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The Flawless sim is still celebrating it’s 12 days of Christmas celebration and this skin called Nessima 02E by Style By Kira is out for free. This is only free til noon SL time when it become 200L which is still a sales price. Then another skin comes out for between 0 and 20L.  This is found in the card in front of the Style By Kira store.

Almost every store in the sim has a cart out with freebies  or close to it, and great sale items. I’ll be bringing you a peek at  a selection of them every day til Christmas.

Unique Clothing as a bright and cheerful holiday gift for 0L called Candy Cane that I think will appeal to everyone.  After Christmas even if you aren’t in the mood for a full dress, it would make a great top with jeans and you can wear or not wear the cute prim candy canes. I love seasonal stuff that can be made not seasonal!

The skin I’m wearing in this is from the Style by Kira booth and is on sale there, it’s her Elora Skin, Daphine Edition – 01A. It’s selling for 200L and there are free demos for you to try to see if you like it.

This beautiful dress is from Adam n Eve, and is on sale for 150L. I love the details in this gown, like the lace edging at the bottom of the skirt.  After all the red and green, it’s nice to put on some Christmas Gold. This gown is called Enchanting Gold. It has a lot of different layers and options.

This is the tea length version of the Enchanting Gold gown, which another of the ways to wear the gown above.  Only a British designer would think of a tea time dress, but I love it. It’s not a wonder that Adam n Eve are one of my favourite shops.

Adam n Eve have a lot of things on sale on their cart like all the designers, but they also have this gift item, a sexy panty and corset set for the ladies. There is a boxer set for the men. This is a free gift for 0L.

You know, I normally hate anything with drawn on buckles, because no matter which way your avatar is, the buckles always seem to be different sizes, if not outright twisted and deformed. It is really a sign of how well Sashi knows how the SL bodies move that she was able to place these buckles in a position that when I went through at least 40 poses looking for a pose that looked good for the hair and the corset  (the hair is awesome, I had to use the hair), I did not see one pose that made these buckles look weird in any way. That really impressed me.

The nipple pasties worn here do not come from the gift, they are worn to keep from shocking the children, and are from a set I got at Free Speerit a long time ago. No longer for sale as that store as closed.

Other Items

Hair in photo 2 – Loq – Cheese Cake – 100L a colour pack. 300L for a fatpack. Who doesn’t know and love Loq hair, not much I can say beyond how great it always looks.

Hair in Photo 3 & 4 – Loq – Pudding – 100L a colour pack and 300L a fatpack. I love this bang. It’s perfect!

Hair in Photo 1 & 5 – After finding such a fantastic hair yesterday at Likeli, I had to go back today and see what else looked great. Well this HUGE afro was incredibly easy to fall in love with. It comes with 2 different options for hair bases for women and one for a guy, and then two prim hairs that you wear together to make a huge thick softly waving fro. Amazing! Only 190L.

Eyes – The eyes I’m wearing are from Aphotic Gloom and I’ll probably keep wearing them til I go to his shop and buy a new favourite pair…until then..they are mine and I’m not taking them off! hey are from his Clarus Collection which sells for 199L. I love all the eyes in this pack, they come in large and small, with prim and a special iris free eye, which I’m not sure what that is for..probably something to do with prim eyes which I haven’t switched to yet.


The Flawless Sim is having a 12 Days Of Christmas event and all the stores in the sim are having special Christmas Carts outside the stores where you can find special sale items and even some free or near free gifts.  Style By Kira is changing skins every day and putting one on near free. This is out right now and is called Nessima skin 02D and is 20L.

This shiny beauty of a dress is from 1 Hundred and is called Friday Night Red.  It’s on sale for 100L, and comes on all layers with a prim for the skirt. There is a lot of attention to detail in this dress. The skirt prim works wonderfully, I didn’t have to fiddle forever to find a pose that worked for it, it was hard to find a pose that didn’t work with it. I love the draping that is drawn on, which I imagine must be hard with a sparkly texture like this. Most designers have enough trouble with shadowing in a flat texture, let alone something where the play of light and dark is this complicated.

Besides, what matters the most is feeling, when I put this one, I just felt like putting on my Mandala nails and going dancing.  What more can you ask for in a party dress?

1 Hundred also has a Christmas gift all wrapped up in a pretty box for those that come shopping. It’s the pretty slit skirt I’m wearing in the photo above. It pairs perfectly with my Sn@tch Black and White Silky Cami.  Don’t forget to pick this gift up when you go to buy your little red dress.

