out on sale then going up to the regular price.  Pst…hint..beside the Kylie you see me wearing here, there is 2 new ones out for 69L I want the green one, maybe I’m green with envy. Ugh, must be late, I’m making puns.

Last but never least, the hair. I don’t know which I love more, skin or hair. Hair or skin. They go so well together I’ll just love them both equally. This hair is on sale…yes…sale. Clawtooth by Clawtooth, the designer of this great hair called RockinRolls is having a 50% off sale. This sale is even on their latest and greatest designs, like this new long hair with a great 40’s flair.  The 50% off sale brings their colour packs down to 137 tempting little lindens.  Fatpacks for all us fashion piggies are unfortunately not for sale, but at this price, make your own!

Think of all those designs you have picked up on 50L Friday’s from this generous shop that you wish was in just your colour, well now if your chance to get that colour you really want at a great price. Sale is over December 31st, but buy now before Christmas steals all your money.

Have a great second life tonight – Tapika Tomsen

The day I got the call about my Mom getting cancer I had just taken these photo’s of this latest and greatest stuff that Ibizarre had just released.  Now of course these items aren’t their latest but I still think they are great, and just in case any of my readers have missed them, I want to post them.

This outfit here starts with the Leo Print Mini Skirt in Black. I think it’s more of a gray, but it fortunately misses that gray zone that all too many SL gray outfits hit where they just look like your waiting for the texture to load. That drives me nuts, and I don’t know why anyone would make something in that colour, but it happens again and again. This skirt comes in Lila and Pink as well if you want your leopard print world to be more colourful. You don’t just get the skirt, but you get 2 pairs of tights as well, with the gray you get the black pair I’m wearing and a pink pair.  The skirt is only 120L.

With this I matched the Ibizarre black long sleeve top. This top comes not only with prim sleeves which I’m wearing, but also with the wide prim torso that is so popular these days. That is so not my style, so I left it off, but if it’s yours it did fit well and look good, it’s just not me. Even though I didn’t wear the top as the designer planned you can see it still looks great, she drew in the texture lines, so it looks perfect either way. Almost 2 tops in one for 120L.

On top of that, I have the Ibizarre Leo Scarf in Lila, which is a really nicely draped prim scarf,  which matches the Lila skirt well by the way, for 100L. For footwear I went to HOC Industries and their Noir boots. When you go looking for them, look way way up on the side wall. They are worth the look, as they are a sleek boot with 7 lovely colours, and 3 animal prints available to group members,  with a V2 alpha version and a normal viewer version in each box. For this style I just went with basic black.

This lovely free flowing hair is from Calico Creations, she makes realistic hair that really breaths, I don’t know how else to put it. You can almost see the wind stroking it around your face. It’s called Nova 1 and it’s in the long hair department. I know…big surprise! Actually the link under Calico Creations takes you right to the hair do. I spoil you. Demos are free, the hair packs range from 5 to 9 colours per pack for 200L and the fat pack is 1,000 lindens for 171 colours for those of you who can’t make up your minds…you know who you are, you have the secret hand shake.

The skin is from Tik Tok, my skin addiction of the year. I’m wearing a group gift version of Stella with make up tattoo 11.  I adore those make up tattoos of Tik Tok’s they just make the whole world a better place to be! She has created a ton of new sets since I was last in SL but this one if from the original set, the one with no set number. I can hardly wait to get the other sets and start trying them on. There are some gorgeous eye shadows and lipsticks in them. Just wait til you go there and see for yourself!

This is my favourite piece in this Ibizarre collection, the Zebra Dress.  Well priced at just 180L this dress comes with the lace scarf I’m wearing. I love the sequined texture up top, which looks a lot better on then it does on the hanger in the store.  Don’t get me started on what I think of hanger displays instead of photos or modeled outfits, because I can go on for hours about how much I hate just looking at stuff on hangers and trying to guess how they are going to look on me, but I digress. I also love the jagged hem of the skirt, it adds an interesting feature that most dresses are missing these days, and as a bonus my ass wasn’t hanging out the back of this dress, even though I didn’t put a picture of it up, because I am showing 3 outfits, you’ll have to trust me on this one.  All too often on this shape of dress, even with a skirt shape your ass is hanging out the rear, which is totally unflattering to both you and the dress, in my not so humble opinion. The only problem with this dress is that it’s off in a corner by itself and easy to miss, but the link in this paragraph to Ibizarre will take you right to it.

I paired it again with the HOC Industries Noir boots, this time I joined their group to get the 3 animal prints, and put it on the zebra print. They matched perfectly with the dress. I love these boots!

It was a Tik Tok kinda day, so I wore another Tik Tok skin for this shot, Stella in Medium in the Lady make up for the nice lipstick, then I changed the eyeshadow completely with her tattoo number 18 from her first tattoo collection.  The more I use these tattoos, the more I’m loving them. 3 cheers for Phoenix for putting out the V2 options without making me use SL’s verion 2 horrid chat screens.

The hair you will recognize if you are a fan of The Dressing Room. It was a design from Loq hairs that was available in 2 shades for one turn. If you missed it, don’t fret, you can still buy it! It’s called Con Panna and it comes in 4 different colour palettes for 220L each, Blonde, Brown, Black or Red pack…or go whole hog on this wonderful hair do and get the fat pack for 700L.

You should really look around this shop when you get here, it’s not a shop with 1,000 hair dos, it has a small selection but you can tell every one is crafted with care. There are very few of them that I wouldn’t love to have, and anyone who knows me knows my weakness is hair. *twitch twitch*

Ok..maybe this dress is my favourite outfit from this release! A girl has the right to change her mind, doesn’t she? This Ibizarre Snake Dress comes with the pink tights I’m wearing here, and another pair of transparent black tights. All this sexiness for just 150L.  I’m very impressed with how well the prim piece on this goes with the outfit…prim pieces on mini dresses can be a nightmare at the best of times, but with a pattern like this, well…let’s just say the opporunties for disaster multiply exponentially. All together this outfit is just sleek and sexy. What more could you want? I didn’t even put any jewelry with it, I just didn’t think it needed it.

The boots are once again, you guessed it, from HOC Industries, the Noir boots once again, this time in the gator texture. Are these boots amazing or what?

The hair is from Analog Dog, one of Queue Marlowe newest freebie packages. Queue is one smart salesperson. I know from experiance that I fell in love with a few of the hairs in the last package and ended up buying them. They weren’t so much freebies as long term demos the way I used them, and it will probably be the same with this package. With hair one colour is never enough!

This hair is called Pistachio and it is free in the colour eggplant which I’m wearing. If you want to expand your colour selection she sells 5 colour packs of around 10 shades in each for 300L. Once you buy a colour pack though you can get her shading huds and colour the hairs yourself to other colours. Spiffy deal, eh! It’s like getting a fatpack for the price of one set. That makes these hairs which sound expensive at first glance one of the best deals in SL.  Hop down and check it out today, and don’t forget to pick up a demo of Cafe…my all time fav from there.

The skin I’m using is another Tik Tok skin, this time a skin called Fae she made for a Lazy Sunday sale, and I’m using makeup tattoo number 10.  The pink goes perfectly with the nylons and ties the outfit all together. It’s a nice pink too, doesn’t make me look like I have a black eye or pink eye like some pink eyeshadows do. Way to go, Tik Tok!