Evian Makes You Fall For Aphrodite

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Evian Aphrodite Dark - Madhouse Crab Swimsuit - Glitterati Closeup Poses 1 to 3 E

Evian has brought out their newest skin line called Aphrodite, coming in 5 skin tones from extra pale to dark. I got the Dark skin, and I have photographed it in this blog in a couple of winlight settings from Firestorm, just switched from outdoor lighting to indoor. No post processing other than cropping and sticking the photos together. I don’t even own photoshop. So ALL of the skin shades and colours you see in these photos are from the same Dark skin fatpack. Read on and see how.

I can honestly say that I have never gotten more in a skin package than I have with this Evian skin. The price is pretty reasonable too. You get a single skin for 1,000L or a shape and skin for 1,500L or a single skin tone fatpack for 3,200. If you want the fatpack with all 5 skin tones that is 9,500 or 2 skin fatpacks free. I can’t really say what you get in an individual pack but in the fatpack, you get 12 skins, the same basic make up with normal and two cleavage versions in blonde, brunette, dark and no eyebrows. In the photos above I’m wearing the dark eyebrow skin with cleavage option 1. To this I added the nude v2 eyeshadow and the red gloss lipstick tattoos.

Althought the fatpack comes with a very nice shape, you can try it out in the skin demo, I showed everything today in my normal shape which is my standard for my blog. The shape is modify and copy, so it’s a shape that I can recommend. I did like it when I tried it on, it is a shape type that is very popular right now, so most people will like it.

Evian Aphrodite Dark - Blacklace Leave Your Hat On - Azure EOne of the items you get in the fatpack is Lola Tango appliers. You actually are given the appliers for all the skin tones but only the one that matches your skin is useful to you. For the Lola’s I made a 0 sized breast version of my shape and used the normal skin with dark brows. Lola’s work best if you don’t use cleavage versions of skins as they can end up showing and making your breasts disappear as much as you can, prevents your shape breasts from interfering with the prim breast ones. If you want to make your Tango breasts small, for example a B cup, to take advantage of their great shape but keep normal sized breasts, it can be good to manually widen them or they will be too close together when small to look real and meld with your chest.

In the photos above I am wearing the daily blush, dark blue shadow and the rose gloss version 2 tattoos.

The hair I’m wearing is one of the fun extras you get in the fatpack. It comes in a black and white, brown, red, blonde and rainbow packs. I like the hair which is surprising, usually hair that comes with skin is really bad, it’s a pleasure to find some you can actually wear.

I showed all sides of the skin here just to show off all the great detailing. I love all the fantastic shading. It makes it a very sexy skin be you curvy or slender.

Evian Aphrodite Vivid Tone

Now this is the neatest part of it all. The fatpack comes with 12 Vividtone tattoos, one to match each skin. These tattoos, when put on over my dark skin tone turned it into this very white skin seen in the middle of the photos above. You can then edit the tattoo like you would edit any piece of clothing or tattoo and you can change it to any colour in the SL colour map. I made the orange and the pale purple skins above.

This is a fantastic addition for anyone who has ever looked at non-human skin tones and thought, those look fun, but I probably wouldn’t wear them enough to make them worth the money. Well with this fatpack you get a great skin, a great shape, great make up, AND the ability to turn the skin into any colour you want. Want to be a green Orion Slave Girl from Star Trek for a dance…well you can do it without spending 1k for a skin you will just wear once.

I wore the metallic mint eyeshadow and the neon mint gloss tattoos for all 3 skin shots above.

Other items in the pack but not shown or mentioned yet –

Eyes – There are 5 different eyes, and some of them are very nice colours, I would have loved to have worn them, but on my shape they left very big red sections in the corners, and the whites are much redder then I am happy with. I do however see people wearing eyes from designers I can’t because of these problems all the time, so I think some of that must be my eye shape or size. If you don’t have trouble with red eye corners when looking to the side with some eyes, then these eyes should be great for you.

Teeth – The fatpack comes with 4 different alpha layers to erase part of your lip and some prim teeth (probably sculptie I don’t know how to tell if something is a prim or a sculpt). I’m not into teeth, they can look cute in photos but never look that great in the game, but that’s just my not so humble opinion. For that reason I don’t wear them in my blog, if I wouldn’t wear it in the game, I don’t blog it. If you like teeth though, this fatpack has you covered!

Eyebrows – There is a bald base with special eyebrows just for Aphrodite

Make up Tattoos – There are 2 blushes, 16 lip glosses or matt lipsticks and 10 eyeshadow tattoos. If you do the math on that, that is a heck of a lot of potential make up combinations.

What the skin doesn’t include – The only thing that I really like to see in a skin that this skin doesn’t have is skin tipped gloves for covering nails for when you wear prim nails. I love it when skins include this option and I wish they did it more often. I see a lot more women walking around with prim nails than I have wearing teeth. This should tell designers which option their buyers would appreciate more.

Items this blog post wouldn’t be complete without :

From Photo 1 –

The sexy and fun swimsuit I’m wearing is from Madhouse. I got this from the market place, and I have not been able to find a store front for them, but it’s worth having a peek on the market place for them. This colourful suit is mesh and just 99L. Hit the link to go right to the item.

When you are picking up the Aphrodite skin, you just look to the left and you can see the Salon de Glow hairs, I checked it out and fell in love with this hair, it’s called F-01. These hairs are sold by the single colour for 120L or fatpack for 480L. I bought the black but I really regret not just buying the fatpack. Sometimes I try to save money and make dumb decisions. This was one of them.

From Photo 2

Blacklace – Leave Your Hat On – This is Blacklace’s Thank God It’s Friday item this week, so this sexy lingerie set is only 99L until it leaves next Thursday and is replaced by next weeks item. Not only do you get the sexy bra, panties, garter and nylons on more layers than you can count, you also get 2  black mesh boyfriend shirts, one open and one closed. To make this really sexy there is a short black tie and a great fedora. You can pick up the tango applier for 59L. This outfit is definitely an inventory must have.

The great boots I’m wearing are from Ecce Bellus, and are on sale until Thursday for 99L. They are called Trace and are a great pair of mesh shoes with wonderful detailed strapping. These boots will go with so many things. I just had to buy them.

From all 3 photos

My eyelashes are some of my new favs, these are from Gaeline Creations, these are mesh lashes, unlike the prim lashes I liked before, which were all in little pieces that you moved each small chunk into place, these lashes are full pieces, but with amazing resize huds that let you move and rotate your lashes in any way you could imagine. They fit me wonderfully. They have demo pairs with working huds  so you can try them out, to see just how fantastic they are. I loved them so much that after trying the hud I bought all 6 styles they had. Oh how I wish they had had a fatpack, but no such luck! Man..no wonder my inventory is so big *sad face*. These eyeslashes I’m wearing are called Fantasia, and go for 180L. Try them, you will love them. Promise.

The nails I’m wearing are new nails I just picked up this week, they are from Pixel Mode and I love them.  She is starting a new system by the looks of it and I hope she continues and adds to it frequently. Everyone go buy it so she has some incentive to do so. She is selling a set of mesh nails that contains two pairs, one long and one short. I’m wearing the long in these photos. One of the great things about these nails is that you don’t have to have a bunch of items in your inventory because one item works for both hands and automatically resizes to fit any size hand you wear. The nails look nice just natural and sell for 100L.  She then is making huds that work  with the nails for 250L a set. There are 2 out right now with 40 plus polishes on each. I bought both.

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    Tapika you never stop amazing me..you keep getting better…about time i wrote on here too.
    i luvs u.

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