This sexy lingerie is from Orquidea and is called Red Sheer Lingerie and is on sale for 100L.  I love all the perfect little details on this lingerie. The beautfully done line down the back. The transition line between the gripping lace at the top of the stocking to the regular stocking material. You see this on every real pair of stockings but rarely see it in SL stockings. The shoulders on this bra are perfectly matched…not a wiggle…not a millimeter out…and the strap thins as it goes around, as the lace moves to just elastic.  It might just be me, but the line between the satin and the lace on the bra gives it the illusion that the lace is almost a collar, which it isn’t, but I like the look. You can get cheaper lingerie out there, but they there aren’t many sets in SL that look like this. I almost made a quote about swinging at a cat and not hitting one, but fortunately I stopped..can’t get on the wrong side of Peta.

This is the first skin that Style By Kira put out at a discount, it’s now out for 200L, for those that didn’t get it the first day. Make sure you get there every day from now on so you don’t miss the rest of these great skins!

Non-sale items

Gos Pimp Your Pumps – Classic Platforms – Photo 3 – I love these shoes, you can wear them with stockings or just put them on and go without the worry of matching colour…come with a big assortment of different bows you can set with a wide variety of colours. 495 a shoe set. They have added colour palettes you can buy for just 100L each for 3 colours. Gos group members get 10% off.

Hair – Photo 1,2,3 – Likeli – Black Curly Fro – 195L – Wow…fantastic hair style, has now taken over as my favourite afro. I watched Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair” and saw all those beautiful Black women paying horrid amounts of money to get weaves for straight hair, and here I come to SL to get a fantastic afros. I remember getting a perm when I was 16 to get a great Afro. Killed my hair and it fell out in buckets so I never did that again. Everyone always wants what they weren’t born with. Humans are contrary creatures.

Photo 2, 3 – Mandala Nail Palate 1 – Medium – These nails are fantastic – 70 different colours, they come in  4 hand sizes, 5 shapes, full bright on and off, everything you could ever want in nails for only 597L. Everyone I talked to said these are the best, and I haven’t seen anything to make me doubt that.

Hair – Photo 4,5 – Calico Ingmann Creations – Maggie Midnight Black – This short hair has wonderful movement and poof, for a lack of a better word.  It comes with a texture change hud, mirrored copy and optional streaks. Colour packs are 200L each, including my favourite the Calico Picks pack which has 20 different colours in it. The fatpack is 1,000L and contains all 19 packs most of which have at least 10 colours.

Eyes – The eyes I’m wearing in this photo set are from Aphotic Gloom called Buttercup. They are from his Clarus Collection which sells for 199L. I love all the eyes in this pack, they come in large and small, with prim and a special iris free eye, which I’m not sure what that is for..probably something to do with prim eyes which I haven’t switched to yet.  His eyes are a joy to wear because they aren’t subject to too many red spots or gray sides that seem to plague most eye makers. I get tired of looking like I have red eye half the time.


The designing force behind Indie Rose, Angelina Eizenberg-Oxhall, seems to have a gift for making knee length dresses that you can dress up any way you want, and use any way you want. They are delightfully feminine, but you can make them a casual go out to the movie dress or a go out for the evening dress, whatever you wish. The dress is the canvas, your accessories paint the mood.

Her full line of dresses are stunning, you can see them at her new shop. Her prices are great. I thought they would be a lot more looking at her dresses, but I’ve seen none over 320L and most dresses are around 225 – 250L. Separates start at 100L. She has some of the nicest colour combos in SL. There are a few orange dresses there I’m dying to get, and will get. Heck, there are even some pink dresses I wouldn’t mind owning. I know…pink..who can fathom it. The dress I’m showing you today however is her contribution to My Second Wardrobe, a discount sample shop with a lot of great designers of her caliber. This beautiful dress called Vintage Rose Cocktail Dress is on sale there for just 50L.

I love the appliqued lace flowers on the front of the dress, I must have spent an hour looking at it trying to decide if it was bobbin lace or needle lace with the foundation threads removed.  It was frustrating in the end because the texture is clear enough to see some of the individual threads, it was not clear enough to see how those threads were woven, and having done both techniques, I’d have to see that to tell you. Of couse, Angelina made the dress to look pretty, not to have any forensic lace studies done on it.

Seriously however I am thrilled with how she used the lace on this dress, the cut out on it is very well done, the edges are spotless. She also doesn’t fall into the trap I see a lot of designs fall into when using lace. One, making it way too big, stitches that would be 1/8th of an inch long being 4 inches long on the dress.  I do a lot of needlework, I even have been known to teach needlework on the needlework guild level. It drives me nuts to see designs distorted like that. This pattern is a logical size, it could be smaller depending on the thread size, but it’s highly possible it was made the size it’s shown in.  The second trap is using the same pattern on the skirt and chopping it up, ending up with needlework that goes to the edge of panels and ends unfinished, looking like just that…unfinished.  This rarely looks good and she did well to avoid it.

The skirt is made of mainly non-flexie pieces to make an upside down opening rose bud shape. It is tiered. The middle tier in the front is somewhat raised on the dress you will get. The skirt is modifiable. I made mine smaller so that I could get all the top of the dress inside my waist.  This made the skirt a little small on me and you could see the glitch pants under the top middle panel on me. A second using edit linked parts to pull that panel down a touch and I was good to go.  Never underestimate the value of modifiable parts.

The top is made of a matte satin the skirt is made of a very shiny satin with tons and tons of folds on it. When you move there is flexie parts inside the skirt that slide out and show in in the opposite direction that you are moving in, making the appearance of movement complete. You don’t normally think of shiny and matte working that well together but on this dress, Indie Rose makes it work.

The last part of this outfit from Indie Rose is their leather flats shoes. These shoes are from her Gatcha Machine. I’m sure 95% of you know what a Gatcha Machine is, but for the 5% that don’t know here is the scoop. Gatcha Machines are basically the SL version of the bubble gum machines, the expensive ones with the prizes in them. In SL though none of them have gum in them, or bad prizes.  In this case the Gatcha Machine has 12 pairs of leather flats in all kinds of colours, and they are 90L each. You pay your 90L, and get a pair sent to you. They are no copy/transfer so if you get a pair in a colour you already have you can gift them to friends when it’s a birthday or they are feeling down and you want to cheer them up. What is cheerier then getting an unexpected pair of shoes. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

I don’t like many flats, but I love these. The texture is great with just the right amount of shine to ensure they aren’t boring, and the flower is fun and interesting without being too in your face to make it hard to wear with anything.  They have a great light of colours with will go with a lot of things.

Here are some of the other 11 colours…just picked at random…they are all pretty.

Left is Blue and Right is Lavender/Brown

Left is Light Blue/Beige and Right is Red/Light Blue

When I put on this dress, I knew I had to wear it with this skin. The flower in the dress was just too much of a perfect match to the flower in this eyeshadow. This fantasy make up is from who else but the Queen of Fantasy Makeup, Kira Panderborn, of Style By Kira. This is her Kohia make upline, Skin 01D Fantasy, and this skin sells for 150L which is her normal price, or your can buy a fatpack of 6 skins for 750L.

The jewelry is from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry and is called Maya in Carnelian/Gold. You get the necklace and earrings in a set for 229L. I have said it before and it still holds true, Luc, as the store is known for short, is the best jewelry store I know, that no one has heard of. It’s also the best place I know to get jewelry made of natural materials like stones, shells and even simple things like rope. He also does some killer retro crystal and metal jewelry.

The hair I’m wearing is from Amacci, I love the hairs she has been doing. This is Simone in Brown Sugar. I love the whispy hairs at the side of the head, and if you look up at the side photo, it’s got a great back bun. Amacci has also put all her hair tattoos on for free, 2 different versions. The first is one I’m wearing here, a plain back swept tattoo, great for men or women, and it makes all bangless designs like this have a fantastic smooth front. Wear the colour matching your hair and it is very very very hard to tell where the hair base ends and the hair begins.  She also has a hair base that works well only for women, it has little tiny hairs coming off it into little tiny curls here and there around the face. You know those small hairs that grow in as your long hair breaks…It’s very pretty and also free, so pick them both up.


Just thought I would make that a wee bit noticable. All her hairs currently are 85L a pack, and 295L for a fatpack.  She also has started with her hair fair hairs a new pack called the Fave Pack, which is 7 of Designer/Owner  Carnina Larsen’s favourite colours across the hair spectrum from Vanilla to Onyx. I truely applaud all hair shops that start to embrace this trend for this type of selection. I love it!

The eyes I’m wearing are also from Amacci. With all the trouble with eyes I’ve been having lately, the number I’ve bought only to have them blow up in my face by turning black when I looked to the side, or having red sides or being so pink in the whites of the eye it looked like I am a recovering alcholic, maybe not that recovering.  I was almost afraid to try them. But they are great eyes. They come with big or small eyes. I’m wearing the big version of the Moon eyes. They also come with sparkles for the eyes, but I didn’t wear them because stuff like that never photographs easily. The sparkles are 2 prims you can wear them together, separately or not at all, as the mood hits you. Each eye colour pack is 100L.

The poses I’m using today are from Bang! They are from the pose set !Bang Stands 140 to 149 which normally sells for 250L but is currently on sale on the market place for 100L

Here is a link to the Market Place where the sale is as of publishing time..but it’s limited so hurry

Front Shot – Pose 140

Side Shot – 143

Face Shot – 147

Shoes – 141

Je Suis is having a 50% off sale for their first anniversary and tonight is the last night. All the prices will be marked back up sometime tomorrow. So if you want some of the great jewelry they make a half what you would usually pay, then now is your chance to get it.

The necklace and earrings I’m showing about is the Tente Fire Set.  What I didn’t realise about this set until I bought it, was that it is texture change to 11 different red gemstone textures.  There are also a variety of metal textures as well. None of these are mentioned on the Je Suis ads. It’s kinda nice to get more then you think you are getting for a chance, instead of the usual less then it seemed you were getting. I set this to the light coral and used a tattoo lipstick to match.

There are 7 different gem colours in the Tente set, aside from the fire above there is forest, sunset, sky, pinks, aqua and deep water.  There is also a bracelet that I’m not showing. What can I say,  I don’t like bracelets, so if the bracelet doesn’t come in a set that is cheaper then the necklace and earring alone, I’m not getting it, and I probably wouldn’t wear it for myself if I did get it.

The sale price of necklaces and bracelets are 75L and the earrings are 50L.

The skin I’m wearing here is from Filthy, it’s her June Group Gift skin in Tan. I took the liberty of putting a coral lipstick tattoo from Glamorize on it, but it’s beautiful without it. I love the great eyeliner. She does have a great pack of dollarbie lip glosses right at the group gift area.

This gorgeous set is called Boheme, and comes in just the necklace and earrings, although the word just should not be used with this set. Looking at it, at first glance you don’t realize that there is 168 prims in each earring and 222 prims in the necklace. This is some serious detailed tiny primwork.

It is also texture change. There are so many different types of beads and different textures in this that it’s really hard to describe them and not sound like a blithering idiot. Here goes my second try, here is hoping that it’s better then the first. The big circular donut shaped stones are texture change to 10 different textures, everything from Paua Shells you see above to different coloured Marbles.  You can change the metal beads and the metal detailing on some of the beads into one of 7 different metal colours. There are some gemstones in the necklace that you can change to 9 different gemstone textures like cinnabar, jasper and amber.  The little “pearls” under the big stones, they can be changed into 9 different wood textures. There are some nice glass beads in the necklace, and they can be changed into 11 different “ethnic” textures. Give yourself 5 minutes of playing with this, and you’ll will have a necklace you’ll never see on anyone else.  There is just too many possible combination to ever run into another one like it!

All this customizable goodness is yours at the low sale price of 175L for the necklace and 125L for the earrings. Any jewelry that is less then a linden a prim, is a great deal in my book!

The skin I’m wearing with this is Style by Kira’s Lulu Fantasy Skin 01I which sells for the low price of 150L. Another steal!

The final piece of jewelry I am showing you today is the Mysterious set. I’m wearing the necklace and earrings but it also comes in a bracelet and ring.  This set is also texture change. The gems texture change into 11 possible gem textures, choices like Lapis, Green Opal and Tiger Eye. There is also 5 metal change options, all quite lovely, I have to say that Je Suis has some of the nicest metal colours I’ve seen.

The necklace is 125L, the earrings are 75L, the bracelet 75L and the ring is 50L.

I must say that Je Suis has made a new fan tonight. I really am shocked that all these things are in this jewelry…and they never told us.

The skin I’m wearing is called Spring Skin from Nikojita Designs, it’s a 1L special so you can see how great their skins are.  The whole front wall of their store is covered will call kinds of really nice skins, I’m dying to get my hands on some of their Japanese skins.

I wanted a cute and sexy short hair for tonight, but I had trouble finding one anywhere. I finally found one at Uncleweb Studio, where I always take men to find hair.  They have a good selection of woman’s hair too, but I actually ended up with one of their guy’s hairs, Hibiki. They are smart enough to include women’s sizes in all their men’s hair too. The way this shop works is you buy one hair colour. I got the Angel Shine, and you get 2 different verrsions of the same hair do for 190L. Since most of the time, your more likely to wear a different hair then a different colour from the same tone batch, getting 2 hair styles for 190L works for me.

The outfit is an inventory find that is no longer available for sale, but most of you probably have it in your inventory. It’s from Kletva and it’s called the YPT body suit and it was sold at The Dressing Room. Most people have The Dressing Room stuff in their inventory somewhere.

Poses – This blog was photographed using Diesel Works great Polywall, a really wonderful pose prop, which like all their pose props and poses is on sale right now for 50% off! That makes the price currently 499L. Grab it while it’s hot!

This limited edition version of the Gemini Nova heels from Purrfect 10 shoes is available only til end of today and then they are gone. These shoes are at the La Venta Eventa for the low price of 95L. That is a steal for shoes of this quality, and a double steal for a limited edition shoe. I love the brocaide pattern on them.

If you haven’t picked one up, grab one of Purrfect 10’s free color pickers from their help desk, it’s a pose stand with lighting that lets you use a free downloadable program like colour cop, or SL own RBG colour numbers to set your Purrfect 10 shoes to the right colour the first time every time. I set these shoes up in less then a minute and I never wore this pair of shoes or this skin before today. You have to admitt the colour match is pretty good even with the light of the fire mucking it up! So grab them both without delay. You will be glad you did!

The pose is from Olive Juice from their new Down To Earth set, a collection of sit poses for Fifty Linden Friday – Pose 7 -It’s still at 50L as for Sunday, but I would not count on that lasting forever.

I discovered this new skin by Style By Kira just before I came down with my acute broncitus, and it’s been one thing I have been dying to get back to blog, and now I have finally done it! When it is something this pretty, you don’t want to do a half assed job of it.

One of the most frustrating things about Kira’s work is that if you love a skin style, you have to wait weeks to get more of it, and you just get a couple of pieces in a week, then you have to wait some more. You get your obscession in bits and dribbles. Not so with Lulu. She has made a whole collection so for those of us who love this skin, and I’m sure you will, I know it’s now my new favourite, you have a whole bunch to play with, right from the start!

She has also lowered her standard already low prices, instead of being 600L per skin, these are 400L per skin for the classic make ups and 150L per skin for the fantasy make ups.  You can also get all the classic make up skins – A to J in a fatpack of 10 skins for 2,400L. Almost 50% off.  You can get the matching A to J fantasty skin fatpack for 950L, an incrediable deal, or you can get the whole set fatpack, all 20 skins plus the Lulu shape for 3250L. Other then the shape I made when I came into SL on the first day, Kira’s shapes are the only ones I’ll wear, so it is worth trying the demo of the Lulu shape, she is truely a great shape maker.

I love the shading in the front and back of the body on Lulu. It’s not too much, not too little, it’s just right. It should come with a 3 bears sticker on the heel or something.

To show this great skin off, I picked Blacklace’s gorgeous Kimiko Orange Thai Silk Bra Set, sexy, silky, lush, striking, everything you want next to your skin.  This transferable lingerie set comes with a plethora of layer options, that make you feel pampered and seen to. I seriously can not think of one layer combination you could possibly need that is not in this folder, I couldn’t have thought up half of them to be honest.  The prim pieces are cute and well placed. Ribbons on the front of the garter straps and a wire clasp at the back of the garter belt to name just a couple of them. You’ll have to search for the rest yourself. Adult hide and seek.  The set comes in 7 colours, but who can say no to Orange. I mean, it’s orange. *huggles the orange* For those of you who are less in love with the russets then I am, there is Purple, Pink, Silver, Green, Red and Blue. It can all be yours for 298L a colour or 1,299L for the fat pack.

Now for what you have all been waiting for, a peek at the great Lulu make ups.  This is 01A Classic and Fantasy

01B Classic and Fantasy

01C Classic and Fantasy

01D – Classic and Fantasy – I adore these both….

01E – Classic and Fantasy

01F – Classic and Fantasy – Fantastic Colours On Theses…

01G – Classic and Fantasy – Wild and Sexy

01H – Classic and Fantasy – One of the best sexy scary make ups I have ever seen.

01I – Classic and Fantasy – I adore the scrollwork branches on this one, dying to use it for something great!

01J – Classic and Fantasy – What can you say about this one, it’s just great… possibilities endless

01K – Classic and Fantasy – This isn’t part of the big set, but can be found a little bit down the wall, same price as the individual skins.  Perfect skin for spring or summer, or just to make you feel like spring or summer.

01L and 01M – 2 Classic make ups, both found with the extra Lulu’s…because extra Lulu’s are a good thing.

The hair I’m wearing help this skin look so good is Truth’s Francesca, one of his gorgeous curly hairs from the long hair section. I wore the Caramel colour from the Dark Brown Pack.  All the packs are 250L each or 1500L for the buy it all pack.  This hair comes with a ton of options that let you have it your way. First you can put it on in one piece like I have, or have a top and bottom separate, to keep the hair more in place as you move.  It also comes with a streak option, that lets you put a streak of any of Truth’s colour in the hair, to give it a highlight you want, in anything from a lighter or darker shade of brown, to purple or white…the sky is the limit for colour options with this fun option.

Poses – All the poses are from TeaSoup which is closing down and have all their poses on super sale. These are great poses, I managed to do this all out of one pose pack, which is something akin to a miracle! It shows how good and versatile their poses are.  Sorry to see you close, TeaSoup. The pose pack I used was Wait Another Day

Full Body Front – Forever Loving

Full Body Back – Simple and Clean

Face Shots – Tell Me Again

Lemania Indigo Designs has a wonderful new gown out called Split Pea and it’s sure to call to the inner Princess in all of us.  This design shows how far Lemania has been progressing as a designer recently. She has very realistic wrinkles and textural shading in the front and back of this outfit, which is a skill she has been working on for the last year, quietly slipping it in here and there. With Split Pea she shows us just how much she translated her real life artistic skill to the SL canvas. It’s also teal. If you have read my blog at all, I don’t have to tell you what I feel about teal and orange. This is a perfect teal, a dress you really can’t tell if it’s blue or green.

Like all great big wonderful skirted dresses, this one has a fantastic swirl. The metallic silky sheen of the fabric just glimmers when this dress moves from the slightest twitch of your AO.  This is a perfect ballroom dress, as you can see above when you spin, the dress swirls without showing your legs. There are a lot of semi transparent textures in this dress, but Lemania is skilled enough to not to have the transparency issues that plague some designers. This dress is 100L until Lemania comes out with a new design, and that 100L includes not only the dress but shoes to match. That’s a wonderful bonus with a colour that would be as hard to match as this one.

The skin I’m wearing with this is another wonderful skin by Style By Kira. She really seems to be able to make skins that make me, and hundreds of other people of course, look great! This is a new make up line called Lulu, or at least new to me.  It’s a fantasy version of the skin called Lulu Skin Fantasy 01D.  There is also a more plain version for everyday wear called just Lulu Skin 01D. Whatever your preference, or like me, you want them both, Kira has them for you at good prices. I adore the strong bold eyeshadow on this one, match with the rich matt lipstick colour. This skin is currently selling at a reduced rate at Culture Shock (That slurl is directly to her booth) and at the Skin Fair (direct taxi too). You’ll want to grab it up while it’s 150L before it’s back at the shop at 600L.

This beautiful hair do is from Calico Ingmann Creations, her hair is no stranger to my blog. This is one of her weekly 50% off sale hairs this week. It’s called Armenia. The colour I’m wearing is Sunkissed, and it’s in my favourite pack, Calico’s picks pack, which has 20 different colours, and only costs the same as all her other individual pack costs, which is 200L.  That means this hair do is only 100L this weeks for what amounts to a mini fat pack.

Like all her hairs, this one has great bounce, not to much, not too little, but just right.  The hair is built so it doesn’t spend most of it’s time in your shoulders, and the textures are first rate. Go pick up a demo, her sale hairs are right in the front lobby, as are her hair colour samples, so you can try everything out without getting lost.

Poses – All the poses today are from Amacci Pose Sets. They have a wide variety of poses for everything, to show off skins, jewelry, generic modelling…you name it! A 12 pose set if 450L or you can buy the poses for 75L each.

Photo 1 – Pose set 1 – Model Poses – Pose 10 B

Photo 2 – Pose Set 1 – Model Poses – Pose 12 B

Photo 3 – Pose Set 2 – Model Poses – Pose 13 B